Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Palestinian prime minister defends antisemitic school curriculum that urges kids to become martyrs

Palestinian prime minister Muhammad Shtayyeh spoke at his weekly cabinet meeting and reiterated the  Palestinian Authority' attempt to leverage the Gaza war as a means to force Israel to accede to their own demands: all Jews out of Judea, Samaria and the Old City of Jerusalem, recognizing Jerusalem as their capital, and the "return" of millions of "refugees" to Israel.

This is nothing new; that has been the official Palestinian Authority position since October 7.

But one of the side statements he made is interesting:
Israel wants a Palestinian Authority with a school curriculum that coexists with the occupation. We want our national curriculum that talks about Jerusalem, our capital, and it talks about the right of return, and it is consistent with international standards, and is based on science and learning, and reflects our history, civilization, and culture
The official textbooks of the Palestinian Authority indeed reflects their culture - a culture that insists on a Middle East without Jews. One whose history books don't mention the Holocaust. One where children are urged to want to become "martyrs" as their highest calling. 

The latest report on UNRWA textbooks from IMPACT-SE was released last month. In it we find examples of support for terror and blatant antisemitism.  Examples:

Antisemitic grading instructions tell teachers to deduct grading points from students who fail to “tie the perpetration of Zionist massacres to Jewish religious thought.” 

As part of suggested summary questions on a lesson about the 1948 War, teachers are instructed to ask students “Why do the Jews perpetrate massacres?”

Students are taught an antisemitic canard that Jews (Zionists) influence and control money, the media, and politics, and use it for their own benefit. 

Teachers are instructed to teach Grade 6 students that “The Zionists are the terrorists of the modern age, and they are fated to disappear.”

Dalal al-Mughrabi, the perpetrator of the 1978 Coastal Road massacre, is celebrated in a detailed 10-page Arabic reading comprehension which exalts her and the terror act as “heroism” while the massacre is referred to as “immortal” in the “hearts and minds” of Palestinians. Fifth-graders are invited to follow in her footsteps and view her as a role model

Reading comprehension is taught through a violent story promoting suicide bombings and exalting Palestinian militants in the battle of Karameh as their blades “fell on the necks of enemy soldiers” and “wore explosive belts, thus turning their bodies into fire burning the Zionist tank.” 

Dying is described as better than living in a chapter glorifying Palestinian martyrs. Those who seek to live fruitful, peaceful lives instead of taking the path of martyrs are criticized. “Drinking the cup of bitterness with glory is much sweeter than a pleasant long life accompanied by humiliation.”

Jihad “for the liberation of Palestine” is presented as a “private obligation for every Muslim” in a subsection discussing practices and duties obligated by Sharia law. I
This is the "Palestinian culture" that Shtayyeh is extolling and saying that must be taught to children.

And he's portrayed as a moderate leader.

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