Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Hating Jews brings opposites together

There was a meeting in Beirut Monday between Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine discussing "the historical and distinguished relationship between the Jihad and the Front, the ways of cooperation and coordination, and the emphasis on bilateral relations and joint work."

Hating Jews makes the oddest couples, bringing people together who would hate each other in any other context. Islamic Jihad is an extremist Islamist group and the PFLP is a socialist hard Left organization - but they routinely cooperate with each other and with Hamas. And they happily pose together. 

Egypt-based Fath News, a Salafi newspaper, hates the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, which is an offshoot. But Dr. Yasser Borhami, Vice President of the Salafist Call, said, "We disagree with them on major methodological issues, but when it comes to defending the most marginalized and oppressed of the people of Palestine, we do not disagree with them, but rather agree....Therefore, we will pray for them, 'May God grant you success. O God, grant them victory with a mighty and sustaining victory. O God, the sender of the Book, the one who moves the clouds, and the destroyer of parties, quick to reckon. Defeat the Jews and those who support them, and shake them, and give us victory over them.”

The Salafists don't even try to pretend that they are against "Zionist," with articles saying thing like "Jews are people of treachery, lying, betrayal, procrastination, and breaking promises."


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