Tuesday, January 09, 2024

The EU throws millions more at Area C to take it away from Israel

From the PA's official Wafa news agency:

The Palestinian government and the European Union signed, today, Tuesday, the European Joint Support Program Agreement for the benefit of local government for areas called “C”, worth 10 million euros, as part of an agreement worth 11.613 million euros to which it contributes alongside the European Union, Germany and Denmark .

 The agreement, which was signed on the Palestinian side by Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh, and on the European Union side by the European Neighborhood Policy Commission, aims to strengthen the steadfastness of the Palestinians in areas called “C” by ensuring the protection of their property rights and their health, economic and social rights .

The Prime Minister said: “We do not recognize the divisions of the occupation, and for us, all the lands of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including Jerusalem, are all an integral part of the lands of our Palestinian state, whose foundations the occupation is systematically working to destroy, whether through genocide in the Gaza Strip, its siege, and the return of Occupying the West Bank, isolating Jerusalem, or exploiting Area C for settlement expansion, and our priority is to support the steadfastness of our people, with the participation of our international partners, and a commitment to providing basic services in areas suffering from the repercussions of the occupation.”

 It's interesting that the EU and the PA recognize the Oslo Accords when it gave rights to Palestinians but the parts that give rights to Israel - such as the exclusive governance of Area C - are roundly ignored. 

In fact the EU claims that its illegal building in Area C is "is fully in line with international law." But it violates the Oslo Accords, and signed agreements are international law. 

The EU-funded illegal settlements are haphazard, dangerous structures spread out over maximum areas whose only purpose is to be a land grab to take away areas from Jews.  And this is prioritized over education and infrastructure in areas A and B where nearly all Palestinians live.

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