Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Palestinians, including Hanan Ashrawi, engage in 7/10 denial

MEMRI has videos of a number of prominent Palestinians and Muslims denying that Hamas attacked civilians on October 7.

"On October 7, Hamas targeted military personnel only. All the [Israeli] civilians who were captured or harmed – it was not done by the Hamas fighters, but rather by the civilian masses who dashed when the border wall collapsed, and were utterly ecstatic about returning to the land of their forefathers. Hamas did not target a single [Israeli] civilian."

And media darling Hanan Ashrawi:

"Even the Europeans swallowed all those lies at the beginning of the incursion, in which they accused the Palestinians of horrible things, without evidence, without substantiation, without any kind of proof, and then it became actual fact. We have to walk back the women being raped, or children being beheaded, or all that nonsense, doctored pictures, and so on. What about the Anglican hospital? Immediately the Israelis said, 'We [Palestinians] bombed ourselves' …[with] the Palestinian rocket. Biden just blindly parrots of the things he hears from the Israelis. And I said this the Israelis have a spin machine. And they are good at it, I must say, because they spend billions on it."

This is the 21st century's Holocaust denial.

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