Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Egyptian media urges everyone to call Gaza war a "holocaust' because it pisses off the Jews

In October, Egypt's Youm7 - considered close to the government - published an article calling Israel's action in Gaza a "holocaust."

Israel's Institute for National Security Studies noted this and other Arab articles using that terminology, pointing out how outrageous it is. 

Now Youm7 seems to have just discovered the INSS article and they are ecstatic. They claim the terminology was "a media bullet that pierced the heart of Israel.

And in a new article, they urge all Arabs to adopt this terminology, while tossing in some Holocaust denial:

After the Youm7 newspaper article “The Gaza Holocaust” raised a state of strategic anxiety for the Israeli entity, there is a question, which is why the Arab media - new and old - did not employ these terms that hurt and worry Israel, so I call on everyone who has a media platform, even a page on social networking sites [to us that term.] . ...We must be aware of the importance of terminology. Especially since it has become a weapon no less important than the weapons of field wars

The Zionist state developed and perpetuated the narrative of the Jewish Holocaust to serve its strategic goals, as a means and justification to blackmail the world under the name of anti-Semitism and international terrorism and an excuse to attract the sympathy of the international community to justify killing and aggression against the Palestinian people.
This is why they are concerned about describing what is happening in Gaza as a Holocaust:  It is a new Holocaust, which is more credible and more horrific than the Holocaust of the Jews that they claim, because there are many Western and American voices that have begun to doubt the occurrence of a Holocaust of the Jews as it is portrayed by the Zionists, or at least that there are those who consider what happened to the Jews a Zionist exaggeration in numbers and the descriptions.
There is agreement by many experts, researchers, and international research communities that the Jewish Holocaust is nothing but a Zionist industry that has been exploited over many decades as a scarecrow, an attraction for immigration to the land of Palestine, and a means - as we mentioned - for global and moral blackmail and for achieving strategic gains for the Zionist entity.
Besides the obvious antisemitism, note that the only reason they give to use that terminology is not accuracy, but because it upsets the Jews and because it frames the war to be other than what it is. 

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