Friday, October 13, 2023

Just like today's "anti-Zionists," Nazis also blamed Jews for all the evils in the world

One of the tells that anti-Zionism is antisemitism is when the haters go out of their way to associate everything that they consider bad with Israel - US police brutality, global warming, colonialism, water pollution.  Every single trendy item becomes a hook to bash Israel as we are told that feminism, LGBTQ rights, trans rights, racism, animal rights, even abortion is related to "Palestine."

Hating Israel warps the brain.

Up until now, it was easy to dismiss this as just more stupidity from the haters. But now that their Hamas heroes are calling on them to kill Israelis (i.e., Jews) wherever they can find them, this blanket blaming of everything on Israel is changing from amusing to sinister. After all, if Zionists (Jews) are the source of all evil, then they need to be eliminated "by any means necessary." College campuses are now places of real fear for Jews. 

It is demonization. And we've seen this before.

In the not-so-distant past, Jews were also blamed for anything and everything

Just like today.

Some of these are comical, just as blaming Israel for every social justice crime is. But the Nazi knee-jerk blaming of everything on Jews were part of a campaign of dehumanization and demonization that we are seeing today from the anti-Israel crowd - people who claim to support social justice but who also support massacring Jews as "resistance."

Today's social justice warriors saying that animal rights is a Palestine issue aren't so funny anymore. Their plan is all too familiar to Jews. 

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