Thursday, January 18, 2024

88% of the Arab world supports the 10/7 massacre as "a legitimate operation"

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies released the results of a survey of the Arab world last week, and it shows that the overwhelming majority of Arabs consider the 10/7 pogrom to be "legitimate."

A total of 88% considered the attack legitimate, while only 5% considered it illegitimate. 67% considered it entirely legitimate, 19% say it was legitimate but Hamas made some mistakes, and 2% admitted that it included heinous or criminal acts - but was still legitimate.

Among Palestinians surveyed in the West Bank, 0%  - yes, statistically nobody - considered 10/7 illegitimate. 11% said some mistakes were made and 4% admitted it included heinous acts, but was legitimate anyway.

Libya and Jordan supported the attack even more than Palestinians in the West Bank d0, although a tiny percentage considered it criminal.

Citizens of Arab countries across the board considered the terror attack to be legitimate. But the UAE and Bahrain were not included in this survey.

Even though this survey showing near unanimous support for the October 7 terror attack among Arabs was released a week ago, major media ignored the survey. Because telling the world how supportive the Arab world is of attacking civilian is not something the media wants the world to know. 

51% of Arabs say that the United States is the biggest threat to the security of the Middle East -  far higher than Israel, for which 26% considered the most dangerous. Iran got only 7%.

The survey also found that the vast majority of the Arab world - 84% - felt a great deal of psychological stress as a result of the war. The respondents that showed the least stress over the war were - Palestinians from the West Bank!

69% of Arabs support Gazans and Hamas, while 23% say they support the people of Gaza but oppose Hamas.

Again, the huge support for Hamas by the Arab world at large contradicts the conventional wisdom that the media and Western politicians have been carefully cultivating of a moderate and peace-loving Arab majority. Killing and raping Jews is very, very popular in the Arab world. 

People ignore the facts at their own peril.

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