Sunday, October 29, 2023

Socialists admit that "by any means necessary" includes rape, beheading, burning babies alive

In the anti-Israel rally in Brooklyn yesterday, this sign was featured:

It is a slogan we've been seeing for years, and in plain English it means that there is no limit to what may be done in order to destroy Israel - including suicide bombs, raping women, beheading children and burning babies alive.

But do the people who chant these slogans really believe that?

One prominent socialist website says, of course they do.

The Socialist Workers Party of the UK published an article a week after the pogrom in Israel fully justifying everything that was done, insisting that the slogan " by any means necessary" is meant quite literally:

Free Palestine: Why we say by any means necessary

Following the assault on Israelis by the Palestinian resistance, there are those who say a violent fightback is never justified. Isabel Ringrose explains that the oppressed have a right to take up arms against their colonisers  

Uprisings against colonial rule are violent because violence is an inherent part of imperialism and colonialism. 

That’s why the resistance by Palestinians against the racist Israeli terror state is wholly justified. All the deaths, horrors and destruction—all of them—are rooted in violent Israeli occupation and dispossession. And this is the case not just in Palestine. Wherever imperialism has gone, violence has followed. 
So literally anything goes in the name of being anti-imperialist.

It isn't rhetoric: the same logic that justifies raping Jewish women in Israel can justify raping Jewish women in the West because they are "Zionist." If the Tree of Life shooter had been Arab, they would support that as well. 

This article was republished in an Australian socialist site as well.

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