Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Arabic version of The @Independent @IndyArabia says Jews collude to control the world

Independent Arabia is a London-based newspaper that is jointly owned by the Independent (UK) and Media Arabia which is apparently Saudi-based. It calls itself the "Arabic version of the British newspaper 'The Independent'" but it has many stories that are not in The Independent itself. 

Yesterday, it published a story by Lebanese journalist Sawsan Mhanna, "Jewish pressure groups and their influence on global decision-making." It uses the visit by Elon Musk to Auschwitz as a springboard to describe how Jews have immense influence on global affairs.

The article heavily relies on a study by the Arab Gulf Center for Studies and Research, "The hidden Jewish empire and the plan to control the world." Its choice of photos indicate how professional it is.

The study itself, which is the third most popular article on the CSR Gulf site, is laughably bad, twisting news articles to say things they don't say. For example, it says that "more than 17 thousand young Jews in 2016 were able to enter the millionaires’ club and achieve great wealth" when the article they link to doesn't say that at all: it discusses not people becoming rich but how the rich are moving from large cities to elsewhere, and it peripherally mentions wealthy Jews who fled an increasingly antisemitic Europe for Israel. 

The CSR Gulf insists that it is not a conspiracy theory, and then says things like:
All this economic influence that the Jews enjoy around the world makes their power extend, openly and secretly, to the centers of the global economy, through their planned arm represented by the Zionist group, which attracts all those who sympathize with Israel, whether influential Jews or Christians, or from other religions. It is more like Masonic or Templar organizations [than a religious group.]

CSR Gulf  is a Kuwaiti based think tank whose president is unapologetically pro-Iran. He gave a speech in Tehran last month supporting Hamas and the entire Iranian "axis of resistance" against world Zionists.

After extensively quoting the CSR Gulf "study" (including the paragraph above,) Mhanna then goes to another source, the Egyptian sociologist Abdel-Wahab Al-Mesiri who wrote the “Encyclopedia of Jews, Judaism and Zionism,” who says that the Jewish lobby controls America both through legal and illegal means, including through blackmailing and bribing government officials. 

Needless to say, both the CSR study and the article assume that Jews all collude together, that Jews all have their own unique agenda at odds with that of their host countries, and all Jews agree on how to spend their wealth. 

Independent Arabia uses the same logo as the Independent UK, and as mentioned is part owned by it. Which means that the "mainstream" British media is helping to spread classic antisemitic conspiracy theories.

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