Sunday, December 17, 2023

Two out of three young people believe Jews as a whole are "oppressors." Yes, 67% of young Americans have antisemitic opinions.

Last week I reported on a YouGov/economist survey that found that 23% of Americans from 18-30  felt that the Holocaust was "exaggerated," and 28% say Jews have too much influence in America. 

I thought that this high percentage of young Americans holding explicitly antisemitic attitudes was the worst news I'd ever seen on that front.

It only took a week for something worse to come along.

A new Harvard CAPS/Harris poll of American voters taken December 13-14 found that two thirds of American voters aged 18-24 consider Jews as a class to be "oppressors" and that they should be treated as "oppressors."

This language is specifically oriented towards left-wing antisemitism, where all people are divided into "oppressed" or "oppressors." DEI, "intersectionality" and similar ideologies are creating a new class of American antisemites.

Look at the consistent increase of this antisemitic attitude across all age groups from older to younger. This shows, as clearly as possible. that the American education system is getting worse and worse over time. It has abdicated teaching morals and now is doing the opposite. 

Young Americans were also the only group that felt that calling for the genocide of Jews on campus should be allowed as free speech:

This is even though 70% of that same group recognizes it as hate speech. 

We thought we defeated the Soviet Union 30 years ago. But the exact hate that the Soviets taught are now mainstream in US education. 

These results should be a clarion call to every American who cares about the future of our country. We are going down a path that, if left unchecked, will ultimately destroy the country. 

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