Tuesday, November 07, 2023

The conflict is not about "occupation" or "apartheid" or "nakba." It has ALWAYS been about Jew-hatred.

Arab and Muslim antisemitism have been around for a while. For example,  James Augustus St. John in "From Egypt and Mohammed Ali Or Travels in the Valley of the Nile" (1834) he explains that the term "Yahoodi" (Jew) was the worst insult a Muslim could muster when attacking an opponent.

And Jews from Morocco to Persia suffered discrimination and daily abuse throughout the Muslim world. 

This, of course, included Palestine, as seen in this 1869 travelogue:

Antisemitism by Arabs in Palestine pre-dated "occupation" and the "nakba" and Zionism itself. 

If you look at Hamas' own reasons for starting the current war, in Arabic they have been quite clear: besides wanting to take hostages for a trade to release their prisoners, they say that the war is to stop the "Judaization of Jerusalem. "

The kidnappings were tied to a hostage swap. But the massacre were entirely because of Jews living and praying in Jerusalem without fear. Hamas wants the Jews to be fearful in Israel, in the hope that they will run away. (There are lots of articles in Arabic media claiming that there is a huge exodus of Jews from Israel.)

Hamas didn't say that this war was a reaction to the "siege." It was not for Palestinians killed in clashes in the West Bank. No, their main justification for murdering 1400 people was Jews visiting the holiest Jewish security. Their very name for the massacre and war is "Al Aqsa Flood."

They are telling you it is about Jews as explicitly as they can. 

Even so, people like Barack Obama pretend this is about "occupation" or "justice" or whatever. They are just projecting their own hate of Israel on Hamas. 

If there was no "occupation," Hamas would have attacked anyway.

Because Hamas hates Jews living in their historic homeland.

This is not exactly a secret. Read Hamas' genocidal charter!  (And no, it was never changed.) 

Or look at this scene from a 2014 Hamas rally, where they burned a stereotypical religious Jew in effigy. 

Anyone who bothers to look can see that Jew-hatred is Hamas' main motivation. And that it is not limited to Hamas, either. 

The infamous Mufti of Jerusalem started pushing the "Al Aqsa is in Danger" lie 99 years ago. At the time, he was trying to stop Jews from praying at the Western Wall - and all Palestinians, not just Hamas, consider Jews praying there to be desecrating it today.

The conflict has always been about hatred of Jews. 

Every few decades, the Arabs come up with new excuses for murdering Jews to tell the gullible West, since they have to pretend not to be antisemitic to their Western partners. In the 1920s-30s it was "Jewish immigration." In the 1940s-50s it was the "refugees."  In the 1960s-90s it was "statelessness."  Since then it was  "occupation."  Since 2009 it was the "Gaza siege."  Since last year it was "apartheid." 

All of those things are excuses to cover up the real reason for attacks on Jews that have been consistent for over a century: age-old hatred of Jews not acting like meek second class citizens under Muslim rule. And as we have seen, Jews have always been despised under Muslim rule, even if they were sometimes tolerated. 

Part of the instant historical revisionism of the past 30 days has been to erase the obvious antisemitism of Hamas massacring every Jew they could find and pretending that they had some sort of valid reason. In a way, this excuse-finding is at least as disgusting as those who deny the murders altogether. At least the deniers are embarrassed at what Hamas did; but the protesters and pundits are justifying it. 

No, history didn't start on October 7. But it isn't "complicated." The entire reason for the conflict is Arab hatred for Jews, and everything else is an elaborate attempt to avoid acknowledging that, probably because Western intellectuals are loathe to label most Arabs as bigots. So the "experts" keep looking for other reasons, the Arabs keep pretending those reasons are valid, and the inconsistencies that prove them wrong  (like Palestinians refusing every plan that would give them a state, or Israel withdrawing from Gaza) just spawn new, ever convoluted theories.

As opposed to the easily debunked excuses the "experts" like to bring, Jew-hatred is the only consistent explanation for how Palestinian Arabs have acted for their entire history. Even the Oslo process fits in perfectly with Arafat's "phased plan" to destroy Israel, something Arafat admitted, and Mahmoud Abbas has not done anything to contradict it.

Hamas Jew-hatred is the only reason we have a war today.

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