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11/08 Links Pt2: Hamas Defenders Wield Words as Weapons; Make Qatar choose; Hamas uses ambulances to transfer weapons and terrorists; End DEI

From Ian:

Hamas Defenders Wield Words as Weapons
From the streets of American and European cities, television studios, newspaper columns and legislatures, we are being bombarded with rhetoric that seeks to persuade us not to believe what we see, to convince us that right is wrong, justice is tyranny, terrorism is heroism. All kinds of cunning efforts have been used to get us to see that the country whose citizens were wantonly slaughtered on Oct. 7 by an enemy that has sworn to wipe it from the planet is in fact the wicked oppressor.

"Cease-fire" sounds straightforwardly decent. But we know it would mean victory for Hamas. It would mean that the terrorist group should be allowed to continue to run a statelet only a few weeks after it has made good on its commitment to attack its neighbor and done so with complete disregard for international law or common decency.

There is something especially malignant about the term "genocide" to describe Israel's operation in Gaza - and those propagating it know that full well. They use it deliberately to equate what happened to the Jews at the hands of the Nazis with a military action today that is justified in self-defense. If you can suggest that what Israel is doing in Gaza is equivalent to what happened in the gas chambers, then you are explicitly reducing the Holocaust to the level of a regrettable byproduct of a legitimate military campaign.

"Decolonization." The idea that Israel is a colonist settlement on Arab soil is such ahistorical nonsense that we can understand why it could be tolerated only on the campuses of our most prestigious universities.
Clifford D. May: Make Qatar choose
The war launched by Hamas has put the lives of Gazans in jeopardy. Israelis have dropped more than a million pamphlets and made more than 6 million phone calls advising Gazans uninterested in killing or dying to head south, away from Hama' "center of gravity" in the northern section of the coastal enclave.

Hamas prefers they stay and die. We are "proud to sacrifice martyrs," Mr. Hamad told the Lebanese TV interviewer. The use of human shields is a serious crime under international law (a Western concept). The Biden administration, which has steadfastly supported Israel's right to self-defense, has begun pressing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to declare temporary ceasefires. Mr. Netanyahu has said there will be no cessation of military operations "that does not include the release of our hostages."

Among the hostages surviving (we hope) in Hamas' tunnels are infants and toddlers. And how exactly would a "humanitarian pause" work? Would Israeli troops in Gaza do crossword puzzles while keeping an eye out for terrorists popping out of holes to shoot them?

To further assist Gazan non-combatants' exodus from the north, Israeli forces last Saturday opened a humanitarian corridor. Hamas attacked the Israelis with mortars and anti-tank missiles and shot Gazans attempting to utilize the corridor. They then, of course, blamed the carnage on the Israelis.

The more Gazan ground Israelis manage to clear, the more safe spaces there will be for noncombatants, and the more aid that can be supplied. Already, about 100 truckloads are arriving daily. Meanwhile, more than 200,000 Israelis have been displaced from communities near the Gaza and Lebanon borders – the biggest internal displacement in Israel's history.

Northern Israel has been under sporadic attack from Lebanese Hezbollah, Tehran's foreign legion. For now, at least, Hezbollah appears reluctant to open a full-fledged second front. I have a modest suggestion. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh lives, quite comfortably, in Qatar. American officials should ask Qatar's leaders to choose: Are you with us or against us?

If they are with us, they need to give Mr. Haniyah, an ultimatum: You have one week to get the hostages back from your Hamas friends.

Should that not happen, the US would revoke Qatar's status as a "major non-NATO ally" and designate Qatar as a state sponsor of terrorism. For Mr. Haniyeh, too, there must be consequences. Of course, Hamas' surrender would save more lives more quickly. But I'm reminded of an old aphorism: "If you teach a cannibal to eat with a knife and fork, that's progress."

And Western civ could use a little progress right now.
Bari Weiss: End DEI
We have been seeing for several years now the damage this ideology has done: DEI, and its cadres of enforcers, undermine the central missions of the institutions that adopt it. But nothing has made the dangers of DEI more clear than what’s happening these days on our college campuses—the places where our future leaders are nurtured.

It is there that professors are compelled to pledge fidelity to DEI in order to get hired, promoted, or tenured. (For more on this, please read John Sailer’s Free Press piece: "How DEI Is Supplanting Truth as the Mission of American Universities.”) And it is there that the hideousness of this worldview has been on full display over the past few weeks: We see students and professors, immersed not in facts, knowledge, and history, but in a dehumanizing ideology that has led them to celebrate or justify terrorism.

Jews, who understand that being made in the image of God bestows inviolate sanctity on every human life, must not stand by as that principle, so central to the promise of this country and its hard won freedoms, is erased.

For Jews, there are obvious and glaring dangers in a worldview that measures fairness by equality of outcome rather than opportunity.

What we must do is reverse this.

The answer is not for the Jewish community to plead its cause before the intersectional coalition, or beg for a higher ranking in the new ladder of victimhood. That is a losing strategy—not just for Jewish dignity, but for the values we hold as Jews and as Americans.

The Jewish commitment to justice—and the American Jewish community’s powerful and historic opposition to racism—is a source of tremendous pride. That should never waver. Nor should our commitment to stand by our friends, especially when they need our support as we now need theirs.

But “DEI” is not about the words it uses as camouflage. DEI is about arrogating power.

And the movement that is gathering all this power does not like America or liberalism. It does not believe that America is a good country—at least no better than China or Iran. It calls itself progressive, but it does not believe in progress; it is explicitly anti-growth. It claims to promote “equity,” but its answer to the challenge of teaching math or reading to disadvantaged children is to eliminate math and reading tests. It demonizes hard work, merit, family, and the dignity of the individual.

An ideology that pathologizes these fundamental human virtues is one that seeks to undermine what makes America exceptional.

It is time to end DEI for good. No more standing by as people are encouraged to segregate themselves. No more forced declarations that you will prioritize identity over excellence. No more compelled speech. No more going along with little lies for the sake of being polite.

The Jewish people have outlived every single regime and ideology that has sought our elimination. We will persist, one way or another. But DEI is undermining America, and that for which it stands—including the principles that have made it a place of unparalleled opportunity, safety, and freedom for so many. Fighting it is the least we owe this country.
Aviva Klompas: Things We Would Like to See Palestine Free From
We want to see Palestinians free from their other Arab "allies" as well. Allies like Egypt who have barely opened their border with Gaza for aid, let alone commerce. Allies like Saudi Arabia and Jordan have no interest in taking in Palestinian refugees and close their borders to them. Allies like Turkey and Qatar who empower Hamas' reign of terror in Gaza by harboring their leaders. With allies like these, who needs enemies?

We want to see Palestinians free from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, the most dysfunctional relief organization in the world. A slouching, bloated bureaucracy, UNRWA's senior leadership has been mired in scandal for years, including charges of nepotism, corruption, and sexual misconduct. They have a billion-dollar budget and yet Palestinians remain trapped in an endless cycle of destitution. UNRWA does not work, and it does not serve the Palestinian people.

Finally, we'd like to see Palestinians free from Western academic orthodoxy, the adherents of which naively chant, "from the river to the sea," but who have no meaningful understanding of the history, politics or culture of the middle east. Their virtue signaling is an act of violence because it legitimates those who wield authoritarian violence over Gaza. Their patronizing ideology requires Palestinians to remain forever impoverished, forever victims without agency — rather than a people with a future.

We are unapologetically Zionist, believing that the state of Israel embodies the promise of a homeland free from persecution for the Jewish people. We also want to see Palestinians prosper as a people. This requires Palestinian leadership that is willing to compromise and recognize a Palestinian state alongside a Jewish state. Arab intransigence is not a starting point. Neither is Palestinian terrorism.

And that means ensuring that a future state of Palestine is free of Hamas, free from the corruption of Fatah, from the dysfunction of UNRWA, from the cynical exploitation of so-called allies, and from the idiocy of academia.

From there, we can do more than hope and pray for peace: we can realize it. From the river to the sea.
From the River to the Sea? Arab Citizens of Israel Say, No Thanks to ‘Liberation’
Palestinians and their allies have justified and even celebrated Hamas’s Oct. 7 massacre in Israel as a blow against Jewish oppression. But the 2 million Arab citizens of Israel have overwhelmingly responded by drawing closer to the Jewish state.

Among Arab Israelis, prominent media personalities have helped lead an unprecedented surge in support for their country and opposition to their self-proclaimed liberator Hamas. Pro-Israel arguments that were previously almost unspeakable in the Arab mainstream have in recent weeks gotten a respectful hearing.

Yoseph Haddad, a 38-year-old Christian Arab influencer, has skyrocketed to fame in Israel with his outspoken advocacy for the country in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. Haddad told CNN on Oct. 22 that Hamas’s attack was a wakeup call for the Arabs who constitute about 20 percent of Israel’s population.

"We literally felt that Hamas could have conquered the south and then the center and also the north of Israel, where the majority of Arab Israelis are staying, and we had a very bad feeling about it," said Haddad, who has more than 1.5 million followers across social media. "Immediately my friends and colleagues here said, ‘That’s the last thing that we want. We don’t want to live under a terrorist organization. We want to live in a democracy, and that’s what the state of Israel is.’"

In this way, at least, Hamas’ barbarity on Oct. 7—killing and abducting hundreds of civilians, including dozens of Arab Israelis—has strengthened Israel and weakened those who accuse the country of apartheid or genocide.

"It’s astonishing that around the world, some prominent Jews have condemned Israel for its self-defensive reaction to terrorism," Nimrod Nir, a social scientist and pollster at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, told the Washington Free Beacon. "But here in Israel, the vast majority of Arab citizens legitimize the country’s response."

Haddad noted that a number of Bedouin Israelis heroically saved Jews on Oct. 7. He said many Arabs agree with his advocacy for social integration but have been silenced by the types of extremists who constantly threaten him and his family. However, the "silent voice" of Arab society has grown louder since Hamas’s attack, he said.

Lucy Aharish, 42, Israel’s first Arab mainstream news anchor, endorsed the country’s war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip in an Oct. 13 "message to the world."

"Our beloved country is under attack … [from] a brutal, barbaric, inhumane terror organization," Aharish said in English from her seat on Reshet 13 news. "Don’t be mistaken. We experience difficulties, disagreements, and major disputes, like any other country on this globe. But it does not mean that we will not protect ourselves and our children, our homeland."

"As a Muslim, this is not Islam—what Hamas is doing in the name of religion—this is not being a Muslim," she told CNN days later. "This is being a monster."

Liel Leibovitz: Sorry, Obama: 'We' Aren't Complicit. It's You Who Has Blood on Your Hands
In 1953, the Swiss novelist Max Frisch published a play called The Arsonists. It's a pitch dark comedy about a small town ravaged by a group of maniacs disguised as traveling salesmen, who sweet-talk their way into people's homes and then set them on fire. Its protagonist is a dolt called Biedermann—bieder being German for honest, respectable, and upright. He's aware of the danger, and yet, when the arsonists knock, he lets them in. The tragedy, Frisch argues, is that he almost has no other choice: The arsonists are such smooth talkers that it's easy, when listening to them, to ignore the large drums of kerosene and the matches they're holding in their hands.

I thought of The Arsonists this week when I heard snippets of a podcast interview featuring former president Barack Obama on the Middle East. "Nobody's hands are clean," Obama said. "All of us are complicit."

Nah, man. Not all of us are complicit. It's just you.

It's you, because you're the one who gave that stentorian speech about red lines in Syria and then sat by and did nothing as those red lines were crossed and Assad continued to slaughter his own people, allowing the Iranians and the Russians to creep in and fill the vacuum left by your devastating lack of leadership.

It's you, because you're the one who came up with the idea of empowering Iran, the world's premiere exporter of terrorism, Holocaust denial, and chaos, all the while telling the American people you were merely trying to stop Teheran from getting a nuclear bomb. Billions of dollars and thousands of dead later, we can all see how well this idea—which you, with the eloquence only a professor could muster, called "regional integration"—is working.

It's you, because you're the one who delivered a parting gift to the region, ending your final term as president by reversing four decades of American bipartisan support of Israel and abstaining from a U.N. vote condemning Israeli settlements, while funneling $400 million in annual payments to the despotic Palestinian Authority, which then promptly used this money to fund its pay-for-slay program, doling out large cash payments to any Palestinian who murdered Jews.

So, please, Mr. President: Spare us your opinions.
EXCLUSIVE: ZOA Slams ‘Monstrous’ Obama for Legitimizing ‘Unspeakable Hamas Horrors’

'HE EMPOWERED IRAN': Obama's hands are the 'dirtiest' of them all, says McFarland

Melanie Phillips: Melanie Phillips: What the Media isn’t Telling You About Israel’s War on Hamas
Below are the video and transcript of a speech given by Melanie Phillips at the Freedom Center’s 2023 Restoration Weekend – held Oct. 26-29 at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans.

Good morning, everybody. Until Sunday, I was in Jerusalem. And I intend to return there on Thursday if Iran’s missiles will permit El Al to continue running its flights. Although I spend a great deal of time in London, my home is now in Jerusalem. So let me start by giving you a little snapshot of what it’s been like in Jerusalem in the last three weeks when the air raid siren goes.

We have 90 seconds to get into a shelter. And for me, that’s a choice. I have this dialog in my head the whole time. Is it safer for me to go down to the underground car parking lot where there are two shelters equipped with lavatories for a long stay? Or is it safer for me to stay in my stairwell? Because it will take me quite a long time to get to the shelter. And I have concluded that I am safer in the stairwell. I’m looking at the guidance that the Israeli government authorities offer to all of us. Make sure you have in your house or in your shelter enough water for at least three days per person. Make sure you have enough dried goods have with you a battery operated radio. Make sure you have with you a flashlight. Be prepared for a very long stay in the shelter. So I stay in my stairwell and I wonder whether I’m ever going to see my cupboard with my dried goods and my water. In the street, I meet people.

A friend who has five sons underground. Five sons and a son in law on the front lines somewhere. He has no idea where, in the south or in the north. I meet another friend, an elderly man who says in tears: thank goodness, one of my grandchildren, one of my grandsons, was wounded and he’s now home. But the other grandson is on the front line. I don’t know where. Another friend says to me as she burst into tears in the street. She says that her granddaughter was about to be married on the Tuesday after the terrible attack on Simha Torah and the wedding was postponed. The boyfriend, the husband to be, as soon as the sirens went off on that terrible day, he rushed down south. He knew that friends of his were in one of the kibbutzim on that border. He got his gun. He rushed down south and he met there at the kibbutz, a scene of indescribable carnage. And he also met Hamas terrorists roaming around, still murdering people. He killed a very large number of terrorists that day, until he himself was himself was wounded and apparently he collapsed. He was simply exhausted and he was shot. He collapsed into a ditch somewhere and the IDF eventually found him. They thought he was a terrorist and they prepared to shoot him. And then someone said he’s wearing Tzitzit and he was not shot. He was rescued and put into immediate counseling, Immediate counseling because of the trauma of what he had seen.

Hamas operative boasts he ‘can leave with any ambulance,’ in call overheard by IDF
The Israel Defense Forces and Shin Bet security service on Wednesday released further evidence of the Hamas’s use of ambulances to carry out its operations, including footage from an intercepted phone call and the interrogations of terrorists who participated in the October 7 massacre.

In the call intercepted and released by the military, an apparent operative in the terror group can be heard speaking to a Gazan man, saying he “can leave with any ambulance” he wants.

The Gazan man offers to send him an ambulance if he wants one, to which the Hamas operative assures him that “there are ambulances that go and come back. I can go with any ambulance.”

The context of the call was not clear.

The Shin Bet also released excerpts from the interrogation of several Hamas members who took part in the October 7 onslaught and were captured, describing the group’s exploitation of medical and civilian infrastructure.

“Al-Qassam has its own ambulances, some of which are located on the military base. The appearance of the ambulances is similar to the civilian ambulances so that they will not arouse suspicion or be bombed by Israel,” said one Hamas terrorist.

Another Hamas terrorist said that “during combat, the ambulances are used, among other things, to evacuate fighters, commanders and operatives. They also transport food, cargo and weapons in them because that is the safest way to transport them.”

One terrorist said the use of ambulances was useful to transport “important people” such as commanders because “the Jews don’t attack ambulances.”

A captured terrorist also recalled that during their training course for driving an ambulance, a Hamas commander asked them if they would drive to a combat zone at the behest of the terror group.

“Most of the guys answered ‘no.’ To endanger an ambulance and endanger myself? For sure not, I wouldn’t go. His answer was: ‘No, you have to go,'” the captured terrorist said, adding that the ambulance must be used to help carry those with weapons or those who have kidnapped a soldier from Israel.

He said the use of an ambulance was to avoid “suspicion … so they don’t blow up, bomb.”

Hamas reveals: terrorists use of hospitals and ambulances to benefit military activity
Shin Bet investigation reveals how senior Hamas terrorists are hiding inside Gaza's hospitals and use ambulances as part of military strategy

Bret Stephens: For America’s Jews, Every Day Must Be Oct. 8
Oct. 8 wasn't just the day after the single greatest atrocity against Jews since the Holocaust, an atrocity whose details were impossible to miss because the perpetrators made sure to film them.

It was the day when that atrocity was celebrated. Not just in places like Tehran, but also on the streets of Manhattan and on too many college campuses.

On Oct. 8, Jews woke up to discover who our friends are not.

Knowing who our friends aren't isn't pleasant, particularly after so many Jews have sought to be personal friends and political allies to people and movements that, as we grieved, turned their backs on us.

But it's also clarifying. More than 3,800 years of Jewish history keeps yielding the same bracing lesson: In the long run, we're alone.

What can Oct. 8 Jews do? We can stop being embarrassed, equivocal or defensive about Zionism, which is, after all, one of the world's most successful movements of national liberation.

We can call out anti-Zionism for what it is: a rebranded version of antisemitism, based on the same set of libels and conspiracy theories.
Call Me Back PodCast: American Jews on the Left, post-October 7th
Today we release the new book by Saul Singer and me: “The Genius of Israel: The Surprising Resilience of a Divided Nation in a Turbulent World”, which you can order now at:

Today’s guest is Ruby Namdar, who was born and raised in Jerusalem to a family of Iranian-Jewish heritage. His first book, “Haviv” (2000), won the Israeli Ministry of Culture’s Award for Best First Publication. His novel “The Ruined House”, has won the Sapir Prize, Israel’s most prestigious literary award. He currently lives in New York City with his wife, he has two daughters, and teaches Jewish literature, focusing on Biblical and Talmudic narrative.

Items discussed in this episode: Our piece in The Free Press, “Israel’s Blueprint for a Revival of the West”:

Ruby Namdar’s piece in The Atlantic, “For Israel, Another New Layer of Trauma”:

Ruby Namdar’s book, The Ruined House:

Bret Stephens’s column in The New York Times, “For America’s Jews, Every Day Must Be Oct 8:
Richard Landes: An open letter to Gershon Baskin and the Israeli peace camp
Gershon Baskin is a long-time Israeli peace activist. He did admirable work during the failed Oslo peace process in the 1990s, hoping to forge coexistence between Israel and the Palestinians. After Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat refused peace at Camp David in 2000 and launched a suicidal terror war on Israeli civilians, Baskin, like most of the Israeli “peace camp,” lost a great deal of credibility.

Baskin soldiered on, however, insisting that Israel could and should make peace with the Palestinians, regardless of their terrorism and violence. Proud of his contacts with various Palestinians, he sponsored many initiatives and working groups.

In 2007, he wrote a response to critics whose hostile talkbacks filled the comments to his Jerusalem Post column.

In 2015, along with his Hamas contact Ghazi Hamad, he played a prominent role in the exchange of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit for over a thousand Palestinian prisoners held by Israel.

However, as a result of seeing Hamad give interviews after the Oct. 7 massacre that made his genocidal hatred of Israelis quite clear, Baskin wrote and published a letter to Hamad breaking off all contact.

The following open letter is my response to Baskin and the wider peace camp.

Dear Gershon Baskin,

You recently published a letter to your Hamas contact Ghazi Hamad, who has notoriously promised, “We will repeat October 7 until Israel is annihilated.”

As a long-time critic of your writings, I would like to respond to this extraordinary document. Although your letter is remarkably honest, allow me to press some points:

First, why did it take you over three weeks to wake up to the genocidal ravings of your supposed friend?
How media use proportionality to hide Hamas’s war crimes
In contrast, Hamas’s attacks on Israel are completely disproportionate, to say the least, as there is no military advantage to be gained by purposely slaughtering civilians and only civilians.

Yet, Israel was condemned by “human rights” group Amnesty International, which issued a statement saying, “We call on Israel to put an immediate end to indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks which have already killed and harmed so many civilians, including over 3,000 children.” As usual, Amnesty has its facts wrong and is directing its criticism at the wrong party.

Unlike its enemy, Israel does not indiscriminately target civilians. In fact, Israel takes extra care to keep civilians out of harm’s way. One glowing example of this is the IDF’s warning to civilians in the northern Gaza Strip to evacuate for their safety.

Arsen Ostrovsky, a human rights attorney and CEO of the International Legal Forum, notes that the United States did not give a similar warning before taking out Islamic State, nor did the United Kingdom during the war in Afghanistan. Under international law, Israel actually has no obligation to provide a warning to civilians—yet it does so anyway to minimize civilian casualties.

Hamas, on the other hand, has ordered Palestinians in northern Gaza to stay and is even blocking evacuation routes. The group bases its terrorist infrastructure in and around civilian buildings. Recently the IDF revealed that Hamas’s main base of operations is located under Shifa Hospital, the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas also hoards fuel and other essential supplies from Gaza’s civilian population. Thus, it is responsible for the dire humanitarian situation, not Israel. Hamas does all these things in order to maximize civilian casualties, knowing that Israel will be unjustly blamed for their deaths.

There are now growing calls for Israel to accept a ceasefire—one that would prevent the destruction of Hamas, as has happened in the past. Indeed, Israel has already agreed to several ceasefires over the years—pausing its attacks on Hamas and letting the terrorist group continue to control Gaza. The result? The Oct. 7 massacre—the worst atrocity committed against the Jewish people since the Holocaust.

If the Jewish people truly believe in “Never Again,” this is the time to enforce it.

Any reporter who focuses on Palestinian civilian deaths caused by Israel’s defensive war—especially those using fake death counts from the notoriously disreputable Hamas Ministry of Health—is not just ignoring, but hiding the real story.

The real story is not about unavoidable civilian deaths, but rather about the evil and depravity of Hamas war criminals and their determination to destroy the world’s only Jewish state. It’s also about the most moral army in the world setting out courageously to eliminate those very war criminals one by one, now on the ground, sparing as many Palestinian civilians as humanly possible.
Doug Emhoff is Battling a Growing Tide of Anti-Semitism. His Daughter is Fomenting It.

Batya Ungar-Sargon: The Antisemites Scream. And I Stiffen My Spine
About a week after the October 7 massacre, I passed a large group of people in an airport who were waiting to check in for a flight to Cairo. One of the women ostentatiously clocked the Jewish star I wear around my neck and started whispering with her compatriots. As I walked by, she shouted at me, “Palestine will be free!”

I chuckled as I walked to my gate, thinking, Not if Egypt has anything to say about it.

Before October 7, I would have considered this whole scene to be wildly offensive. A stranger shouting an anti-Israel slogan at me, holding me responsible for the actions of the Israeli government simply because I am a Jew.

But in the post–October 7 world, I had a different reaction: let her scream.

It’s uncomfortable to be barked at by strangers. It’s not pleasant to find out that your classmates will not condemn the murder of your people, or to hear thousands of them gleefully chanting the slogans of a genocidal death cult committed to your erasure from this planet. It’s unsettling to know that your peers have adopted a worldview that allows them to convince themselves that you are the bad guy, you are the privileged monster who wants babies to burn—even as they justify and celebrate the burning of Jewish babies.

It is scary to realize that the same administration that “protects” your fellow students from every perceived slight and insult will side with them against you as they literally call for your annihilation. It can be deeply isolating to open social media and see post after post calling your people the perpetrators of the exact forms of murderous violence that was done to them not three weeks earlier. And it is maddening to watch those who hate us and wish violence upon us fashion themselves as victims—even as heroes.

But that feeling you get when you are facing those things down, that quickening of your heart rate, the flush on your face, the chill down the spine—these unpleasant sensations are what courage feels like. They are the physical symptoms of a moral compass that works, the manifestations of pride in who you are, of the fact that despite millennia of calls for our murder, we’re still here. You’re still here.
Alan Dershowitz: Today's Nazis Are Hamas
[B]igots hate Jews and their nation-state. This has nothing to do with support for the Palestinian people, who are horribly oppressed by Hamas. If they really wanted to support the Palestinian people, they would be demonstrating for Palestinian freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom not to be used as a human shield, due process, equal justice under law, and especially freedom from the corrupt and repressive governance of their own leaders, some now safe from the devastation they began from their five-star hotels in Qatar.

Nor does it reflect support for stateless, oppressed or occupied national groups in general. These selective bigots are silent about the stateless Kurds , the oppressed Uyghurs and other groups that deserve their support. They only focus on the Palestinians because they are allegedly oppressed by Jews. It is hatred of Jews, not love of the Palestinians or other groups that motivates these bigots.

Let us remember that these shows of support for Hamas began before Israel even responded to the Hamas barbarity. They were shows of support for what Hamas did to innocent Jews: rapes, beheadings, torture, mass murder and kidnapping.

Many university students and faculty, not only in Germany but at Harvard, Yale, Georgetown and other American universities, supported Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Today's Nazis are Hamas. Today's enablers of Nazism are the students and others who support Hamas. History will judge them the way history has judged Nazi collaborators.

Nowhere is safe: Antisemitism explodes worldwide amid Israel-Hamas war

Israel’s Blueprint for a Revival of the West

Parents, Do You Know What Your Kids Believe About Israel?

80 years ago they gassed us, now they gaslight us so they can do it again

House censures Rashida Tlaib for criticizing Israel after horrific Hamas terror attack: 22 Democrats join Republicans to condemn progressive lawmaker for incendiary remarks and embracing 'from the river to the sea' chant

U.S. House censures Rashida Tlaib over Israel rhetoric
Editor and columnist at Newsweek Marc Shulman breaks down the problem with Israel in the Democratic party.

Six Slogans That Sound Genocidal and Anti-Semitic But Are Really Just Aspirational Calls for Peaceful Coexistence (satire)
1) "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!"
2) "Glory to our martyrs!"
3) "There is only one solution! Intifada! Revolution!"
4) "Hitler was right!"
5) "What do we want? To share our views! Cleanse the Earth of rotten Jews!"
6) "Adolf Hitler, he's our man! Genocide our master plan! Gas the Jews like dirty swine! Free, free Palestine!"

MSNBC: Tlaib Was Censured for ‘Criticism of Israel’

Michigan's Top Dems Say They Support Israel. They've Courted a Hamas-Loving, Anti-Israel Activist for Years.

'Martyrs of the Struggle': Green Group That Employs Interior Sec's Daughter Lauds Hamas Terrorists

Will more follow? First Labour frontbencher quits over Keir Starmer’s refusal to call for Gaza ceasefire as party meltdown gathers pace - with leader insisting he WON’T change stance

Greg Hands has sent a letter to Starmer formally requesting that Labour call on trade unions with links to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, or its weekend marches, to disaffiliate from it. The letter echoes one sent by the Campaign Against Antisemitism last week and labels the PSC an “extreme activist” organisation which “espouses views that encourage the anti-Semitism and violence we are witnessing“. Hands specifically attacks Aslef, GMB, the NEU, and Unite for their intimate interaction with the PSC. Their links are deep and long-held…

Hands points out that trade union leaders are “outwardly disobeying advice from Labour’s General Secretary” by speaking at the weekend marches and are therefore bringing Labour into disrepute. Meanwhile RMT head Mick Lynch, along with the heads of the National Education Union and Fire Brigades Union, have released a video announcing their support the “National March for Palestine” on Saturday. Starmer’s hands-off approach is resembling a tightrope act…
Israel 'worse than Nazis,' Gaza is a concentration camp - former UK MP

Julia Hartley-Brewer and arch-Corbynite former Labour MP Chris Williamson have had a mega 15-minute spat this afternoon on Julia’s TalkTV show over Israel/Palestine. Alongside the usual Hamas apologist lines Williamson claimed the “zionist entity” is responsible for “spurning” peace and Israel is “worse than Nazis actually in some respects“. Hartley-Brewer was having none of it and came back swinging. The clip’s worth a watch…

Lib Dem peer criticised after calling Israel’s actions in Gaza a 'genocide'

Mossad helps Brazil arrest Hezbollah-linked terrorists planning attack on Jews

IDF soldiers pray in ancient 6th century Gaza synagogue for first time in decades

MEMRI: As Hamas Visits Its 'Closest Friend' Moscow, Questions Surround Russia's Knowledge Of, Involvement In October 7 Hamas Attack: A Review Of Russia-Hamas Ties and Strategic Relationship

Abbas’ advisor: Israel’s defense is “satanic Israeli plan supported by the US” to empty “Palestine”

Abbas’ advisor: US support for Israel against Hamas is “to protect the project of the Americans”

Whoever has a rifle, “shoot a Jew, or give it to Hamas!”

Dead teen terrorist told his mom every Friday: “I crave Martyrdom”

PA libel: Israel “targets Palestinian children to target the Palestinian future”

“America is the head of the snake, Blinken out” – anti-US demonstration in Ramallah

PreOccupiedTerritory: Hamas Chief Trapped In Bunker Can’t Believe His Solitaire Deck Missing 2 Cards (satire)

Hamas leaders worth staggering $11B revel in luxury — while Gaza’s people suffer

MEMRI: Poem In Qatari Daily Glorifies The Hamas Attack On The Jews, Who 'Turned Into Apes And Swine Already In The Days Of Their Forefathers'; Thanks The Attackers: 'We Were Parched And You Brought Us Abundant Rains'

MEMRI: Iranian Culture Minister: October 7 Will Be Designated 'Day Of The Epic Valor Of The Young Palestinians' – This 'Number Of Dead Zionists Is Unprecedented In History'

‘Moral cowardice’ at Columbia, Jewish billionaire says quitting b-school board

CUNY invites ‘ethnic-cleansing’ accuser to speak about Zionism

Fans Get Kicked Out of Madonna Concert for Waving Israeli Flag After Singer’s Cellist Condemns Israel

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators arrested after interrupting hearing on antisemitism on campuses

Why Antisemitism, Anger and Intolerance Have Infected America’s Ivy League Colleges – Part Two

UBC Professor Falsely Claims Antisemitism Being Used To Silence Anti-Israel Critics

SFU Student Newspaper Denies Israel’s Right To Exist & Rationalizes Hamas Terrorism

Herzog calls for action on antisemitism in letter to US university presidents

Shocked by the Jew-Hate on College Campuses? I Wasn’t.

'They threw me under a bus': NYC Jewish professor slams college for failing to stand up to student who said Israel supporters have 'free guaranteed spot in hell' - as president makes passive aggressive dig at HIM

PreOccupiedTerritory: Not Now, I’m Still Writing A Paper Explaining How Raping Jewish Girls Till Their Pelvises Break Will Free Palestine (satire)

WaPo: The Joos Buy Their Support in Washington

Ukraine and Gaza: How a CNN Graph Reduces ‘Attacks’ on Medical Facilities to a False Moral Equivalence

Tottenham's Israeli midfielder Manor Solomon has his Instagram account REACTIVATED following a mistake by Meta - and not due to multiple posts of pro-Israel images when he travelled back to his home country while injured

As the war in Gaza intensifies, another war is raging on social media
Reichman University opens war room to battle false narrative amid Israel-Gaza war. The head of the public diplomacy program, Professor Moran Yarchi breaks down their goal.


To paraphrase the BBC about its own coverage: It’s hard to see what this could be except propaganda


‘We Won’t Look the Other Way’: Argentine Intellectuals Launch Forum to Combat ‘Genocidal Anti-Zionism’

Detroit police arrest suspect in murder of Jewish communal leader Sam Woll

Bar Refaeli and Erin O'Connor lead calls to stamp out antisemitism in the fashion industry

Selena Gomez’s Cosmetics Brand Slams Israel’s Military Campaign in Gaza, Doesn’t Mention Hamas

Arizona man, 50, is arrested after 'threatening to execute a rabbi and other Jews' - and sent him threatening email in the middle of the night telling him 'Hitler was right'

Schumer, Gold, Messing and Relatives of Hostages Speak to 10,000 at New York Rally

Director Ari Folman helps ‘echo the hostages' families cries to the world’
Days after the October 7 massacre, Ari Folman, Oscar-nominated director and screenwriter, started filming interviews with many of the families of those held hostage by Hamas in Gaza.

He describes the difficult days of uncertainty, his goal in documenting, and the similarities between this project and his films.

Israeli artist behind NYC’s hostage posters campaign: ‘This is how we scream’
Nitzan Mintz, a visual artist who started the guerilla campaign to fill NYC with posters of hostages held in Gaza says Israelis abroad are ‘isolated, far from home’ and want to ‘scream on behalf of our country.’

National Library of Israel to Preserve Over 200,000 Documents, Recordings From Hamas Massacre, Gaza War for Posterity

‘Too many universes lost, too many stories to tell’ - How writers eulogized a ravaged community
Kibbutz Be’eri lost at least 85 of its members on October 7th. ‘There were days with 17 funerals,’ says Nili Bar Sinai, who lost her husband in the massacre.

She and Tal Miller, a screenwriter tell us about the unbearable task of writing eulogies for dozens of members of the same community.

Powerful words from Yarden Gerbi
“Right now, we may find ourselves in a dark and challenging time, but in unity and optimism, we have a superpower that can propel us forward.” Powerful words from #YardenGerbi, former Israeli #Judo World Champion.
Am Yisrael Chai. 🇮🇱

Baristas at NYC Upper East Side café ALL quit in protest over Jewish owner's support of Israel - as customers now line up around the block to show their support

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