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12/04 Links Pt1: Howard Jacobson: Charging Jews with genocide is to declare them guilty of precisely what was done to them; Stop funding the new ISIS

From Ian:

Howard Jacobson: Charging Jews with genocide is to declare them guilty of precisely what was done to them
There is a sadistic triumphalism in charging Jews with genocide, as though those making it feel they have their man at last. The sadism resides, specifically, in attacking Jews where their memories of pain are keenest. By making them now the torturer and not the tortured, their assailants wrest their anguish from them, not only stealing their past but trampling on it.

The sadism of Holocaust denial has been a long time evolving. Calling Zionist Jews Nazis was an early go at discrediting them, inversely, by equating them with their murderers. Accusing them of harvesting the organs of Palestinian children, thereby invoking Josef Mengele’s experiments on Jewish inmates of Auschwitz, was a similar attempt to blur the lines between doer and done-to. But the genocide charge goes further than any of those. For the Nazis, “genocide” wasn’t a verbal flourish. “Final solution” meant “final solution”. Show that Jews intend a final solution on someone else, and we can fancy a retrospective justice to have been at work – the Jews being punished for a crime they were yet to commit. Call this Holocaust annulment.

Morality changed on 7 October. Black became white, evil good, ugliness beauty, the victim the culprit. It was Hamas’s genius to have seen something to its advantage in the declining status of the Jews in the conscience of the west. It realised how the drip, drip, drip of unremitting revilement in the western media and on western campuses had worn away their humanity. How sympathy had wearied and turned to scorn. How the west was of a mind to expunge its guilt.

It’s not unknown for the left to rejoice in acts of violence that lend brawn to its paper theories and then soul-search when that violence makes the world worse than it was before. Coming from the other political extreme, the American satirist Tom Wolfe called such political slumming “radical chic”. To describe the current revulsion from the Jews in favour of a terrorist group that kills and rapes and mutilates, I propose the less catchy term “metaphysical chic”.

That the respectable sometimes lose their hearts and reason to hardened criminals we know from the newspapers, and that the virtuous find it thrilling to go still further and bow the knee to vice, we know from the novels of Dostoevsky. Perhaps no writer better understood the perverse exhilaration of impiety.

When, for the sheer irreligious hell of it, we begin withdrawing fellow-feeling from Jews, upturning the moral universe and declaring them guilty of what was done to them, this impiety shows itself first as thinking the unthinkable, then as saying the unsayable. It is impossible not to ask – how long before we do the undoable?
Can Hamas really be ‘eliminated’?
The fall of Imperial Japan and Fascist Italy also provide some encouragement; in both cases, decisive military defeats marked the end of extremist ideologies. Japan’s post-war transformation into a pacifist state and Italy’s rebirth as a republic exemplify how the strategy of overpowering ideologues through force, when blended with reconstruction efforts, can indeed redefine a nation’s ideological course.

Those who say that Hamas is here for good might well point to the Taliban’s resurgence in Afghanistan, two decades after it was kicked out of power. The Taliban’s refusal to die appears to superficially challenge the idea that entrenched ideologies can be decisively defeated. Yet this situation reveals a missed element: deep societal and economic reform. Unlike the Axis powers, which underwent transformative post-war changes, Afghanistan saw no such comprehensive overhaul. The Taliban could be defeated on the battlefield, but without the vacuum being filled by something more attractive, its return was inevitable.

Something similar could happen if Gaza, much of which has been destroyed or severely damaged by Israeli bombardment, is left to languish once Israel considers its military objectives to have been completed. The military defeat of Hamas must be definitive enough to prevent Hamas from claiming illusory victories amidst the ruins of Gaza and its people’s tragedy. But in order to prevent that happened, Gaza must be rebuilt – and those who live there offered hope of a better future.

Discussions have already commenced regarding the ambitious reconstruction of Gaza, a venture estimated to command an eye-watering sum of up to $50 billion (£40 billion), most of it is expected to come from the Arab rich countries. But this rebuilding package – and indeed any aid to the Palestinian people – must be linked to political and cultural reforms to ensure that a corruption-free, peace-committed political authority emerges from the ruins. Israel, too, must change in its attitude towards a two-state solution. It should do more to make this a possibility. By doing so it can offer hope to Palestinians who might otherwise be attracted by the siren call of Hamas.

History serves as a testament to the fact that the seemingly indomitable fortress of rigid ideologies can indeed be conquered. Hamas need not be here forever – but whether it can be killed off will depend on what happens when the latest war between Israel and Gaza finally ends.
President Biden must face reality_ It's time to act vs. Iran
A US Navy destroyer and three commercial vessels came under attack Sunday from Iran’s terror outfit in Yemen while Iranian proxies resumed attacks against US military bases in Iraq and Syria.

President Biden must face reality: The ayatollah in Iran is attacking Americans and American allies without fear.

Biden so far has responded with American mush, but Ali Khamenei won’t back down until he runs into American steel.

The latest escalation against the USS Carney and three other ships, one British-owned, did not arrive in a vacuum.

Iran is the leading threat to freedom of navigation in the Middle East, perpetrating at least 26 harassments, attacks or seizures between January 2021 and July 2023.

In just the past week, the Yemen-based Houthis — a terrorist ally of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, trained by Hezbollah and armed with missiles and drones from Tehran — launched a drone attack against an Israeli-linked cargo ship and fired two ballistic missiles near another American destroyer, the USS Mason.

The week before that, the Houthis seized a Japanese-operated cargo ship in the Red Sea.

That’s on top of weeks of missile and drone attacks launched from Yemen toward southern Israel — most of which were intercepted by the Carney and Israeli air defenses.

It’s also on top of the 74 Iranian-directed attacks against US forces in Iraq and Syria since Oct. 17 — leaving dozens of US service members injured and one contractor dead.

Biden has deployed two carrier strike groups to the region in what was supposedly a show of force to deter Iran’s regional escalation.

But Tehran has been unimpressed.

A week after Hamas’ Oct. 7 massacre, Biden and his closest European allies allowed the United Nations missile embargo on Iran to expire — opting against triggering the snapback of UN sanctions on Tehran. Why? Out of fear Iran would escalate in response.

Weeks later, following dozens of attacks on US forces, Biden issued a sanctions waiver giving Iran access to $10 billion previously held in Iraq.

That’s in addition to the $6 billion ransom payment that still awaits Iran in Qatar and the $30 billion in oil revenue Biden provides through nonenforcement of sanctions.

Biden refuses to add the Houthis back to the official US terror list — a status he revoked shortly after taking office.

Stop funding the new ISIS
Two days after Hamas’s murderous attack on Israel, the European Union, one of the largest donors to the Palestinian Authority and Gaza, announced that it would immediately suspend its substantial funding to the PA. Yet, it took the EU less than 24 hours to reverse this decision and announce that the funding will be reviewed but not suspended.

Criticizing the original announcement made by his Hungarian colleague, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell sought to distinguish between Hamas and the general population of the Palestinian people. At first glance, Borrell’s argument makes a lot of sense: The Gaza Strip is home to hundreds and thousands of children who need food and education, and they certainly had no part in the planning and execution of the 7/10 attack on Israel.

Similarly, Gazan women strive for equality and empowerment under Hamas’s misogynistic regime and one can’t, in good conscience, accuse them of being complicit in the attack. The same can be said for the disabled, elderly, and other members of the general population who likely depend on this aid.

However, while this argument is appealing and holds true in most situations, it is not valid in the case of Hamas-ruled Gaza. Gaza enjoys substantial international funding while harboring, under the Western radar, a regime that President Joe Biden rightly paralleled with the notorious ISIS.

Also, contrary to popular belief, most of this funding isn’t coming from Iran.

A 2021 story by the AP news agency reported that the United Nations, via various agencies, funded Hamas-ruled Gaza with $4.5 billion between 2014 and 2020. Qatar transferred to Gaza a total of $1.3 billion from 2012-2020, while European states – mostly Germany – funded multiple infrastructure projects for Hamas-ruled Gaza with €70 million in 2021 alone (apart from the EU’s annual funding of €691 million which Mr. Borrell recently defended).

The PA – allegedly Hamas’s bitter political rival – pledged a sum of $1.7 billion for Hamas-ruled Gaza in 2021 and the Egyptian government promised to support it with $500 million in the same year, although it remains uncertain how much of these funds were actually transferred. Even the United States pitched in with $5.5 million.
Sen Blackburn calls for investigation into allegation UN agency employee detained Israeli hostage
Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., demanded an investigation into allegations that a controversial United Nations agency's employee detained one of the hostages kidnapped by Hamas during the Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

"The United States will not be complicit in propping up Hamas' terrorism, and this report further proves why deep change is necessary within UNRWA before we even consider providing another dollar to the agency," Blackburn wrote in a letter obtained by Fox News Digital and addressed to U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Linda Thomas-Greenfield and United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini.

"It is deeply concerning that, despite the prevalence of these reports, the United Nations has seemingly done nothing to investigate or prevent the siphoning of UNRWA funding by terrorists, and UNRWA continues to double down on its claims that each subsequent, documented report is ‘unsubstantiated.’"

Blackburn has requested a response by Dec. 18 that addresses a report from Israeli reporter Almog Boker about a UNRWA employee who allegedly detained a hostage in their house for 50 days and details of any investigation into the report, as well as an explanation of UNRWA's "process for ensuring its facilities are not used to support terrorist activities," among other points.

Boker, a journalist with Israeli Channel 13, last week claimed on social media platform X that he had interviewed a recently released hostage who told him a UNRWA teacher held them hostage. He additionally claimed a Gazan doctor – allegedly a pediatrician – helped hold another hostage captive for Hamas.
No Truce With Terrorists
In the 6 days of the truce with Hamas, the Islamic terror groups targeted Israeli soldiers with two IED attacks and murdered a pregnant woman and a 73-year-old Rabbi in Jerusalem.

And the latest truce, ceasefire or whatever you want to call it is still young.

So far the death toll from the truce includes Liba Dickman, a 24-year old preschool teacher pregnant with her first child, Chanah Ifergan, a 67-year-old principal and Rabbi Elimelech Wasserman, a 73-year-old rabbi. Who knows what more deaths the bloody truce will bring.

3 dead and at least 11 wounded after only 6 days of truce.

That’s what truces, ceasefires and peace agreements with Islamic terrorists amount to.

Wait two years, the way Hamas did before Oct 7, and the ceasefire will kill a thousand people. After 30 years of the Oslo Accord peace deal with the PLO, it’s around three thousand.

The one thing sure to happen after negotiating with terrorists is that the body count will go up. Reaching agreements with Islamic terrorists doesn’t end the violence because they never stop wanting to kill you. All it does is give them the time and space to plan their next attack.

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar (pictured above) used the truce to issue a statement declaring that, “October 7th was just a rehearsal”. Ghazi Hamad, the head of Hamas’ political operation, previously vowed that the Oct 7 attacks “is just the first time, and there will be a second, a third, a fourth” until Israel is destroyed. What is the point of a ceasefire with terrorists who exist to destroy you?

And yet the streets of every major city are filled with Hamas supporters and Marxists howling for a “ceasefire”. Some members of the House and Senate have called for a “permanent ceasefire”. The only way to achieve a “permanent ceasefire” with an Islamic terror group is to destroy it.
How Israeli forces take big risks to avoid harming Gaza civilians
With Israel and Hamas returning to arms Friday after the terror group ended a weeklong pause in the fighting across the Gaza Strip, the Jewish state is again under international pressure to halt its war to eliminate the jihadists who brutally slaughtered more than 1,200 people — including 33 Americans — on Oct. 7.

But how, exactly, can the Israel Defense Forces avoid harming civilians when its enemy hides behind innocents, directing its operations from the most sacred of safe spaces – including hospitals – in violation of the international rules of war?

“[Hamas’] M.O. is deliberately to use the civilian realm for their own human shield protection in the most cynical ways,” IDF Lt. Col. Amnon Shefler told reporters at the Israeli embassy in Washington this week.

“I can show you endless amounts of pictures and videos of how rockets are being manufactured in schools, hosted in schools, shot from schools, mosques and homes. We’ve found rockets and ammunition underneath baby girls’ beds and also in hospitals, sadly,” he added.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby emphasized Hamas’ apparent lack of care for Palestinian civilians Friday, noting that by declining to release further hostages, they stopped humanitarian aid from getting into Gaza.

“The people who suffer the most because of that are the people of Gaza, the Palestinian people,” he said. “So if Hamas truly – as they claim to – do care about Palestinians, they’ll do what they can to come up with a list of hostages that can be exchanged, so that that aid can continue to flow.”

International Criminal Court prosecutor visits Israel at the 'invitation of hostage families'
The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has called on Israel and Hamas to adhere to international law and to allow humanitarian aid to be delivered to the Gaza Strip.

Karim Khan has visited the region, accompanied by former deputy to the State Attorney of Israel, Yuval Sasson, to investigate if war crimes were committed on October 7 by Hamas and the subsequent response by Israeli forces.

"We came at the invitation of the hostage families," Mr Sasson told Sky News Australia.

“So many hostages are still kept under Hamas captivity currently in Gaza and we don’t know what their situation is."

He said they visited the southern district and were able to see firsthand the damage caused by Hamas.

“The smell of death is still there two months after.”

‘War crimes were being defined specifically for the purpose of targeting Israel’ - Natasha Hausdorff
Natasha Hausdorff, Director of UK Lawyers for Israel explains the concerns following the International Criminal Court Prosecutor's first visit to Israel earlier today

‘Engaged in self-defence’: Israel ‘assiduous’ in ensuring they comply with laws of war
Barrister David Knoll says Israel is engaged in self-defence and is “assiduous” in ensuring they comply with the laws of war as 500 lawyers write to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese saying Israel has a “responsibility” to defend itself.

The group of Australia’s leading lawyers are warning Mr Albanese against “incorrectly” interpreting international law to suit a pro-Palestinian narrative.

The letter which was sent to Mr Albanese, Foreign Minister Penny Wong and Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus on Sunday, follows a November 8 letter which called on the Prime Minister to negotiate a ceasefire and halt arms exports to Israel.

“It’s important because what we’re seeing is a lack of clarity through the fog of war,” Mr Knoll told Sky News Australia host Sharri Markson.

“We really do need to understand that Israel is engaged in self-defence and is assiduous in making sure it complies with the laws of war as it conducts its necessary effort to remove Hamas … and their accomplices, all of whom have threatened to repeat the events of 7 October.”

Israel declared war on Jordan by ‘forcefully displacing’ Palestinians, Amman says
A spokesperson for the Jordanian government on Monday accused Israel of declaring war on the Hashemite Kingdom by attempting to “forcefully displace” Palestinians from Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

“Israel’s attempt to forcefully displace the Palestinians constitutes a declaration of war on Jordan,” Muhannad Mubaidin, who also serves as Amman’s minister of government communications, told Egypt’s Al Qahera News channel.

However, terminating Jordan’s 1994 peace treaty with Jerusalem would turn Judea and Samaria into “a large prison,” the spokesperson said.

“The government of Israel is far-right and believes that genocide and killing constitute self-defense,” added Mubaidin.

Jordan and Egypt will not accept any Palestinian refugees from the Gaza Strip, Jordan’s King Abdullah II stressed at a press conference on Oct. 17, declaring it a “red line.”

“There will be no refugees in Jordan and no refugees in Egypt,” Abdullah said following a meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin, according to CNN.

“That is a red line, because I think that is a plan by certain of the usual suspects to try and create de facto issues on the ground,” he added.
UN Official Says It's 'Unacceptable' To Demand Hamas Release Hostages

IDF hits 200 Hamas terror targets as Gaza ground op expands The New Phase of the War Against Hamas
Watch IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari outline the new phase of the war against Hamas.

We are the IDF. Our purpose is to preserve the State of Israel, to protect its independence, and to stop its enemies from disrupting everyday life for Israel's citizens and residents.

‘More than 11,500 rockets launched at Israel since Oct. 7’

Three IDF soldiers wounded by shelling from Lebanon

IDF shells targets in Syria after rocket fire

Israel Says It Uncovered 800 Shafts to Hamas Tunnels Below Gaza

Footage from Gaza hospital sparks speculation senior Hamas target hit

Shin Bet head: ‘We’ll kill Hamas leaders in Qatar, Turkey’

Turkey warns of 'serious consequences' if Israel tries to target Hamas officials abroad

Lahav Harkov: Hostages young and old endured physical and psychological torture
Some lost 20% of their body weight, one even resorting to eating toilet paper because food was so scarce. Others went weeks without vital medication. A child was kept in solitary confinement for 16 days. Terrorists took a three-year-old from her parents and twin sister. With more than 100 hostages now free from Hamas captivity, testimony of the relatives and Israeli doctors who are caring for the women and children released from Gaza paint a vivid picture of the inhumane conditions in which they were held.

“We were brutally kidnapped from our house,” said Danielle Aloni, who was taken hostage by Hamas with her daughter Emilia, 6. “Our girls saw things that kids that age, or any age, should not see.”

After Aloni was released to Israel as part of an exchange of civilian hostages — mostly children, their mothers, and elderly women — for Palestinians held on terrorism-related charges, Hamas-affiliated social media channels sent out a letter purportedly from Aloni in which she said she and her daughter were treated like “queens.” Yet, once safe at home in Israel, Aloni described her experience as “a horror movie.”

“You feel like you want to pinch yourself and wake up from this movie,” Aloni said in a video produced by the Hostages and Missing Families Forum. “I’m speaking now and I’m shaking — I’m sorry. It was terrifying…We just slept, cried. Every day that passed was an endless eternity.”

Malnutrition is a recurring theme in the testimonies of hostages, families and medical staff.

Ditza Heiman, 84, who was in Hamas captivity for over 50 days, said in another video from the forum that “there was little food…and as time went on, the food kept decreasing.”

“As time went by, the damage [from malnutrition] increased, and the body’s ability to survive decreased. It is life-threatening and mentally threatening,” she said.

Doctors who treated hostages reported loss of 8-15 kg (15-33 pounds) by the elderly hostages, accounting for 10-20% of their body weight, and relatives of children who returned from captivity said they lost significant amounts of weight as well.

Some spoke of eating one piece of bread, or less, each day, and occasionally having additional food such as olive oil, beans, tuna or cheese. A Filipino caregiver taken hostage reported being so hungry that he ate toilet paper. He and others said they were given unclean water to drink.

Several hostages sustained injuries, such as Nurit Cooper, 79, whose shoulder was broken while she was kidnapped. Mia Schem, who was forced to record two hostage videos, one in which she praises her captors for treating her well, was shot in her arm and operated on by a veterinarian. After Hamas released Yuval Engel, 11, she was transferred to a Red Cross vehicle in a wheelchair and was treated for a leg injury in an Israeli hospital. Moran Stella Yanai, 40, injured her leg when trying to run away from terrorists on Oct. 7 and was not given medical treatment during her time in captivity; she appeared to be limping in video of her entering an International Red Cross vehicle.

Shadows of children: Israeli youngsters who returned from Hamas' tunnels

Muslim activist shocked by world ignoring Hamas rapes of Israelis

'Life has become a cruel reality show': Nir Oz photographer documents town after Oct. 7

Paul my love and Belle my love
On that infamous Saturday, Belle woke up to a storm of Tzeva Adom red alert sirens. She texted Paul: My love there are many alarms. Paul texted her that he was going down to the safe room, not to worry. Sometimes, instead of entering the safe room he would pray, but this time he did not argue with Tari who persuaded him to enter. At 9:38 Belle texted him that she had a stomach ache, which might be from stress or worry. Paul wrote: Everything is fine my love. I love you. God will not leave us.

Belle sneaked out of the safe room into the kitchen and brought back breakfast for “my eema,” as she calls her employer at Or NaNer. She fed her and took care of her, which helped pass the time. At 11:30 she sent Paul the daily selfie of her growing belly. It always delighted him, but this time he didn’t respond. Belle texted a friend in Be’eri to ask if she had heard anything about Paul. The friend reassured her, explaining there was no phone reception in the safe rooms.

On the morning of October 8, Belle packed a small suitcase “for my eema” and they left Or HaNer for Ramat Aviv. Someone told her they had heard that Paul had been spotted in a hospital. Belle asked which hospital. He didn’t know. And yet she calmed down. Deep in her heart, she knew that Paul was smart and strong and that he was taking care of Tari and Lilach and that everyone was fine. She waited for the chaos to end and the fog to clear for good.

On Tuesday, the Philippine embassy called and offered their condolences. Belle didn’t understand what they were saying. They went on to explain that they had identified Paul by his fingerprints. For an instant she was glad Paul had been recognized. The next moment she realized that being recognized was not a good thing. She froze. There had to be some mistake. It couldn’t be, it’s not like him at all and she is 37 weeks, and he hasn’t seen his son yet. She asked to see him with her own eyes. They suggested she come the next day to identify the body. She heard herself say that tomorrow she has a prenatal care checkup and ask if she should cancel.

The next thing she remembers is standing with a representative from the embassy near a building in Petah Tikva. Someone from the morgue greets them. He takes one look at her face and another at her round belly and refuses to let her in. It will kill you, he whispers to her softly, it’s too dangerous for you and the child. And I don’t know who this man is, Belle can’t remember his name, but whoever he is, he’s a saint because he says he has an idea and asks her to wait a moment. He takes the embassy representative with him and enters the morgue. They return with a photo taken inside – a photo of a tattoo: Her full name, which Paul had tattooed on his chest when he realized she was the love of his life: “Jovelle.” Belle looked at the photo and knew it was Paul, and knew he was dead.

A few days later Tari’s body was identified. And a week after Tari was buried, Lilach was also laid to rest. Two weeks later the contractions started. Belle refused the epidural. Somehow the pain did her good, masking her sorrow, or perhaps giving form to her grief, I don’t know. Either way, the contractions were nothing compared to the agony of grief that clutched her, she told me. But even 24 hours later the birth did not arrive. It was stuck.
The story of Hamas and the hostages is far from over

Hamas gang raped and beheaded women at rave massacre, fresh testimony reveals

Leading UK daily features Hamas's rape of Israelis on front page

Gal Gadot calls out the global silence on Oct. 7 violence against women

How the released Hamas captives help crack the remaining mysteries of Oct. 7

Victorian Police under fire for ‘inadequate response’ to Israeli ambassador's request
Sky News host Sharri Markson has revealed Israeli ambassador Amir Maimon repeatedly requested for Victorian Police Minister Anthony Carbines to send officers to the Crowne Plaza hotel last week.

His request came after someone from the hotel leaked that the Israeli delegation was staying there, which led to friends and families of Israeli hostages being tracked down by pro-Palestinian protesters.

Around 20 protesters stormed the CBD hotel holding banners reading “Stop arming Israel. Free Palestine” and “Zionism is Fascism”.

Mr Maimon spoke to the Victorian minister twice on Wednesday night and requested repeatedly to make sure police officers would be deployed on the spot until the departure of the delegation, but the police failed to do so and said they were still making inquiries.

"Ambassador Maimon expressed great disappointment at the inadequate response of the Victorian Police and the lack of sensitivity to the family members who are grieving their loved ones,” the Israeli Embassy said in a statement.

Hundreds of Jewish women gather for vigil in Melbourne
Hundreds of Jewish women in Melbourne are gathering at a vigil in Elstern Wick, says Sky News host Peta Credlin.

The women will “stand in solidarity” with the Israeli women and children who were “raped, slaughtered and kidnapped” during the October 7 attacks by Hamas.

“They have protested the silence of women’s and human rights organisations… who failed to condemn or even acknowledge the sexual violence perpetrated against Israeli women and Children,” she said.

“This is something we cannot stay silent about.”

Ms Credlin was joined by Shadow Education Minister Sarah Henderson to discuss the vigil.

Israeli doctor: Freed hostages 'went through hell'
Deputy Director, Edmond and Lily Safra Children's hospital at Sheba Medical Center Moshe Ashkenazi speaks on the condition of released hostages.

What Happened at the Barzilai Hospital?
Listen to Dr. Ron Lobel, Director of Emergency and Disaster Management, speak about his firsthand experience witnessing the horrors of the October 7 Massacre at the Barzilai Hospital.

We are the IDF. Our purpose is to preserve the State of Israel, to protect its independence, and to stop its enemies from disrupting everyday life for Israel's citizens and residents.

'He saw headless bodies in the road and heard the terrorists laughing. They were enjoying it. They came only for death': Israeli volunteer gives TV's Rob Rinder chilling account of barbaric scenes following Hamas' depraved October 7 atrocities

Horrific new stories of Hamas attacks in Israel surface, including rape of 'beautiful woman with face of angel' who screamed to be killed

'My psychologist needed a break after 15 mins.' - ZAKA are still recovering body parts from Oct. 7
Nearly 2 months after the October 7th massacre, ZAKA search & rescue volunteers are still trying to locate and collect body parts from Gaza border communities

Ben Danzig pleads for the return of his father and uncle, held captive in Gaza since October 7
Ben Danzig pleads for the return of his father, Alex Danzig and uncle, Itzik Elgarat held captive in Gaza since October 7.


“War Does Bring Civilian Suffering” | Israel Expands Its Operation Across Gaza
The commander of Israel's armoured corps said on Monday that his and other ground forces were close to achieving their war mission in the northern Gaza Strip and were operating elsewhere in the Palestinian enclave against Hamas.

The ground forces, now in the fourth week of a deep manoeuvre within the Strip, the war objective in the northern section has almost been completed

We are beginning to expand the ground manoeuvre to other parts of the strip with one goal: to topple the Hamas terrorist group.

Editor of The Jewish Chronicle, Jake Wallis Simons, says that the IDF has a plan for Gaza civilians to be protected from the war.

“I’m not trying to downplay the fact that there’s great civilian suffering,” he adds.

Call Me Back - with Dan Senor: Hamas’s psychological warfare — with Haviv Rettig Gur
In today’s weekly check-in with Haviv Rettig Gur of The Times of Israel, we discuss the volatility in Israel, as Israelis pivoted from fighting the war to collectively embracing returning hostages during the pause in fighting. And, now, the IDF and Israeli society at large have pivoted back to fighting the war.
The Commentary Magazine Podcast: The Intifada in America
Hosted by Abe Greenwald, Christine Rosen, John Podhoretz & Matthew Continetti
Today’s podcast notes that the end of the fighting “pause” in Israel almost denotes the end of the idea of “ceasefire.” And now the disingenuous efforts to oppose Israel’s self-defense are going by the wayside. This is now leading to outright calls for “intifada” here in the United States—which is the term used over the past 35 years to describe Palestinian efforts to attack Jews for being Jews with any means at hand. And the attacks on American Jews and Jewish public life are only accelerating.

ICC Prosecutor: Oct. 7 Attacks ‘Crimes Shocking Humanity’s Conscience’

‘Human Rights’ Groups Boycott ICC Prosecutor for Meeting with Families of Hamas Massacre Victims Gabor Mate is wrong about Israel twice (Bad arguments and playing the ‘JEWish card’)

Exposing the Real Origin of Jewish Hatred | Andrew Klavan
Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Andrew Klavan about his new book, "The House of Love and Death"; how reading fiction can help you understand the world better; why we are at a major crossroads in our culture; how we learned the wrong lessons from World War II and the Holocaust; the real reason that groups over time have hated the Jews; his Jewish background and his conversion to Christianity; and much more.

'I Spoke the Truth & They Tried to Kill Me' Dalia Ziada & Allies in the Israel/Hamas War | The Quad
This week, the Quad interviews Dalia Ziada, an Egyptian writer and activist who recently has gone into hiding after speaking out in support of Israel. They also take a look at those who have allied themselves with Israel throughout the war and those who have been silent in the face of Hamas atrocities. Finally, the Scumbags and Heroes of the week!

‘Playing with fire’: Aboriginal activists linking their cause with pro-Palestinians
Aboriginal activists have been “playing with fire” by linking their cause with the Palestine one, says Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

He criticised Aboriginal flags being displayed at pro-Palestinian protests.

“You hear prominent campaigners like the Aboriginal Head of ‘Get Up’ saying yes the Aboriginal and Palestinian causes are alike.

“It’s got even more explicitly dangerous with one Aboriginal group – the Black Peoples Union – posting this message from a proscribed Islamist terrorist group … calling for action.

“The message calls on supporters of Palestine to intensify their struggle against Israel’s allies … singling out especially embassies like the American one.”

Mr Bolt was joined by Australian Jewish Association CEO Robert Gregory to discuss the issue.

Sharri Markson blasts Labor MP for presiding over ‘culture of anti-Semitism’ in arts bodies
Sky News host Sharri Markson has blasted Arts Minister Tony Burke for allowing an artist sharing anti-Semitic content online to represent Australia at a prestigious art festival next year.

Artist Archie Moore was announced earlier this year as the solo artist chosen to represent Australia at the Venice Biennale in April next year.

Just two days after the October 7 terror attacks, Mr Moore shared a post that celebrated Hamas for slaughtering Israeli citizens at a dance festival and in their own homes.

It describes the terrorists invading Israel as Palestinians making an escape from Gaza.

Creative Australia, a government agency, is funding Mr Moore to represent Australia at the prestigious art festival.

The agency’s deputy chair, Wesley Enoch, was hand-picked by Mr Burke for the position and previously defended the Sydney Theatre Company actors who staged a protest in Canberra.

Ms Markson accused Creative Australia of supporting an artist guilty of “appalling anti-Semitism” and targeted the Labor MP for presiding over a “culture of anti-Semitism” in government arts bodies.

“What culture is Tony Burke fostering in his government agencies? Why is he presiding over an organisation where his own hand-picked leadership is anti-Israel and senior figures are openly sharing anti-Semitic content?” she said.

“If Tony Burke isn't strong enough to stop this blatant anti-Semitism, and he is clearly not, then he doesn't deserve to be in his position as a federal government minister.”

Israel probing claim traders knew in advance of Oct. 7 attack

Virginia festival cancels Menorah lighting due to Israel-Hamas war

Varadkar, apologize for calling  Emily Hand ‘lost and found’

Attacks on Jews are an attack on the West

Buses to Rally Against Antisemitism Canceled Due to ‘Hatred Towards Jews,’ Organizers Say

The moral bankruptcy of IfNotNow

Virginia Art Festival Cancels Hanukkah Menorah Lighting Unless It Backs ‘Ceasefire’ in Gaza

Pro-Palestinian protesters target Philadelphia falafel shop owned by Jewish celebrity chef Michael Solomonov

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