Monday, January 15, 2024

The Amalek monument and plaque near the Hague

People who know nothing about Judaism have been pretending that Benjamin Netanyahu's evoking of Amalek in October means that Israel intends to eradicate all Palestinians. 

Suddenly we have all these Biblical experts who don't know the basics about Amalek.

The South African ICJ case selectively quoted Netanyahu, when in fact he was not quoting the Biblical verse saying to destroy Amalek but the verse in Deuteronomy saying "Remember what Amalek did to you," which is a separate Biblical commandment. He said, "We remember and we fight," and he was referring to "the murderers." The remembrance is the commandment, and every observant Jew knows this, since we are obligated to listen to that verse on a special Shabbat before Purim every year called "The Shabbat of Remembrance."

But there is another irony here. Near the ICJ in The Hague is a sculpture commemorating the Jews of Holland who were deported and murdered by the Nazis:

The plaque underneath refers to the exact same verse that Netanyahu quoted:

If quoting the Biblical verse about Amalek shows intent for genocide, then why would it be featured near the Hague?

(The sculpture has been moved since this photograph, but it still references the same verse, and in fact is known as the Amalek Monument.)

The sad fact is that everything that Jews do or say today is twisted to make them sound as evil as possible  - and people are taught that this is normative, that Jews always have a secret underhanded agenda. It is a conspiracy theory that is not from the Right this time, but from the Left. 

This is what modern antisemitism looks like. And it is all over the place. 

(h/t ElishevaSays)

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