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11/15 Links Pt1: 290,000-strong, ‘March for Israel’; Hamas Shattered a Fantasy; The excruciating dilemma of Gaza's hospitals; It is time for the world to stand up to Hezbollah

From Ian:

Melanie Phillips: The excruciating dilemma of Gaza's hospitals
Both the UK and US appear to be stepping up pressure on Israel over al Shifa. The British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, urged Israel yesterday to “take all measures to protect innocent civilians, including at hospitals ... and allow more aid into Gaza”. At the same time US President Joe Biden said Gaza’s hospitals “must be protected” and that he hoped for “less intrusive action”.

Yet the White House subsequently walked those comments back. John Kirby, the National Security Council co-ordinator for strategic communications, later explained that Biden was not being critical of Israel but was rather discussing the difficulties that the IDF faces while operating in Gazan hospitals which are being used by Hamas as terror headquarters.

Whatever. The fact is that all such pressure on Israel by western governments gives Hamas and its backers every incentive to continue to fight, secure in the knowledge that the longer they hold out the greater the pressure on Israel from so-called allies such as the US, the UK and France to surrender. Every time the US or UK call upon Israel for “restraint” or for “humanitarian pauses” or “ceasefires,” they weaken Israel’s defence against genocidal barbarism and strengthen and incentivise the forces of evil arrayed against the Jewish state that’s fighting to prevent a second Holocaust.

There is no doubt that the laws of war permit Israel to attack the hospital if it is itself being used to mount attacks, provided Israel takes measures to avoid unnecessary loss of civilian life. There is also no doubt, however, that the Hamas-commandeered hospitals present an excruciating moral dilemma.

Israel doesn’t want to harm a single patient, doctor or nurse. At the same time, it cannot allow Hamas to use this infernal blackmail to enable it to continue its genocidal activities. Israel is clearly doing everything it can to avoid harming innocent patients and hospital staff. It is getting zero credit for doing so, and instead is being held to a totally different standard than its critics in the Biden administration, UK government and the rest of the west would ever apply to themselves in any wars.

Thus the scapegoating of the Jewish people, that has such an ancient and infernal history and is the signature motif of these morally degenerate times, steadily obliterates the horror and compassion that so briefly flickered in the west over the barbaric murder, torture, rape and beheadings of Israeli women, children and men, along with some foreign nationals, and leaves Israel once again to swing in the genocidal wind.

Let us hope, desperately, that the IDF is allowed to destroy Hamas at al Shifa, and that no more innocents are harmed.
Hamas Shattered a Fantasy
Should the concern that combating Hamas would lead to mass casualties among civilians stop Israel from fighting the organization? Until Oct. 7, my answer would have been a resolute "Yes." Today, my answer is a no less resolute "No."

Hamas shattered the fantasy I and many others had. We insisted on seeing Hamas as a Palestinian political movement with which Israel could reach understandings and agreements.

When 3,000 terrorists emerged from Gaza and slaughtered the surrounding civilian population, the death of the civilian population was not "collateral damage." It was the clear objective of this operation.

Hamas has positioned itself as an existential enemy of Israel. Its regime in Gaza cannot be allowed to continue to exist.

Israel has no choice but to fight this war until it utterly defeats Hamas in Gaza.
The American Assumption that the PA Are the "Good Guys" Does Not Tally with Reality
Over the last few weeks, alongside the unprecedented level of support and aid that the Americans have granted Israel in the current military campaign against Hamas in Gaza, they have also been sharing their plan for after Hamas has been defeated: the "good guys" from the Palestinian Authority (PA) will take over the reins of government in Gaza too.

This will occur in tandem with a concerted effort to implement the "Two-State Solution" and a far-reaching compromise that Israel will have to make in Judea and Samaria.

But the American theory suffers from a key, basic preliminary fault. Their underlying assumption that Judea and Samaria are home to the "good guys" or that Hamas does not represent the majority of the Palestinians simply does not tally with reality.

More than 1,000 terrorist attacks planned by both Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations have been thwarted by the IDF and the Israel Security Agency throughout Judea and Samaria in recent years, in those very areas where the "good guys" are.

Since the beginning of the war, manifestations of support and identification among the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria with the Oct. 7 massacre and the fighting led by Hamas in Gaza against Israel have been steadily growing.

The support for Hamas continues in those very areas where the Americans seek to establish a Palestinian state, even when rockets launched from Gaza fall on them by mistake. In the Aida refugee camp north of Bethlehem, children, youth, men and women celebrated with fragments and shrapnel from the rockets, dancing in joy and chanting cries of incitement against Israel and calls of support for Hamas.

Itamar Marcus, the founder and director of Palestinian Media Watch, noted that in Judea and Samaria after the massacre, "Initially there was tremendous joy there. The feeling was that Hamas had fulfilled a dream that the PA could only ever have fantasized about. You are repeatedly witness to the use of words such as 'joy,' 'pride' and 'heroic.'"

290,000-strong, ‘March for Israel’ is history’s largest pro-Israel gathering

Herzog broadcasts live from Western Wall to ‘March for Israel’ in DC

Sharansky: ‘We’ll defeat our enemies today’

Deborah Lipstadt ‘This nation gives bigotry no sanction’

‘Let us not forget history,’ Schumer says at DC ‘March for Israel’

Hagee: Israel’s leaders ‘should determine how this war is to be conducted’

Debra Messing: ‘Can’t allow world to move on’ from hostages

Media Covered 100s of Anti-Israel Protesters More Than 290,000 Pro-Israel Protesters

The Commentary Magazine Podcast: The March Overwhelms, Media Fails Explicit
Caution: Today’s podcast has a lot of cursing on it—cursing about the shockingly bad coverage of the extraordinary March for Israel yesterday and the effort by the mainstream media to bury it in an avalanche of “but really policymakers are concerned” coverage that is, frankly, bull—.

'It's my duty to be their voice': Israeli woman who has six family members being held hostage by Hamas says she is in a 'living nightmare' as she joins 300,000 in DC for Pro-Israel march

‘Ceasefire with terror org isn’t a peace agreement,’ Ritchie Torres tells crowd

‘I’ve played big houses but ain’t never played anything like this,’ Tovah Feldshuh says

Bus drivers' 'deliberate' walk-off leaves 900 Jewish activists stranded at airport forcing them to miss massive DC pro-Israel rally: 'I thought it was nuts'

Hundreds of Jews Stranded on Tarmac at Dulles Airport En Route to March for Israel Rally

Seth Frantzman: Hostages at center of Israel’s focus
“Since the beginning of the war, we have been working relentlessly for the release of the hostages, including using increased pressure since the start of the ground incursion,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on November 14, according to a statement from his office. The hostages are a center of attention. Israel’s operations in Gaza continued Tuesday, but appear to have slowed slightly in the last week as the IDF enters densely populated areas. Negotiations over the release of some hostages have been ongoing.

The IDF said on Tuesday, November 14, that one of the hostages, a kidnapped soldier named Noa Marciano, had been killed in Gaza. Hamas released a video of her on November 13 showing her speaking about being abducted and held in Gaza, and then showing her lifeless body. She was killed during her captivity in Gaza, and her body continues to be held by terrorists. Marciano was one of a number of female soldiers who bore the brunt of the Hamas attack on October 7 when Hamas attacked an observation post used by the soldiers. Several were killed, and several were taken hostage. One of the kidnapped soldiers, Private Ori Megidish, was freed by the IDF during the early days of the ground offensive. Israel’s Hebrew media has focused on the story of the observers and their plight since the war began.

Israel’s Yediot newspaper reported in the evening on November 14 that Ronen Bar, the head of the Shin Bet, Israel’s intelligence service, met with his Egyptian counterpart, Abbas Kamel, to discuss a potential hostage deal. He last met with Kamel in August 2022. President Joe Biden also said on Tuesday that a hostage deal would happen.

Rocket fire continued on November 14 from Gaza. After several days where the number of rockets fired from Gaza appeared to decline, and there were few sirens in central Israel, there were two barrages on November 14. The first was in the early afternoon, aimed at Ashkelon, and the second in the evening targeted Tel Aviv. The second occurred as I was driving back from Gaza after visiting an IDF artillery battalion. It was rush hour, and commuters had no place to seek shelter. Many stopped their cars on the highway and crouched down. Although the sound of booms indicated some rockets were intercepted, one fell in Tel Aviv and injured three people.

The IDF pushed into neighborhoods southwest of Gaza City, the IDF said on November 14. The 7th Armored Brigade and Golani Brigade secured areas in the Sheikh Ijlin and Rimal neighborhoods. This included government institutions “that Hamas utilized for military purposes,” the IDF said. The IDF took the local Gaza legislature, a police headquarters, and other areas. The IDF also said they had struck 200 targets in the last day. At Shifa Hospital, one of several hospitals that have become a center of attention in Gaza because of its proximity to the fighting, the IDF offered humanitarian assistance to the director general of the Shifa Hospital, the IDF said. “The IDF initiated a humanitarian effort to coordinate the transfer of incubators from a hospital in Israel to the Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip,” the Israeli army noted in a statement.
While Hamas Planned Its Attack on Israel, Biden’s Intel Community Was Focused On Climate Change

PM slams Trudeau for saying Israel must stop ‘this killing of women, children, babies’

French Government Freezes Assets of Top Hamas Terrorist Commanders

JPost Editorial: It is time for the world to stand up to Hezbollah

Israel strikes Hezbollah assets in Lebanon after 20 rockets fired

'Ready, aim, fire': This is how the IDF targets Hamas terrorists in Gaza

Gantz: We will kill Hamas leaders ‘in Gaza and around the world’

Israel Says Weapons Found in Al Shifa Hospital

'They want pictures of suffering': Hamas accused of refusing aid for 'propaganda'
Senior Advisor to Benjamin Netanyahu, Mark Regev, has slammed Hamas for refusing Israel’s offers of either medical aid or evacuation for hospital patients while also accusing them of wanting “pictures of suffering”.

He told Sky News Australia Hamas has "prevented any humanitarian solution” after Israel presented petrol and incubators to the Al-Shifa Hospital.

Mr Regev also claimed Israel offered to evacuate all patients from the hospitals.

“From their point of view, I think they want pictures of suffering – they think that helps their propaganda,” he said.

“We have come with proposals once again to help the situation to help people either leave, evacuate the site or to bring in the power they need for the fuel and in both cases, Hamas has closed the door.”

Fox News: Mark Dubowitz on rising tensions in the Israel-Hamas war
Mark Dubowitz joins Fox News to break down rising tensions in the Israel-Hamas war by mapping out the tactical, logistical and geopolitical details.

Fox News: Mark Dubowitz on Biden's policies towards Qatar
Mark Dubowitz joins Fox News to break down Biden's policies towards Qatar, a country that harbors Hamas terror leaders.

IDF unveils Hamas ‘pit’ under headquarters

White House Says Intel Shows Hamas Uses Hospital as Military Base

The Israel Guys: BREAKING: Israel Discovers Hamas Tunnel INSIDE Gaza Hospital
Do you ever wonder why no one calls out Hamas for committing war crimes and violating international law? In reality, that is exactly what they are doing, and in today’s show, we bring you the evidence, on camera, up close, and personal….

The IDF just released a groundbreaking video showing a newly discovered Hamas tunnel inside Gaza. Not only did one of the top Hamas commanders from the October 7th massacre live next to the Rantisi hospital in Gaza, but a 60 foot deep tunnel was also discovered next to the hospital. Where did the tunnel lead? You guessed it….into the hospital’s basement.

You’ll be even more shocked to find out what was in that basement. Weapons, munitions, RPG launchers, grenades, and…..a large amount of evidence that Hamas held civilian hostages there.

BBC apologizes for claim Israel targeted medical staff, Arabic speakers in Gaza

Families of Hamas captives continue march to Jerusalem

Qatar floats deal to trade 50 hostages for a three-day truce

‘They Are Monsters’: Ayelet Shaked Vows To Eliminate Hamas After Visiting Site Of Terrorist Attack

Ben Shapiro: Inside Hamas’ Hospitals From Hell
Israel confirms that Hamas uses hospitals to shield its terrorists as the media continue to push Hamas’ agenda; the Biden administration signals to its pro-Hamas radicals; and Republicans have a new speaker and he's doing the same thing as the old speaker.

'Medieval barbarism': Piers Morgan says Hamas doesn't want peace
Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan says Hamas doesn't want peace amid the recent "medieval barbarism" undertaken by the terrorist organisation.

Mr Morgan discussed the recent events seen in the unfolding war between Israel and Hamas.

"You don't negotiate with Hamas, they're done," Mr Morgan said.

"They're a terror group who have a stated mission to eradicate Israel – kill all the Jews they can kill.

"And they've just perpetrated an atrocity of such scale and just medieval barbarism that they're done as a political force.

"There is no negotiation with Hamas."

United Nations official clashes with Sky News host over Israel’s intentions in Middle East conflict
United Nation's special rapporteur for Palestine Francesca Albanese has engaged in a fiery clash with Sky News host Peter Stefanovic after claiming Israel’s intentions were not to destroy Hamas but to “wipe out Gaza”.

“The statements that have been made by Israeli political and military leaders, and supported by significant groups in the society, are not to eradicate or destroy Hamas' military capacity,” Ms Albanese told Mr Stefanovic.

“The military, one military leader says our goal is for destruction, not accuracy.”

Sky News host Peter Stefanovic responded by stating Israel’s leadership wanted the “destruction of Hamas” and never claimed for the destruction of Gaza.

“That’s not what they’re saying, the leadership is not saying that,” Mr Stefanovic said.

‘Appalling failure’: Andrew Bolt calls for Penny Wong to apologise to Australian Jews
Sky News host Andrew Bolt has blasted Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Foreign Minister Penny Wong for doing “pathetically little” to defend Australia’s Jewish population.

Senator Wong called on Israel to stop the “attacking of hospitals” and voiced concern about the safety of civilians on Sunday.

Mr Bolt criticised the Foreign Minister for effectively accusing Israel of war crimes while it fights the Hamas terrorist group.

“Foreign Minister Penny Wong has just been humiliated by evidence from a hospital in Gaza and maybe she should now apologise to Israel and to Australia’s Jews,” he said.

“I need to show you this because it helps expose this appalling failure of leadership from this Albanese government as Jews in this country fear a new Jew-hatred.”

‘Nothing new’: Mainstream coverage of Gaza is ‘filtered through Hamas’
Filmmaker Ami Horowitz says whatever the mainstream media gets out of Gaza is “filtered through Hamas”.

“They understand … whatever you’re getting from Gaza essentially is filtered through Hamas,” Mr Horowitz told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“This has been going on for years. This is nothing new.

“So, of course, the mainstream media here wants to ignore it as much as they possibly can, play it down.”

Mr Horowitz sat down with Mr Bolt to discuss the media coverage of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Hamas has been an ‘obstacle to peace’ since its creation
Australia’s former ambassador to Israel Dave Sharma says Hamas has been an “obstacle to peace” since it was created.

Mr Sharma listed some examples of Hamas blocking chances of peace.

“That all came to a grinding halt when Hamas kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teenagers and started a war against Israel,” he told Sky News host Sharri Markson.

“I think you’re seeing a pattern here – Hamas just started this conflict almost certainly to disrupt an Israeli-Saudi peace effort that was underway.

“The quicker that Hamas can be defeated militarily and removed from political power, the quicker we can have the Palestinians governed by an entity that at least recognises Israel’s right exist.”

Example of Labor's 'lack of leadership' when 'Jew-hatred is just going insane'
Sky News host Andrew Bolt says there’s one more example of the Albanese government’s lack of leadership when “Jew-hatred is just going insane”.

Mr Bolt fact-checked Australia Palestine Advocacy Network President Nasser Mashni’s claim that his father was “ethnically cleansed by Jewish terror gangs” in the late 40s.

“All this might help to explain why Mashni on Monday would not condemn Hamas or demand that Hamas release the 239 Jews it had kidnapped,” he said.

“It might help to explain why he’s led chants at an anti-Israel protest in Melbourne – ‘from the river to the sea’, which is generally understood as a call for the destruction of all Israel.

“Labor’s got to stop playing footsies with a man who has praised terrorists, called for Israel’s destruction and can’t even bring himself to condemn Hamas on the ABC.”

'Heartening to see': Tens of thousands march in Washington DC in support of Israel
Tens of thousands of Israel supporters marched on Washington's National Mall in protest to rising anti-Semitism and the Hamas attacks.

The Rubin Report host Dave Rubin shared his thoughts on the peaceful protest in Washington DC on Wednesday.

“It was very heartening to see,” he told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“For the last couple of weeks since October 7th we’ve seen a lot of rallies in support of, I would say, Hamas and not in support of the Palestine people.

“They actually are in support of Hamas in the rallies they were calling for chants like ‘river to the sea’ and as you had unfortunately in Australia ‘gas the Jews’ and we’ve seen this all across London and a bunch of other places.

“So, it was nice to see a rally today that was completely peaceful, where there were American flags, there were talks about shared values, there were talks about returning hostages and actually how one day perhaps there could be peace, there were no calls for violence or anything else like that."

‘Totally reckless and irresponsible’: Vic Premier blasted for handling of pro-Palestine protest
Shadow Education Minister Sarah Henderson has blasted Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan for her handling of pro-Palestine protests in the state.

Ms Henderson’s comments come as school students plan to protest for Palestine, demanding a ceasefire and skipping school.

“I think the Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan is being totally reckless and irresponsible in supporting students attending this terrible protest,” she told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“She is putting them at risk of being harmed – she cannot guarantee there won’t be violence at this protest.

“Absolutely appalling behaviour by Jacinta Allan.”

Confronting sight greets government MPs as Gaza protestors lay fake dead babies covered in blood outside their offices

Labor MP's office defaced by pro-Palestinian activists for 'supporting Israel'
Victorian Labor MP Kat Theophanous has had her office “defaced” by pro-Palestinian activists, says Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

Mr Bolt said it was because she “supports Israel”.

“Have these Palestinian supporters asked themselves why so many of their protests are aggressive and even violent?”

“Victorian Police have had to rush 60 more officers to patrol Melbourne’s Jewish areas.

“You don’t hear about this level of harassment from pro-Israel supporters.”

NSW and Vic police associations call on govt to pay for policing of pro-Palestinian protests
Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell reveals the NSW and Victorian police associations have called for the federal government to pay for the cost of policing pro-Palestinian protests.

The NSW Police Association submission to Federal Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus and NSW Premier Chris Minns reads: “All police operations for mass gatherings or providing increased security for communities in relation to the risks arising from the situation in Israel and Gaza should be staffed by police on user charges shifts or cancelled rest days.

“The Federal Government [should] fund those additional shifts, using an agreed process to grant funds to all State and territory police forces equitably and according to their required involvement in such operations.

“There are precedents for this model of staffing these kinds of police operations: Policing operations for the COVID-19 response. In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, a similar approach was used for police patrols of key infrastructure. Operation SETA in relation to the Cronulla riots also utilised this approach to staffing police operations.

“These operations are crucial to prevent violence and vilification and maintain cohesion in our multicultural community. The Federal Government can play an important role in ensuring our police have the resources they need to provide the high standard of service and protection they have delivered through so many challenges.”

NSW Police Association President Kevin Morton claimed 3,100 operational shifts have been dragged out from commands to man these protests.

“Now they’ve [police have] done a very good job – our police officers – because we’ve had very few incidents at those protests but these are operational shifts that the command can’t have so we’re looking for federal funding similar to what was done during APEC and the [COVID] border closures for a user pays type system to have those officers man those protests,” he told Sky News Australia

‘Failure of leadership’: Jacinta Allan defends pro-Palestine school protest
Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan has defended a planned pro-Palestine school strike.

Sky News host Sharri Markson says the event will expose the “aggressive and anti-Semitic” nature of pro-Palestine protests to young generations.

“Honestly, defending kids going out of school to protest against Israel, it’s disgusting,” Ms Markson said.

The protest is planned for next Thursday, and the Premier said it’s a fundamental principle of Australia's democracy that must and should not change.

“This is an absolute failure of leadership,” Ms Markson said.

Student protest for Palestine ‘another recruitment drive’ from the Greens
Sky News host Peta Credlin says the upcoming Melbourne student protest for Palestine looks like “another recruitment drive” from the Greens.

Ms Credlin’s comments come as school students in Melbourne demand a ceasefire in Gaza, planning to skip school in support of Palestine.

“Most couldn’t even find Israel on a map,” she said.

“The only thing they’re going to learn at these protests is how to be anti-Semitic.”

Ms Credlin was joined by Institute of Public Affairs' John Roskam and Menzies Research Centre's Nick Cater to discuss the protest and more.

Australian laws against anti-Semitism not being enforced ‘sufficiently’: James Paterson
Shadow Home Affairs and Cyber Security Minister James Paterson feels Australian laws against discrimination have not been enforced “sufficiently” in the wake of the Israel-Hamas war.

The Senator told Sky News Australia how the case of a Western Sydney business allegedly denying a Jewish school a jumping castle serves as an example.

“I think it’s a very clear case of anti-Semitism, I mean what kind of person that runs a business that rents out jumping castles and decides that it doesn’t want to rent them to Jewish children, simply because they are Jewish, I mean that is absolutely abhorrent and disgusting behaviour.”

“There are laws against this though, anti-discrimination legislation does prevent this kind of discrimination based on race and religion.

“Frankly during these conflicts so far, I don’t think the laws we already have on the books have been enforced sufficiently.”

According to the Daily Telegraph, Masada College on Sydney's north shore had requested a quote for a jumping castle from 'Western Sydney Jump'.

The business owner reacted to the request on Instagram where he wrote, “There’s no way I’m taking a Zionist booking.”

Australia ‘teetering on the brink of civil unrest’ amid the rise of ‘race-hate’
Sky News host Peta Credlin says Opposition leader Peter Dutton was right to call for an urgent national cabinet meeting to deal with the “race-hate” that’s now “teetering on the brink of civil unrest”.

She said during Question Time on Wednesday, Mr Dutton took Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to task over his “lack of spine” on anti-Semitism and Labor’s “catastrophic failure” to protect Australians following the High Court’s ruling on detainees.

Ms Credlin also said there is a “shocking double standard” now in evidence.

“Not just from the pro-Hamas, anti-Israel protesters trying to intimidate Australian Jews near a Melbourne synagogue last week or by gunning their motorbikes en masse through a largely Jewish part of Sydney,” she said.

“But also, the clear double standards from the government ministers who imply moral equivalence by calling out a next-to-non-existent Islamophobia whenever they can’t avoid calling out the anti-Semitism so obviously on display.”

This Checkered Terrorist Durag Is Literally Exploding on the Fashion Scene. Is It More Than Just an Inti-FAD-a?

Massachusetts town bows down to anti-Israel mob as it hoists Palestinian flag over public park after 'heated' debate - where activists were booted out after chanting anti-Semitic slogans

Wall Street banker is fired after screaming 'go back to your country' at Jewish American while he and his wife covered up posters pleading for the return of Israeli hostages

Pro-Hamas activist says Hamas is 'legitimate, popular, & elected democratically by the Palestinians'
Last night on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed a recent video in which Rebel News interviewed a pro- Hamas activist named Firas Al Nijim at Celebration Square on Remembrance Day.

Despicable! Pro-Hamas demonstrator disrupts Toronto’s Remembrance Day ceremony
At the Toronto Remembrance Day event at Old City Hall, a woman rudely interrupted the ceremony by shouting, "Free Palestine."

Revealed: Pro-Palestinian protester waving swastika placard on Armistice Day march is ex Labour activist who once accused the party leadership of acting like the Third Reich

Find them: Police launch hunt for 11 men who 'wore Hamas-style headscarves, waved pro-terror signs and racially incited crowds' during massive Palestine marches through London

How London bus passenger hurled vile anti-Semitic abuse in sickening Armistice Day incident after married couple were overheard discussing McDonald's chips - before have-a-go heroes bravely intervened

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