Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Three particularly stupid recent @NYTimes statements

Yesterday, the New York Times reported that Israel was employing a particularly galling trait: not broadcasting its military strategy to the media.

It apparently requires an in-depth  news analysis to understand why an army wouldn't announce what it was doing, or planning on doing. 

But this wasn't the only piece of stupidity in the New York Times recently. Also yesterday, for example, reporters were not certain about something:

Could the women have made the video themselves and then asked Hamas to kindly release it for them?

And here, in an otherwise decent piece about Hamas hoarding, we see this:

The ruling government might not have any responsibility to its population?

There is a theme here: Israel is expected to act in ways that go beyond what any other country ever would do; when it doesn't reach those artificial expectations it is big news. Palestinians aren't expected to adhere to even the minimum standards of decency and are given the benefit of the doubt no matter what. 

It isn't just a New York Times problem. It is an everybody problem.

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