Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Half of American voters under 35 think that massacre and rape of Jews can be justified

Half of American people under 35 think that the massacre of Israelis by Hamas can be justified by Palestinian "grievances." 

Jews in America are in serious trouble.

In the latest Harris/Harvard poll, 76% of American voters say that "the Hamas killing of 1200 Israeli civilians on Israel cannot be justified by the grievances of Palestinians" and fully 24% say it can.

A majority of respondents, between the ages of 18-24, 51%, feel that the mass murder of Israeli Jews is justified.

And 48% of those between 25-34 agree the slaughter was justified.

What. The. Actual. F......

Half of young Americans think that killing Jewish civilians is perfectly OK - as long as, you know, they deserve it. 

And, yes, they know this is about Jews. Because the very next question asked if those same Hamas attacks on Jews "genocidal." And in this case, over 2/3 of those 18-34 agreed that, yes, these attacks were genocidal against Jews. 

Meaning that a significant number of people under 34 think that genocide is OK against Jewish civilians as long as there is a strong enough "grievance."

The language of "grievance" indicates that the people who hold immoral, antisemitic opinions are overwhelmingly on the political Left. And the crosstabs of the poll give hints that this is indeed the case: 36% of self-defined "liberals" of all ages agreed that the attack was justified, compared with 16% of "conservatives."  

Perhaps more concerning is that the people with the highest levels of education are most likely to agree, with 29% of college grads justifying Hamas murder vs. 21% of those who didn't graduate. 

The young people who are best educated are the most likely to be antisemites. Not just antisemites - they justify the most extreme kinds of violence against Jews. 

For years, we have been told ad nauseum that the only antisemitism out there is from the extreme Right. And of course that exists. But there is a serious problem where America's young people are being taught immoral lessons on campus, where the most heinous crimes imaginable are perfectly OK as long as the victims are considered to be "privileged" and the slaughterers are "victims." 

According to this younger generation, does this justification to murder and rape apply to American Zionists - Jews - as well? It is not a difficult  leap to get to that conclusion, when your entire moral sense is so perverted to begin with. 

People wonder how Germans could have become such enthusiastic murderers  of Jews. This poll shows exactly how: teach a generation of young people that Jews are oppressors, and the oppressed have a moral authority to murder every man, woman and child. 

Decades of anti-Israel propaganda has borne fruit for Jew-haters. They always claimed it was merely a political position, but Jews knew it was personal. And this poll proves it. Jews have not been "criticized" by anti-Zionists, but demonized. That demonization has turned into tacitly supporting genocide.

The trend of younger people more likely to justify a genocidal attack on Jews means that things are not going to get any better in this country. It also shows that all the efforts to stop antisemitism with liberal education have not only failed, but may have backfired.

October 7 was a watershed for Israeli Jews. But it may end up being just as significant for the future of American Jewry as well. If nearly half of Americans under 35 believe that killing Jewish civilians is OK, then the future for American Jews is as bleak as it has ever been. 

One only has to glance at social media to see that the demonization of Zionist Jews has reached new levels. This poll shows that this will only get worse.

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