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12/15 Links Pt1: More Than 30 Americans Died on October 7 — Where Is the Outrage?; Israel Is Flushing Hamas Out of Gaza; Hamas rigs dolls, in ambush on IDF forces in Gaza

From Ian:

Noah Rothman: The Left’s Discomfort with Israel’s War on Hamas Doesn’t Matter
Kirby’s admission — one he has made before — that Israel has subordinated its operational goals to humanitarian concerns in a way that exceeds even what the U.S. would condone is certainly true. The IDF exposed its soldiers to unnecessary risks in the effort to capture the Hamas stronghold in Shifa hospital, in stark contrast to how America cleared out an ISIS-occupied hospital in Mosul from the air. Unguided munitions and submunitions are part of America’s arsenal and the U.S. does not hesitate to use them on the battlefield when it makes operational sense to do so. Nor do we have any problem exporting those weapons to our allies and partners abroad, including Ukraine. Speaking of Ukraine, the United States has expressed its concerns with how Kyiv conducts domestic law enforcement, but that has not stopped Washington from exporting weapons platforms and ordnance to Ukraine in the effort to beat back the Russian onslaught. The alleged misconduct of Israeli settlers in the West Bank is just that — a domestic law-enforcement issue that should have little bearing on how the White House views the conduct of Israel’s war against Hamas.

And that war has so far been wildly successful. In an interview with Al-Monitor, senior Hamas official Mousa Abu Marzouk all but sued for a peace that preserves his terrorist organization’s existence. “A senior Hamas official suggested the Gaza-based militant group would recognize Israel as a step toward ending the long-running divisions between the Palestinian factions,” the report read. “You should follow the official stance,” Marzouk conceded. “The official stance is that the [Palestinian Liberation Organization] has recognized the state of Israel.” That overture may not appeal to Israeli policy-makers, but it is an overture, nonetheless. The remark betrays the terrorist group’s recognition that its days are numbered if the war continues apace.

Does the Biden administration recognize that this is the outcome it needs? Does it realize that it has invested American prestige in the speedy and victorious conclusion of Israel’s righteous war, and the failure to secure that outcome with all possible alacrity saps it of its credibility? Does it understand that the double standards it is applying to Israel to appease an unappeasable faction of malcontents on the fringes of the Democratic coalition imperil far more important objectives?

The Biden administration is getting wobbly at precisely the wrong moment, and for no discernible reason other than that a loud minority within Biden’s coalition cannot abide its association with Israel’s war. The proper response to this queasiness would be to tell the dissenters to make themselves a chamomile tea and lie down for a spell while the responsible adults in the room advance U.S. interests abroad. The grownups can take it from here.
More Than 30 Americans Died on October 7 — Where Is the Outrage?
Where is the outrage that so many Americans were killed? Why is it that Americans with dual Israeli citizenship are treated with such disdain? If my suspicions are correct, this is another example of the antisemitism that is deeply and sadly ingrained in American society. Perhaps some Americans don’t consider these dual citizens as fellow Americans. Sure, some of these dual citizens speak like they come from Brooklyn, or Philadelphia, or Baltimore, because they do, but in reality, the argument would go, their loyalty must be to the state of Israel. It’s vile nonsense but I fear this is what some in the U.S. who don’t seem to care about these victims secretly believe. In their minds, Jewish lives don’t count as much, even if they are American citizens.

But U.S. government counterterrorism officials treat all American citizens the same.

The U.S. and Israeli intelligence communities appear to be working well together, particularly after the intelligence debacle that allowed the Oct. 7 attacks to happen. The hunt for Hamas members in Gaza is at its heart an intelligence-driven exercise. And it appears that after 60 days, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has killed some 5,000 Hamas foot soldiers, half of the group’s battalion commanders, and several other targets.

While the senior leaders of Hamas remain holed up, either in southern Gaza or hiding elsewhere, the IDF appears to be on track in its campaign to destroy Hamas as a threat. Israel is following a model of operations driving intelligence — the capture of Hamas prisoners as well as safe houses, for example, results in battlefield interrogations and sensitive sight exploitation — which then drives future operations. Those in the U.S. media who question Israel’s progress in the war, most of whom have no experience involving counterterrorism operations, probably should recall that it took us 10 years to find Osama bin Laden after 9/11. and to reduce al Qaeda to an ineffective threat to the United States. Such campaigns take time, which the IDF leadership has said.

Importantly, Mossad — Israel’s national intelligence agency — almost certainly has begun planning the hunt for Hamas members worldwide. From experience, Israel’s enemies fear its reach, and that fear is a powerful tool. One evening many years ago, in a Middle Eastern city where I attended Libyan National Day at the Libyan embassy, there were two notorious terrorist leaders: Khalid Mishal from Hamas and Ahmad Jabril from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC). It was a surreal evening — we joked about it but knew that, in reality, we were all at risk from an Israeli airstrike. As I paid my respects to the Libyan ambassador that evening, he commented that he was glad I was there; he figured Israel would not strike the event with a U.S. official present.

The Biden administration is sticking with Israel, for now, though it has offered public critique of the Gazan casualties. Secretary of State Antony Blinken essentially has told Israel that the U.S. wants to give it more runway, understanding that the counterterrorism campaign must continue, but that it wants Israel to take more care regarding Gaza’s civilian population. In the words of Hollywood’s Jerry Maguire: “Help me help you.” In my view, this is the right approach and Israel must respond accordingly — not just in words, but in actions.

Not long after 9/11, a poster appeared and remained hanging for years in the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center. It stated: “Every day is September 12.” This signified the resolve of CIA officers to avenge the deaths of nearly 3,000 Americans and to prevent al-Qaeda from attacking us again. I would hope that a similar resolve exists in the U.S. intelligence community today, as we assist Israel in its campaign against a terrorist group that killed some 1,200 people, including more than 30 Americans. I am confident that the sentiment “Every day is October 8” exists in the corridors of Mossad and Shin Bet.

Col. Kemp: Israel Is Flushing Hamas Out of Gaza
Heavy fighting continues in the north and south of Gaza, both above ground and in Hamas' extensive tunnel network, which is assessed to be even more extensive than the London Underground's 250 miles.

I was inside Gaza on Tuesday and witnessed two terrorist tunnels being destroyed with explosives by IDF engineers in Shejaiya. A short time later, the IDF suffered one of its deadliest single skirmishes, with nine soldiers killed in a gun and explosives battle with terrorists.

The tunnels bring yet another incredibly formidable dimension to urban combat, which is itself among the most challenging of battle environments, characterized by particularly high casualty rates, especially among attacking forces.

I've been into those tunnels: they are heavily fortified, concrete-lined and with lighting, electric power and air supply. Over two decades they have been constructed using vast sums of money, including international aid that should have been spent on civilian infrastructure, and costing the lives of many Gazans including dozens of children sent underground to work on them.

Tunnel entrances are mostly inside civilian houses, schools, hospitals and mosques. Terrorists use them to store weapons and ammo, protect commanders and move fighters around to outmaneuver forces above ground. Some have been fitted with heavy blast doors to complicate assaults by Israeli troops. They allow Hamas to ambush troops by emerging from the rear in areas that had already been cleared.

Whenever possible, the IDF avoids going into the tunnels and getting bogged down in fighting on Hamas' terms. Yet the Israelis are entering the tunnels when necessary, to rescue hostages, gain intelligence from underground command posts, and target high-level terrorist leaders. There is still a lot of hard fighting ahead and Israel's allies should be working to do what they can to further demoralize Hamas.

Gaza war must dismantle Hamas, tunnel flooding on table - IDF spokesperson
The war in the Gaza Strip is continuing for its third month and Israeli military casualties are mounting. In an interview with The Media Line's Felice Friedson, the Israel Defense Forces international spokesman, Lt.-Col. Jonathan Conricus, discusses the short- and long-term goals of the war and says Israel is paying a heavy price, but its goals remain unshaken: Hamas must be toppled, he says, and the hostages being held in Gaza, who still include 17 women and children, must be returned. Israel has no other choice. For more stories from The Media Line go to

Conricus says the Israeli army has exposed hundreds of meters of tunnels, some of which are very sophisticated. Many of the tunnels lead to homes, and house after house is filled with weapons, explosives, and rocket launchers. One possible scenario for destroying the massive underground city is flooding it with seawater, an option Conricus didn’t dismiss. “At the end of the day,” he tells The Media Line, “these tunnels will hopefully be the undoing of Hamas.”

The Media Line: Lt.-Col. Jonathan Conricus is the international spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces. Thank you so much for taking the time to be with me here at The Media Line.

Lt.-Col. Conricus: Thank you for having me, Felice.

TML: On the day that Israel declared war on Hamas, those speaking on her behalf stressed that the path to victory would be a slow one, deliberate and costly. Now, some 68 days into the conflict, observers are amazed that rockets continue to fly into Israel, and that the Hamas fighting remains pretty lethal. What "unexpecteds" have you encountered in the last two months?

Lt.-Col. Conricus: So, we’ve been fighting for 68 days, since the 7th of October, and as we said from the beginning, even before we started ground operations in Gaza in order to dismantle Hamas, we said that we understand and know that it is going to be a long and difficult fight, that unfortunately we are going to have to pay a price in blood in order to achieve our goals, and that it will not be easy, but that our resolve is very clear.

And all of us, soldiers in the IDF, and officers, commanders, the High Command, all understand that we have to dismantle Hamas in order for Israeli civilians to be able to go home.

Now, we have seen Hamas continue to operate throughout the war, and we see that they still retain certain rocket firing and combat capabilities. Unfortunately, yesterday we had a mass casualty event in Shejaiya [in the northern Gaza Strip] where 10 Israeli soldiers were killed from the Golani Brigade and our elite aerial rescue unit, our tactical Air Force unit [669].

So there are still pockets of resistance in northern Gaza, and the fight isn’t over there. There are still rocket launches and there are still tunnels, and there are still terrorists there. Of course, greatly degraded, but still there. And in southern Gaza, specifically in Khan Yunis, the fighting is ongoing and it will take a lot of time and a lot of effort in order to dismantle Hamas, but we shouldn’t confuse time and patience with a lack of resolve.

The resolve is very clear, and we are going to defeat Hamas. There is no other option.

TML: Lt.-Col. Conricus, looking at the bloodshed, the loss of lives of your soldiers, did you underestimate, did the IDF underestimate, the power of Hamas?

Lt.-Col. Conricus: I think what we can say safely is that Hamas has prioritized their military capabilities over everything else, and we can see as our forces advance and as we clear areas, houses, neighborhoods, and parts of cities from Hamas terrorists after we defeat them and dismantle the enemy activity there, what we expose is hundreds of miles of tunnels, hundreds, almost a thousand, tunnel shafts. Some of them are very high-tech and high-level and a high finish of infrastructure. And we find house after house full of weapons, IEDs, explosives, rocket launchers, and anything that Hamas could get their hands on.

So what I think I can see is that I think it’s clear where Hamas priorities have been. They definitely have not been developing Gaza, caring for civilians, building civilian infrastructure, schools and hospitals and mosques and roads and clinics. No. It has been in furnishing themselves with tunnels and buying and smuggling weapons so that they can go on their continued jihad against Israel. That will now be brought to an end.

Hamas will be dismantled, and as our forces on the ground advance, we uncover what Hamas is leaving behind. We’re documenting everything, and we’re also sharing it with the world so that everyone can see where international aid has gone, where it was supposed to have gone above ground, and where it evidently ended up underground in the hands of Hamas.

IDF troops mistakenly killed three hostages during Gaza battles this morning, spokesman says
IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari says during battles in northern Gaza’s Shejaiya this morning, Israeli troops mistakenly identified three Israeli hostages as a threat and opened fire at them, killing them.

Hagari says the IDF bears responsibility for the “tragic incident.”

“This is an area where the soldiers encountered many terrorists, including suicide bombers,” he adds.

Hagari names the hostages as Yotam Haim, who was abducted by Hamas from Kfar Aza, and Samar Talalka, who was abducted from Nir Am. The third hostage was not named following requests by their family.

Asked how the hostages were able to escape Hamas captivity, Hagari says the military believes that “the three fled or were abandoned by the terrorists who held them captive.”

In his statement, Hagari says that “after the shooting, during a scan and examination, an immediate suspicion arose regarding the identity of the dead, and their bodies were quickly transferred for examination in Israel, where the hostages were identified.”

“This is a sad and painful event for all of us, and the IDF bears responsibility for everything that happened,” he says.

Douglas Murray: Why all the fuss over stripping of Hamas terrorists? That is what a real war looks like
Hamas has done it ever since they seized control of Gaza in 2007 — murdering their fellow Palestinians as they did so. With the billions in foreign aid handed to them by UK governments and others, the leadership enriched themselves. Yet even while they seized the foreign aid, Hamas leaders chose to build — to use all the money and resources they were given to build an elaborate underground network to protect themselves.

They used the people of Gaza above as protection, knowing that the Israelis — like the British — try to minimize civilian casualties in conflict.

But the result is that the IDF have to clear Gaza tunnel by tunnel.

They are losing many good men in the process. They are looking not only for the leadership of Hamas but the Israeli civilians Hamas stole on October 7.

This means every civilian of fighting age has to be considered a potential combatant. These were the rules Hamas decided to play by.

So it is hardly surprising the Israelis have to check for themselves who they are dealing with. They also have to watch out for suicide bombers, who of course hide explosives under their clothing.

This means the IDF have to demand that some suspects strip to their underwear, in order that the IDF can make sure they are not facing either armed Hamas terrorists or suicide bombers.

It might not look nice in a photo.

But I can tell you it looks a lot nicer than the results of a suicide bomber de- tonating among a group of soldiers and civilians. But, gosh, how the armchair generals of Twitter/X and other mediums have raved. How the BBC and other media have revelled in showing these photos and implying some war crime.

One left-wing commentator was especially outraged.

This was someone who cast doubt on the October 7 atrocities because he himself hadn’t seen videos of Hamas actually raping women.

Yet he claimed the photos from Gaza showed some outrageous breach of human rights.

I wonder how other battles would have looked it they had occurred in the age of social media?

D-Day could have been covered from the point of view of occupied France.

People could have seen the terrible damage done to French farmland by the invading Allied forces.

Round-ups of Nazi soldiers might have struck some people as unduly harsh over their morning cappuccino.

Well, that’s what war is like.

I’m just amazed by the number of people who think they know how they’d prosecute a war when they’ve never been near one.
Biden Admin Pushes Israel To End Large-Scale War With Hamas: Report
The Biden administration is reportedly pushing Israel to scale back its war with Hamas, in the latest apparent rift between the president and the Jewish state's government.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan met with Israeli leaders Thursday to urge a transition from the large-scale war that Israel is engaging against the terror group to a new phase in which the Israeli military would utilize special forces to take out Hamas leaders, rescue remaining hostages, and destroy tunnels in the Gaza Strip, the New York Times reported, citing four anonymous senior American officials.

The administration would hope for the transition to occur within the next three weeks or soon after. The Times's sources told the outlet that Sullivan's urging was not a directive or an order to the Israeli government.

Israeli officials have not indicated that they plan to slow down the war effort. Defense Minister Yoav Gallant told Sullivan on Thursday that the war would continue for "more than several months, but we will win," according to NBC News.

"Nothing will stop us," said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wednesday. "We are going on to the end, until victory, nothing less."
Sullivan: War will last months, we’re not here to tell Israel what it must do
At a press conference, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan says there is no disagreement between Jerusalem and Washington that the fight against Hamas in Gaza will take months, while adding that both sides agree that there will be a transition from the current high-intensity phase to one of precision operations.

“The White House has “had very good discussions” on the timeline and the transition to the next phases of the conflict,” but “We’re not here to tell anybody you must do X, you must do Y.”

Reports in recent days have claimed the White House is pressing Israel to end the current phase within weeks, due to concerns for the mounting civilian toll in the Strip.

He says in his meetings with Israeli leaders, “I did not hear [them]… say things that would lead me to feel I need to answer the hypothetical question” of how Washington will respond if the current phase drags on.

He adds that his Israeli counterparts “very much indicated” their goal to distinguish civilians from combatants and prevent harm to innocents.

As for who will govern Gaza after the war concludes, amid Israeli rejection of the current leadership in Ramallah, Sullivan does not comment on the rejection directly, but says: “We do believe that the Palestinian Authority needs to be revamped and revitalized, needs to be updated in terms of its method of governance, its representation of Palestinian people.

“That will require a lot of work by everybody who is engaged in the Palestinian Authority, starting with the President, Mahmoud Abbas, who I will go to see… And ultimately, it’s going to be up to the Palestinian people to work through their representation.”
US: Hezbollah's threat against Israel best dealt with through diplomacy
Diplomacy is the best way to neutralize the threat Hezbollah poses to Israel from its northern border with Lebanon, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told reporters in Tel Aviv on Friday.

“We also believe that the threat can be dealt with through diplomacy and does not require the launching of a new war,” Sullivan said.

He spoke amid his second visit to Israel since the start of the Gaza war on October 7, which has been accompanied by an increase in cross-border violence between the IDF and Hezbollah on the country’s northern border.

Those Israelis who evacuated communities along Israel’s northern border out of fear of an attack similar to the kind that Hamas executed against the country’s southern border on October 7, “have to be able to return to their homes” with a “true sense of security,” Sullivan said.

“The best way to do this is to come up with a negotiated outcome in which those Israeli citizens in those communities up on the northern border can know that they will not be subject to an attack that will take their lives and destroy their communities, we will continue to work on that I believe we can accomplish,” Sullivan said.

The US must respond to Houthi aggression in the Red Sea
Since the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel on October 7, Iran-backed Houthi rebels have escalated tensions significantly.

They have hijacked and launched missiles at several cargo ships as well as at the American warship, the USS Carney in the Red Sea; and they have carried out multiple drone and ballistic missile strikes against Israel.

This surge in aggressive action by the Iranian regime’s proxies, especially now, by the Houthis not only threatens the safety of maritime activities but also necessitates a more robust and consistent response from the United States. Washington’s current cautious approach may inadvertently embolden Tehran, increasing the likelihood of a severe miscalculation that could spark a broader, more perilous regional conflict.

Why does the US need to retaliate against the Houthis?
The Houthis, officially named Ansar Allah, are not autonomous actors. They form part of the so-called Axis of Resistance, which has been strategically developed over the years by the Islamic regime in Iran.

The Axis of Resistance primarily consists of terrorist entities, including the Iranian regime and the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria, as well as groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), the Houthi rebels, and various other militias comprising fighters from Afghan, Iraqi, Pakistani, and Syria deployed throughout the region. The Axis of Resistance is acting as force multipliers for the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and its coercive influence network in the region, to dominate the Middle East and attack the United States and Israel on multiple fronts.

Houthis are a major player in the Axis of Resistance due to their proximity to the Red Sea’s strategic waterways, enabling the Iranian regime to disrupt maritime security and global shipping when necessary.

The IRGC supplies the Houthis with an array of weaponry including ballistic missiles and drones, along with training, technological expertise, and equipment. This support enables the Houthis to either upgrade their current arsenal or produce Iranian-designed arms locally, using smuggled parts. Some of the weapons that the IRGC has provided to the Houthis include an anti-ship ballistic missile called Tankil, closely resembling the IRGC’s Raad-500 missile. Another is the Typhoon, reportedly capable of striking targets up to 1,900 km., similar to the IRGC’s Ghadr ballistic missiles. Additionally, there’s the Hatam, similar to the IRGC’s Kheibar Shekan ballistic missile with a range of 1,450 km.
Maersk to pause Red Sea shipping amid Houthi threat to ships
The discovery of U.N. and USAID sacks being used by Hamas to construct terror tunnels in Gaza raises new questions about the security of humanitarian aid falling into the hands of the Islamist group.

Israeli soldiers recently made an unusual discovery in a tunnel underneath Al-Azhar University in Gaza City. Behind the tunnel’s concrete walls were large sacks belonging to the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The sacks were filled with sand, possibly intended to stabilize the tunnel before a concrete layer was added.

The Israel Defense Forces officer whose unit made the discovery related: “When the excavator dug down, we could see that there were first sacks and then the tunnel. We went to look at the tunnel closely and saw sacks there with UNRWA and an American aid organization markings on them. There was no aid in these sacks, no flour or anything else.”

It is not known how many such sacks were used as soldiers did not enter the tunnel, which was subsequently destroyed. But the commander confirmed that dozens of sacks were exposed.

The sacks “were found in several places in the tunnels; at least in two places that I witnessed myself,” the unit commander said. “I was not shocked to discover this, after all, we have known for years that part of Hamas’s method is to use aid funds for terror purposes.”

UNRWA is a U.N. agency that supports Palestinian refugees and their descendants. USAID is an independent agency of the U.S. government that is primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid and development assistance.
Hamas used UNRWA and USAID sacks to build tunnels
The discovery of U.N. and USAID sacks being used by Hamas to construct terror tunnels in Gaza raises new questions about the security of humanitarian aid falling into the hands of the Islamist group.

Israeli soldiers recently made an unusual discovery in a tunnel underneath Al-Azhar University in Gaza City. Behind the tunnel’s concrete walls were large sacks belonging to the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The sacks were filled with sand, possibly intended to stabilize the tunnel before a concrete layer was added.

The Israel Defense Forces officer whose unit made the discovery related: “When the excavator dug down, we could see that there were first sacks and then the tunnel. We went to look at the tunnel closely and saw sacks there with UNRWA and an American aid organization markings on them. There was no aid in these sacks, no flour or anything else.”

It is not known how many such sacks were used as soldiers did not enter the tunnel, which was subsequently destroyed. But the commander confirmed that dozens of sacks were exposed.

The sacks “were found in several places in the tunnels; at least in two places that I witnessed myself,” the unit commander said. “I was not shocked to discover this, after all, we have known for years that part of Hamas’s method is to use aid funds for terror purposes.”

UNRWA is a U.N. agency that supports Palestinian refugees and their descendants. USAID is an independent agency of the U.S. government that is primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid and development assistance.
Senators Move To Cut US Taxpayer Funding for Anti-Semitic, Hamas-Tied UN Agency
A coalition of Republican senators is seeking to slash American taxpayer funding for a United Nations agency that promotes anti-Semitism and employs Hamas-linked Palestinians.

Legislation introduced this week by Sen. Bill Hagerty (R., Tenn.) and two GOP colleagues would end U.S. funding for the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), an aid organization that works in the Gaza Strip and has been linked in recent weeks to Hamas's war crimes, according to a copy of the bill obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

American funding for UNRWA was frozen during the Trump administration but restarted when President Joe Biden took office. The United States has awarded the aid organization with upward of $600 million even as UNRWA promotes anti-Semitism in its school and advocates Israel's destruction. Republicans are renewing their efforts to cut off U.S. funds to UNRWA in the wake of reports that the agency's employees conspired with Hamas to kidnap Israeli citizens.

Hagerty's bill, which is also backed by Sens. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) and Mike Braun (R., Ind.), will strip U.S. funding for UNRWA until the State Department can certify that the agency has stopped using anti-Semitic teaching materials in its schools and does not employ any individual with ties to Hamas or other Palestinian terror groups. This funding cut would force UNRWA to overhaul its operations.

"As evidence continues to mount that UNRWA policies and school curricula cultivate anti-Israel extremism and encourage the operations of Hamas terrorists, it is unconscionable that the U.S. continues to fuel terrorism by supporting UNRWA," Hagerty said in a statement to the Free Beacon. "Until President Biden's State Department can certify to Congress that UNRWA has no ties to terrorist organizations and does not encourage anti-Israel terrorism, Congress must put an end to this Administration's funding of both sides of the Israel-Hamas war."
Switzerland blocks bid to end funding for UN Palestinian agency after outrage
The upper house of the Swiss parliament on Thursday blocked an initiative to end the funding of the UN Palestinian refugee agency (UNRWA) after aid groups voiced outrage.

Switzerland's National Council, the lower house of the Federal Assembly, approved scrapping an annual contribution of 20 million Swiss francs ($23 million) to the agency by 116 to 78 votes on Monday.

On Thursday, the upper house of parliament opted not to axe the agency's funding by 23 to 21 votes, a decision that was warmly welcomed by UNRWA chief Philippe Lazzarini. Both houses would have needed to approve the initiative for it to go ahead.

"As far as I'm concerned, it's a positive development," he told reporters on the sidelines of the Global Refugee Forum in Geneva.

"It's important that Switzerland continue to tell to the Palestinians and to the region that it remains committed to its humanitarian tradition... These 20 million are absolutely essential for UNRWA to continue to deliver its lifesaving and humanitarian assistance in the Gaza strip."
Hillel Neuer on i24 News: Swiss National Council to cut aid to UNRWA
Hillel Neuer appears on i24 News to discuss the Swiss government's National Council's recent decision to cut aid to UNRWA amid reports of ties with terrorism and systematic incitement of antisemitism and hatred.

Lapid rules out handing over Gaza to PA after the war
In his most outspoken remarks on the issue to date, Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid this week expressed his objections to giving the Palestinian Authority control over the Gaza Strip following the conclusion of Israel’s military operation against Hamas.

“No one on earth thinks that Gaza should be handed over to Abu Mazen [P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas] the day after the war. Not even one!” tweeted Lapid on Wednesday, as he took a jab at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“I spoke about this with the American leadership, with the Europeans, with the people of [Benny Gantz’s] National Unity Party, with whoever you want,” claimed the Yesh Atid Party leader.

Lapid’s stance against a P.A.-controlled Gaza Strip is seemingly at odds with the Biden administration, which has publicly taken the position that the P.A. is the best alternative to Hamas.

On Nov. 8, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that Gaza must be handed over to the P.A. once Israel’s operation there ends. The solution “must include Palestinian-led governance and Gaza unified with the West Bank under the P.A.,” stated Blinken.

According to a survey released last month, a whopping 89% of Palestinians support establishing a governing body that includes, or is led by Hamas. Only around 8.5% said they favor an authority controlled exclusively by Abbas’s Fatah faction.
Netanyahu to Red Cross: Pressure Hamas to release hostages
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met on Thursday at the Kirya military headquarters in Tel Aviv with International Committee of the Red Cross President Mirjana Spoljaric Egger.

Netanyahu recounted the atrocities carried out by Hamas during its Oct. 7 massacre of 1,200 people in Israel, including the murder of children and infants, and the abuse and brutal rapes of women.

He also described the inhuman conditions in which Hamas is holding some 138 hostages and the terror group’s refusal to provide them with humanitarian assistance. Netanyahu presented Spoljaric with a full package of vital medicines and demanded that the ICRC fulfill its role by delivering it to the hostages in the Gaza Strip.

“They’ve taken children, babies, women, old people, Holocaust survivors, festival participants. After they shot hundreds, murdered over 1,200 people, they take these people as hostages. Where’s that heard of?” said Netanyahu.

“If they had the capability, they would have killed every last one of us. They didn’t, because we fought back, sometimes with incredible odds. People, mothers, fought with fingernails. There’s a difference between the deliberate and systematic murder, maiming and menacing of civilians, which is what terrorism is, and the unintended consequences, unintended casualties that accompany any warfare. This is the entire difference,” continued the premier.

“I want to express my gratitude for your help in securing the release of the hostages, but at the same time, some of the statements that have come out from your organization seem to not make the distinction that I’ve just made,” added Netanyahu. “My goal, as you know in our conversations, is to see how we can help the remaining hostages. You have every avenue, every right and every expectation to place public pressure on Hamas.”
Health Min. to ICRC president: Hostages’ medical conditions deteriorating
Health Ministry officials who met on Thursday evening with the president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Mirjana Spoljaric Egger, warned that the health condition of the 134 captives in Gaza is deteriorating every day and that some of them are in real danger.

Health Minister Uriel Bosso and director-general Moshe Bar SimanTov told her that Hamas has already proven to the whole world that it commits crimes against humanity, including against the elderly, women, and children. They demanded that the ICRC head and the organization must do everything to end the suffering of the hostages and their families immediately.”

At the meeting, the Health Ministry officials presented serious information and evidence about the mental and health condition of the abductees who returned to Israel from Hamas captivity.

Foreign Minister Eli Cohen and his aides also attended the meeting.

The Israeli officials called for an immediate visit to the hostages by the Red Cross in to make sure that the abductees receive life-saving medical treatment. They also called on all health organizations to act immediately for the provision of medical help, which includes the supply of appropriate drugs and the provision of life-saving medical treatment, and of course – to act for their immediate release of all those abducted by the murderous organization Hamas.

“We were told about the hostages' indescribable suffering,” said Bar Siman Tov. “The many testimonies we do not publish and keep behind closed doors – but one thing is clear, every moment that passes without international bodies reaching them will cost their lives.”

IDF strikes Hamas targets along Gaza-Egypt border

Senior US official: Sinwar’s ‘days are numbered,’ he has American blood on his hands

IDF, Hamas fight on ruins of Yahya Sinwar’s Khan Yunis home

Hamas rigs children's backpacks, dolls, in ambush on IDF forces in Gaza
The IDF located and exposed a Hamas terrorist ambush at the entrance to a tunnel shaft, using dolls and children's backpacks in an attempt to lure soldiers in hopes of finding hostages, the Israeli military said Friday.

The items, which contained speakers playing crying sounds, were placed near a tunnel shaft which connects to a large network of tunnels that extends over a school and a medical facility in the Gaza Strip, the IDF said.

The IDF added that the tunnel led to a Hamas command and control center based in a mosque that had been fitted with cameras to monitor the activities of Israeli troops in the vicinity.

Hamas command center leeches medical clinic's power supply
Further, according to the military, the Hamas command center was connected to the medical facility’s power supply.

Additionally, the IDF said that it had identified Hamas anti-tank and intelligence assets in the area as well as a large amount of explosives that had been deployed to target IDF soldiers.

IDF retrieves bodies of Hamas hostages from Gaza
Israeli special forces have recovered the body of 28-year-old hostage Elia Toledano, who was held in the Gaza Strip by Hamas since its Oct. 7 rampage in southern Israel, the military said in a statement on Friday. Later on Friday morning, the IDF announced that it had retrieved the bodies of Corp. Nik Beizer and Sgt. Ron Sherman.

The IDF said that an "identification procedure" had been carried out by medical officials, military rabbis and forensic experts. Soldiers from the 551st Brigade and Unit 504 in the Intelligence Division, under the command of Division 162 helped rescue the bodies from Hamas captivity, the IDF announced on Friday morning.

Kidnapped at Re'im music festival
Toledano was taken by Hamas from the Re'im music festival that turned into a massacre, Israeli media reported.

He was kidnapped alongside his girlfriend Mia Schem, who was released from captivity last month as part of the hostage-prisoner deal between Israel and Hamas. Kidnapped while serving near Gaza border

Beizer, from Beersheba, was kidnapped while serving as a driver at the Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration. Sherman, from Lehavim, was kidnapped while serving as a coordination and liaison officer at the Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration.

More than 130 hostages remain in Gaza. Some have been declared dead in absentia by Israeli authorities.

Is it OK to eat? Child hostages ask doctors who treated them
Is it OK to eat? Can we look out the window? Is it alright to leave the room?

These were among the questions that scores of traumatized Israeli children held hostage for more than 50 days by Hamas in Gaza asked doctors and social workers during their first days of freedom and recuperation earlier this month.

Slowly, the children began to regain their trust. A half-smile; an immediately-granted after midnight request for schnitzel and mashed potatoes. After some days, they were released from the hospital as doctors worked to help these child hostages return home. Yet their journey is only just beginning.

‘Shadows of children’ return home
They have been called “shadows of children.” Thin and emaciated, pallid and fearful; and all-of-a-sudden grown up, some orphaned, others with a parent still left behind in captivity in Gaza.

For over 50 days, many were kept in tiny underground rooms in tunnels, with no windows and no daylight, recounted Dr. Dana Singer-Harel, a pediatrician at Schneider Children’s Hospital in Petach Tikvah, who was part of a team of doctors and social workers who tended to the child hostages after their release from Gaza.

They suffered from meager food, no sanitary conditions, and the fear of the unknown. Some didn’t know how much time had passed or where they were. The lucky ones had their mothers or siblings with them. Some heard of family members killed on the Hebrew news radio that their captors were listening to.

Most of the children lost between 10% to 15% of their body weight, the pediatrician said. Some of the children were not allowed to shower even once in their 54-day captivity, while others showered just once with a bucket of water.

“This was not something you could prepare for by reading a medical textbook,” Singer-Harel said Thursday in an interview. “It was a case-by-case basis. There was no good way to prepare for this.”

“In my wildest dreams these were stories that I never thought I would hear,” added Ifat Ezer-Cohen, a hospital social worker.

Chris Cuomo Reacts to Uncensored Footage of Hamas’ Oct. 7 Massacre: Israel Is ‘Doing Far Less Than It Could’

Netflix and Kill: How a Palestinian Woman Took Over an Israeli Family's Home on Oct. 7
Natali Yohanan, a 38-year-old mother of two, never locked the doors of her house in Nir Oz, a kibbutz near Israel's border with the Gaza Strip. There wasn't even a key.

On Oct. 7, a Gazan woman walked through Yohanan’s unlocked front door and made herself at home for hours, eating, singing, and watching Netflix. Sometimes, the woman served drinks to armed terrorists who stopped by for a break from the massacre they were conducting outside.

Yohanan, hiding with her family in the safe room of the house, did not get a chance to see the unwanted house guests. But she imagines the woman is a young mother like her and wonders how she could have been so cruel. Like many survivors of Hamas's surprise attack from Gaza, Yohanan no longer believes coexistence with the Palestinians is possible.

"It's very hard for me as a mother to think about a woman who came to my home and saw the pictures of my kids and still came to steal and to terrify my kids," Yohanan told the Washington Free Beacon at a hotel in this Red Sea resort city where her family relocated along with most of the kibbutz. "I never thought the common people, kids and women, would participate in things like that. It broke my faith in the goodness of people, especially people from Gaza."

Yohanan, an elementary school English teacher and lifelong resident of Nir Oz, said she "always hoped for peace" and for the Palestinians to get their own state. She believed that ordinary Gazans were victims of Hamas, the terrorist group that has governed Gaza for most of two decades.

"We're a very peace-loving community. The country, they always make fun of us that we're very people-loving and we want peace," she said, noting that several members of the kibbutz regularly drove Palestinian children from the border of Gaza, less than two miles away, to Israeli hospitals for life-saving medical care. "I really believed that Hamas kidnapped Gaza."

One of the first things the Gazan woman did when she entered Yohanan's house was turn off the electricity in the safe room. So for 12 hours, until the Israeli Army finally arrived to evacuate them, Yohanan, her husband, and their two children, ages six and eight, were trapped in sweltering heat.
Neflix and Kill: How a Palestinian Woman Took Over an Israeli Family's Home on Oct. 7
Natali Yohanan, a 38-year-old mother of two, never felt a need to lock the doors of her house in Nir Oz, a kibbutz near Israel's border with the Gaza Strip. There wasn't even a key.

During the Oct. 7 terror attack on southern Israel, a Gazan woman walked through Yohanan's front door and stayed for hours, eating, singing, and watching Netflix. Sometimes, the woman served drinks to armed terrorists who stopped by for a break from the massacre they were conducting outside.

Yohanan, hiding with her family in the safe room of the house, did not see the unwanted house guest, but she thinks about her constantly. She imagines the woman is also young mother and wonders how she could have been so cruel. Like many survivors of Hamas's surprise attack from Gaza, Yohanan no longer believes coexistence with the Palestinians is possible.

What Life in Israel Is Really like After Oct. 7 | Caroline Glick
Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Caroline Glick, host of “The Caroline Glick Show” and senior contributing editor at the Jewish News syndicate, about the current state of Israel amidst the ongoing conflict; how the country is on high alert, with many living in a state of anxiety due to the constant threat of missile attacks; why Israel must eradicate Hamas and significantly reduce Hezbollah's ability to attack from the north; how the head of military intelligence failed to adequately assess threats and inform the prime minister; and much more.

The Commentary Magazine Podcast: White House Confusion on Israel Hosted by Abe Greenwald, Christine Rosen, John Podhoretz & Matthew Continetti
Today we talk about the twists and turns at the Biden White House as it articulates its position on Israel. What does it mean that Israel has until the end of the year to get more precise with its targeting? And what is Kamala Harris up to in pushing for more vocal consideration of the Palestinians? Finally, we take up James Bennet’s massive new essay on the New York Times’ turn toward illiberalism.
Sen Ted Cruz calls out VP Kamala Harris for Palestinian sympathy push: 'Undermining Israel'
Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, called out Vice President Kamala Harris for allegedly pushing President Biden and other administration officials to be more sympathetic towards Palestinians.

His comments come after Politico reported Thursday that Harris has recently been pushing those in the Biden administration, including Biden himself, to be more sympathetic towards Palestinians and show more concern for the damage in Gaza.

One person close to the vice president's office told the outlet that the U.S. should start being "tougher" on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In a statement to Fox News, Cruz said "Since day 1 Biden administration officials have been pathologically obsessed with undermining Israel. Unfortunately and infuriatingly, that obsession continues in the aftermath of Hamas's atrocities on October 7. The costs for America and Israel's national security are catastrophic."

The source allegedly said that Harris has been "more forceful at seeking a long-term peace and two-state solution."

Harris' Press Secretary Kirsten Allen told the outlet "there is no daylight between the president and the vice president, nor has there been," adding the vice president and Biden "have been clear: Israel has a right and responsibility to defend itself; humanitarian aid must be allowed to flow into Gaza; innocent civilians must be protected; and the United States remains committed to a two-state solution."

"I would caution the media about citing anonymous sources in the ‘orbit’ about sensitive national security conversations between the president and vice president that take place in the Oval Office," Allen said.

Israel Advocacy Movement: Israel's Ambassador triggers UK
Her Excellency Tzipi Hotovely just triggered Britain's political class by rejecting the two-state solution.

Douglas Murray explains why Hamas are a ‘unique’ terror organisation
Author Douglas Murray has explained why Hamas is “unique” as a terror organisation.

“It is a pretty unique terror organisation, Hamas – to use any innocent civilians in Gaza as collateral for the main attack point for their war,” he told Sky News Australia host Liz Storer.

Mr Murray labelled the terrorist group as “cowardly” for their embedding of military structures in populated areas.

“I can’t think of an army that has behaved like this in history which is one of the reasons why Hamas is not an army, it is a terror group.

“It literally put civilians in front of its own terrorists – it literally put civilian buildings above its own terrorist infrastructure.”

Douglas Murray’s spectacular tirade against Palestine supporters
Author and Sky News All Star Douglas Murray has been a vocal advocate for the victims of the attack on Israel by Hamas since the start of the war on October 7th.

The outspoken commentator has immersed himself in the conflict, reporting from the front line and vigorously debating high-profile pro Palestinian activists.

In this Sky News All Stars, we take a look at Douglas Murray’s unwavering crusade to expose Hamas and hold the terrorist group to account.

Australia and Canada did not ‘understand’ meaning behind ceasefire vote for Gaza
Palestinian peace activist Bassem Eid says Australia and Canada did not “understand” the meaning behind voting in the UN for a ceasefire in Gaza.

On October 7 Israel declared war against Hamas after the Palestinian terrorist group fired thousands of rockets as far north as Tel Aviv.

“We witnessed, in the past 16 years since Hamas occupied the Gaza Strip, we witnessed several ceasefires which has been achieved between Israel and Hamas, none of them really works as it should be,” he told Sky News contributor Gemma Tognini.

“In my opinion, a such kind of resolution which is the United Nations right now, trying to put it out should have to include three important elements.

“The first one – that Hamas should lay down their weapons, the second one – the accountability to the terrorists which has committed the massacre on October 7, and the third is the release of all hostages including the IDF members.”

Australia’s Government has abandoned Israel
I can’t say I was shocked by the Albanese Government’s abandonment of Israel at the UN General Assembly. This vote, which demanded that Israel reach a ceasefire with terrorist organisation, Hamas, responsible for the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, was just the latest in a litany of anti-Israel moves from Canberra.

The unrecognition of ‘West Jerusalem’, changing of language used to describe territories captured in 1967, and more than doubling taxpayer funding for questionable Palestinian Arab causes are just a few of the hostile moves this government has made.

But in terms of moral confusion, this takes the cake. On October 7, Hamas terrorists raped, beheaded, and burned alive 1200 innocent people. Their attack broke an existing ceasefire. Many in Israel feel that it was this ‘ceasefire’ and tolerance of Hamas on its border that allowed the attack to happen. The depravity of Hamas’s acts, means Israel has no option but to destroy them. Hamas has been clear that they plan to keep carrying out massacres, like October 7. Israel has been equally clear; they won’t allow that to happen.

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, no decent person called for a ceasefire. When Al Qaeda struck the World Trade Centre, no decent person called for a ceasefire. Hamas is no less evil than the Nazis or ISIS. Now, just as then, the forces of good have a clear mission to defeat them. That is exactly what Israel is doing. It turns out, that when they aren’t fighting babies and Holocaust survivors, Hamas aren’t so tough. Their military positions have fallen, and hundreds of terrorists have surrendered. Perhaps Israel’s success, explains the frenzied clamoring in some quarters for a ceasefire, which would preserve Hamas’s ability to fight another day.

The Israeli Government has a strong mandate from its people to pursue this war. For many, that is the only justification for Netanyahu’s government remaining in power. If Australia’s Prime Minister or Foreign Minister had bothered to visit Israel, as so many world leaders have following October 7, they may better understand the situation.

All civilian casualties in war are tragic but some battles are too important to just give up. Many German civilians died, in a war their country started. The West could have signed a ceasefire with the Nazis, but it would have been a cowardly and immoral thing to do. The Islamist terrorists in Gaza won’t stop at Israel. Failure to defeat them will have repercussions worldwide. Australians don’t need another Bali Bombing or Lindt Café siege to know the danger.
Richard Marles expresses ‘concern’ for his staff' after office vandalised by pro-Palestinia
Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Richard Marles says his primary concern in the aftermath of his office being vandalised by pro-Palestinians is for the “safety and wellbeing” of his staff.

“My principle concern is, as you would expect - for my staff, for their safety, and their well-being,” Mr Marles told Sky News Australia host Peter Stefanovic.

“I was obviously in contact with them yesterday and they’re fine.

“This is a really difficult situation internationally, it does raise a whole lot of concerns for people in Australia and in a variety of ways.

Mr Marles’ Geelong office was doused in red paint by pro-Palestinian supporters on Wednesday night.

The paint was supposed to represent the “blood of children.”

“Stop arming Israel” and “river of blood on your hands Marles” were also written across the outer walls of the Corio member’s Yarra St office.

Ben Shapiro: So I Guess Plagiarism Is Okay Now…?
The Harvard debacle progresses as Claudine Gay continues to weasel her way out of plagiarism. This is utterly ridiculous.

Ben Shapiro: 75 Radicals Get SHUT DOWN While Protesting
Yesterday, 75 protesters were arrested for blocking the 1-10 freeway in Los Angeles. These people are getting in the way of people who actually have things to do.

Noa Tishby: Israel-Palestine War: "We Need Arabs To Speak Up!" Piers Morgan vs Jewish Actress Noa Tishby
Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by Jewish Israeli actress, writer and activist Noa Tishby to discuss the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine and the world's reaction to the war in Gaza. They also discuss the growing antisemitism amidst the conflict and the treatment of Jewish people globally.

Piers begins by asking Noa how she feels about people conflating the actions of the Israeli government in its response to the Hamas attacks on October 7th with Jewish people across the world. Noa believes that criticisms of Israel as a country are only masking antisemitism and believes it is a dangerous rhetoric as Jewish people across the world are not responsible for the actions of the Israeli government. Noa however also adds that she feels IDF are doing the best they can to limit the casualties.

The Israel Guys: Israel’s Secret Weapon in the War With Hamas in Gaza
This week some intriguing videos of Israelis getting a hold of the megaphones in Arab mosques have surfaced. Joshua reacts to these videos on the show today.

What is the deal with this war in Gaza? Is this more of a Holy War, or a Russia/Ukraine style territorial conflict?

The Israel Guys: Millions of Protesters Rally to Support Hamas After October 7th
As the events of October 7th unfolded, the world watched in shock. Then, for the next 24 hours, messages of support for Israel and the victims of the attack flooded the internet. Many world leaders came out in full condemnation of Hamas’s attack and expressed their support for the nation of Israel. Even those who did not support Israel got a reality check when they saw the atrocities unfolding on that terrible Black Sabbath. Then, as if someone had flipped a switch, the light of moral clarity vanished. The obvious right and wrong of the attack was suddenly flipped upside down. Jew-Hatred descended like a plague, as massive anti-Israel protests in support of the so-called “Palestinian struggle” instantaneously sprang up. Hundreds of thousands of people attended protests in places like London, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Rome, Stockholm, Berlin, San Francisco, and New York City, declaring their support for Hamas and Palestinian rights. This was the largest Jewish massacre since the Holocaust. And suddenly a massive movement of people declared their support for a Nazi like regime who were committed to exterminating Israel from the face of the earth.

How did the world rush to support Hamas so quickly?

‘Absolute mess’: ABC in turmoil over Triple J guest host’s pro-Palestine comments
The Australian’s Media Writer Sophie Elsworth speaks about the ABC’s recent “embarrassment” involving a guest presenter’s pro-Palestinian comments on youth music radio station Triple J.

Fill-in host Miss Kaninna said on the Hip Hop Show, “as an Aboriginal sovereign woman I stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters of Palestine – from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”.

Ms Elsworth said the ABC ombudsman received ten complaints about Miss Kaninna's comments.

“This was actually pre-recorded, it was not live and it still managed to go to air – it didn’t go through the checks and balances, it breached impartiality," she said.

“Consequently, that guest presenter has been axed, all guest presenters at Triple J have been axed, staff have been educated on these issues to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

“Jobs have gone, people have been told they won’t be coming back, there’s been education of staff – what an absolute mess and embarrassment for the ABC and Triple J.” Transcript

Karol Markowicz: ‘Protesters’ closing roads, bridges are RIOTERS — arrest them all
How much longer will we put up with “peaceful protests” actually being violent riots?

How many more times will we allow our roads and bridges to be shut down for the leftist lunacy of the day before we say enough?

This week, a pro-Palestinian protest shut down the Manhattan Bridge.

It wasn’t the first time the bridge had been brought to a standstill to ostensibly take a stand for Palestine.

The bridge was shut down in November too.

As The Post reported at the time, “Three demonstrators — one woman and two men — were arrested during the protest, according to law enforcement sources. One protester could be seen spray painting ‘Gaza’ on a support beam of the bridge.”

It was the Brooklyn Bridge last week that saw the pro-intifada crowd shut down its lanes and the Williamsburg Bridge before that.

It’s also not just New York.

San Francisco’s Bay Bridge has been shut down twice recently for the same cause.

On Wednesday, the 110 Freeway in Los Angeles was brought to a halt.

And it’s not just traffic stoppage, although that should be bad enough on its own to prompt arrests.

These protesters have disrupted Christmas tree lightings and House Judiciary Committee hearings, vandalized property, threatened businesses and committed acts of violence.

A burning police hat, stolen off the head of an officer, is symbolic for how the protesters are running the show and we’re all watching from the sidelines.

The situation has spiraled out of control, and no one is doing anything about it.

Kassy Dillon: ‘Anti-Semitic Dog Whistling’: Massachusetts Teachers Union Slammed For Saying U.S. Complicit In Genocide in Gaza
The Massachusetts Teachers Association is under fire from teachers in the state and Jewish organizations after its board of directors voted in favor of a motion accusing the United States of helping Israel with genocide.

A smaller teachers union in the state, the Newton Teachers Association (NTA), distanced itself Tuesday from the actions taken by the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA), which represents more than 100,000 educators in the state. It said the motion passed by the MTA’s board of directors was an example of “antisemitic dog-whistling” and said that it could lead to more Jew-hatred.

“Some will defend this motion, and deny that to accuse Israel of engaging in a ‘genocidal war on the Palestinian people’ will provoke further antisemitism, or deny that the very use of the word ‘genocide’ to characterize the actions of a people who experienced the Holocaust is callous,” NTA’s statement said.

“However, the motion approved by the MTA Board will provoke further antisemitism, and it is callous,” it added, demanding that the MTA retract the motion that called for a ceasefire in Gaza and an end to the American government’s “complicity.”

“As an educators’ union, we must take a stand with our union siblings, and promote peace and justice in the region by calling for an end to our government’s complicity with Israel’s genocidal assault on the people of Gaza and intent to take over their territory,”
NEW! Deport Hamas billboard launches in Alberta

First Muslim Elected in Delaware Disrupts VP’s Christmas Party, Shouts, “Baby Jesus Under Rubble”
Bethlehem is in the West Bank, not Gaza, and it’s Islamic occupation that has pushed Christians out of Bethlehem. As a Muslim, Rep. Wilson-Anton only seems to care about Christians when she can exploit them to attack Jews in support of Islamic terrorists.

But it’s not like pro-Hamas ceasefire propaganda ever makes much sense. And Rep. Madinah Wilson-Anton’s feed has been non-stop propaganda since the Oct 7 Hamas attack on Israel.

Rep. Wilson-Anton responded to that attack by posting that, “so long as a government refuses to respect the existence of a people it should expect resistance”.

None of this could be too surprising. Wilson-Anton had been involved with the antisemitic Students for Justice in Palestine hate group and assorted anti-Israel organizations. Few were paying attention when she ran for office in a tiny state, but that’s also how Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib got their start. What happens in Delaware or in state legislatures doesn’t stay there.

The enemies of America and the Judeo-Christian tradition are in the house and not just the Delaware State House.

Menorahs across the US vandalized during Hanukkah amid spike in antisemitism

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