Sunday, November 12, 2023

PA (not Hamas!) health minister claims Israel throwing patients out of Shifa hospital to "certain death" to be eaten by dogs. No media outlet even questions this.

The Palestinian Authority health minister in Ramallah is apparently jealous at all the attention being given by world media to her Hamas counterpart in Gaza City.

Palestinian Minister of Health Mai Al-Kaila said that the occupation forces are committing atrocities in hospitals in the Gaza Strip, especially Al-Shifa Medical Complex, in light of the ongoing Israeli aggression for the 37th day.

Minister Al-Kaila added, in a press statement on Sunday, that the Israeli occupation army does not evacuate hospitals, but rather throws the wounded and sick into the street to certain death, and “this is not an evacuation but an expulsion at gunpoint.”

She continued: Another danger that threatens the lives of patients and threatens the occurrence of a health catastrophe, which is the inability of medical teams to bury 100 martyrs whose bodies began to decompose in the hospital courtyard, and that stray dogs mauled some of them, according to the testimonies of the medical staff present there...

People on the ground in Gaza aren't even claiming this. It is complete fiction.  

The IDF isn't even in Shifa Hospital. Al-Kaila is literally making things up, because she knows that Al Jazeera and other media will either repeat her outrageous lies as truth without any question - or, in the case of Western media, they will ignore it because publicizing obvious lies from the "moderate"Palestinian Authority means that they look like fools for believing Hamas lies. 

As long as the media swallows or downplays the lies, the world does not know how much lying is a part of the Palestinian culture. This is a government official - of the government that the White House and Western Europe wants to see take over Gaza. 

Mai al-Kaila is  not an anomaly - she is a minister of the government, whose pronouncements during Covid were eagerly followed by the press. 

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