Thursday, January 04, 2024

It isn't a "war on Gaza." It is a seven front war on Israel.

Last week, Israel's Defense Minister Yoav Gallant made an obvious but important point that the world is ignoring.

“We are in a multi-front war. We are being attacked from seven fronts — Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), Iraq, Yemen and Iran," he said. "We have already responded and acted on six of those fronts.”

A key component to propaganda is framing. Framing this as an Israel-Gaza war is false, and ultimately serves the interests of Israel's enemies. 

When this war is framed as a war between Israel and Gaza, then the attacks by Yemen, Hezbollah, Iraqi groups and Syria become "support for Gaza," which a moment of reflection shows is ridiculous. They aren't helping Gazans in the least.They are using Gaza as an excuse for attacking Israel from all directions. 

Whether or not Iran chose October 7 to attack Israel or whether it was Hamas' decision, right now the war is being directed by Iran and proxies doing Iran's bidding.

Israel's enemies want to frame this as a David vs. Goliath of huge Israel bombing helpless innocent Gazans, and the world is buying into this false framing. Every time an official says they do not want the Gaza war to "spread" to other theatres like Lebanon they are showing that Iran's framing is working. Nothing about Gaza compelled Hezbollah, Syria, Iraqi groups and the Houthis to attack different parts of Israel. 

Hezbollah actively attacked Israel on October 8th, claiming it was in "solidarity" with the "Palestinian people."  This is not a war  passively "spreading," attacking Israel is not compulsion but decisions that these groups make.

And all the groups happen to be part of Iran's "axis of resistance." 

The media is happily going along with this false framework. Why are we not seeing maps in the news media similar to the one I created here?  Because that is not the narrative that the media wants its readers to see. 

They want to pretend it is "Gaza under attack," not "Israel under attack," even though the war started with an attack on Israel and it continues with multiple, multi-front and continuous attacks on Israel. 

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