Wednesday, December 06, 2023

You can scream "Kill the Jews" at Jews at major US universities without fear of punishment. It all depends on "context."

Last year, Harvard issued Title IX training that warned that students could be dismissed if they use pronouns that offend the person they are talking to.

Students were given mandatory training in appropriate behavior and one slide showed the "Power and Control Wheel" to help them identify cases where they might make other people feel unsafe.

Now, keep this in mind as you watch Rep. Elise Stefanik grill the presidents of  Harvard, MIT and the University of Pennsylvania about whether public calls for the genocide of Jews would violate their universities' codes of conduct.

The answer? It depends. It depends on context. If the desire to murder all Jews is not accompanied by action - perhaps actually killing Jews - then it sounds like it is protected speech. 

I think they are saying that if the death threat is directed at one individual, that might be crossing the line. But if someone screams at a Jew, "All Jews must die," based on their testimony here, it sounds like that is not actionable. 

Here is a really great clip of questioning by Rep. John James where he asks them what they are doing to fight antisemitism on their campuses. The answer is silence.

You can watch the whole thing here

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