Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Antisemitic acts in France went up by 1,100% immediately after October 7

SPCJ, France's society to protect Jews,  issued a report on the massive increase in antisemitism in that country after October 7.

The total number of antisemitic incidents nearly quadrupled from 2022 to 2023:

But most of that increase came in October and November.

That is an 1,100% increase in antisemitic acts between September and October.

In fact, there were five days where the number of antisemitic incidents were higher than the entire month of February.

372 of the post-October 7 antisemitic acts in France mentioned "Palestine."  Of those:

* more than 33% also advocate jihadism
* more than 25% also called for murder
* more than 10%  also advocate Nazism 

The increase in antisemitic acts was most pronounced in schools, where antisemitic incidents soared by over 1,600% between September and October. In November, there were 31 incidents advocating Nazism in French schools. 

The antisemitism did not begin as a response to Israel's actions in Gaza. They began on October 7 itself, as soon as the slaughter of Jews was known.  The SPCJ notes:
It should be noted that the outbreak of anti-Semitic acts in France began on October 7, the day of the surprise attack carried out by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the PFLP. Thus, on the very day that images of the massacre of Israeli civilians were broadcast, antisemitic acts increased by more than 700% compared to the daily average observed from year to year.

This similar reaction had already been observed during the upsurge in antisemitic acts following the attack on the Jewish school in Toulouse in 2012 (an increase of almost 200%) and after the Hypercacher attack in 2015 (increase of almost 300%).

In light of these three events, a surprising and worrying phenomenon emerges: the media coverage of the massacre of Jews causes an increase in antisemitic acts. 
Antisemitic acts are one of the best predictors of more antisemitic acts. Jew-haters see attacks by others as a green light for them to join in. 

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