Monday, December 25, 2023

Antisemitism embraced by Palestinian Christians just as much as by Muslims

At Bethlehem’s Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church,  Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac set up a crèche with "Palestinian" baby Jesus wrapped in a keffiyeh and lying in a pile of rubble.

As a supporter of the Kairos Palestine,  Munther Isaac is an antisemite who espouses replacement theology. But I wondered if this Christian "peacemaker"  ever once criticized Hamas.

He certainly didn't after 10/7. 

His first tweet after 10/7 was a lie: condemning Israel for the jihadist rocket strike on the Al Ahli hospital. He never clarified or apologized for the slur.

To find a single word against Hamas, you have to go ten years back in his timeline, where he responds to a story about Hamas with the single word "Shame!"  What did Hamas do? They cut off the hair of Gazans. 

On the contrary - Isaac is at the very least a passive supporter of Hamas. The Washington Post described a group of Palestinian Christian leaders of which he is a member as considering Hamas "an organization that is part of the fabric of Palestinian society and seen as a standard-bearer of resistance."

So to this moral paragon, who has hundreds of anti-Israel posts and videos and articles, murder and rape and kidnapping and injury of thousands of Jews by Hamas is literally nothing to condemn on his timeline, with only a wishy-washy generic condemnation of violence when asked directly. 

Isaac wrote an article about Gazans saying, "Where are they to go? There is no place for them in this world!" The irony is that according to some Christian sources, Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt shortly after the scene shown in Christmas  crèches. 

Yet Isaac certainly doesn't say that Gazans should be able to seek shelter in Egypt themselves if they want to. His concern for their lives doesn't extend quite that far. 

A further hypocrisy is that this person who says Jesus was a "Palestinian" tweets about how it is awful for Zionists to use the Bible as support for their position. Yet Kairos Palestine uses the Bible to support Palestinian nationalism. 

The problems go way beyond Munther Isaac and Kairos. Here is an antisemitic cartoon created by a Jordanian artists but published by a Western "pro-Palestinian" group that evokes the charge of deicide for Christmas and echoes Isaac's crèche scene:

Other Western cartoonists pretend that Jews are murdering Santa Claus' aid to Gaza, when in fact Hamas is the one murdering  those trying to obtain aid - and has a history of stealing and attacking aid meant for Gazans, which is never condemned by Palestinian Christians.

Being an antisemite is bad enough. But doing it under the guise of being a good Christian, using the same justifications that Christians have used to persecute Jews for centuries, is unconscionable.

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