Monday, October 30, 2023

Arab antisemitic articles are getting worse: now they are praising Hitler, praying for genocide

Antisemitism in Arab media has been getting much worse lately.

Cairo24 uses the Gaza war as an excuse to praise Hitler:

What did Hitler say about the Jews? In light of the escalating events by the Zionist occupation towards the Palestinians, especially children, women and the elderly, some are searching for the most prominent things said by Adolf Alois Hitler, the Nazi German politician. He wanted to exterminate them from the face of the earth, so his view was correct. He told them that they were the cause of the devastation that was befalling the world, so he burned them.
They also publish the fake quote that antisemites ascribe to Hitler, "It was in my power to eliminate all the Jews of the world, but I left some of them so that you would know why I was exterminating them." But they also favorably quoted some antisemitism from Mein Kampf.

That is only one article in the past 24 hours.

Algeria's El Khabar has an article that says:
 A question that has always been on my mind: Why is the West so keen on the existence of Israel? Why do they support the Jews so endlessly? I found only one answer, which is to get rid of their evils. Anyone who traces the history of the people will find that Stalin, for example, did not promise the Jews the establishment of a national homeland for them in Palestine except to get rid of their disease, and Hitler did not search for a rubbish bin to collect them except to cleanse Germany of their filth. America itself suffers from them, but it is helpless. Because the Zionist lobby is suffocating its breath.

There is no evil that has spread in the world unless these bastards are behind it. The Jew Karl Marx was behind atheistic communism, the other Jew Durkheim was behind the sociology that tampered with the family, the Jew Freud based his psychology on scandalous sex, and the Jew Sater promoted pornography.
Egypt's El Balad publishes a prayer for genocide of Jews. Here is a small part:

Oh God, curse the killers of the prophets, O God, send stones of shale upon them and throw terror and panic into their hearts.
Oh God, destroy the Jews in Palestine, the children of monkeys and pigs, and make their women barren, O God, and may their children be dispersed. 
Oh God, send upon them strong winds that will uproot their power.   
A columnist in Saudi Arabia's Al Madina writes:

The current events in Gaza have proven the truth of the Holy Qur’an about the Jews, in their many and hideous characteristics, including their constant practice of killing. If they did not kill others, they would kill themselves, meaning they would fight among themselves. And God says: (Then it is you who kill yourselves) in addition to their killing of the prophets, and whoever kills the prophets will not There is no doubt that killing Arabs and Palestinians is easy for them, and the doctrine of Israel’s army, police, and Mossad intelligence is killing, then killing, then more killing!

We all hated what happened and is happening to the people of Gaza, but perhaps it is a good hatred, as it showed us some of the characteristics of the Jews that require us to be wary of them and consider them the most prominent enemy, especially since the lobby pressuring them has recruited the greatest powers, international Freemasonry, and the media with them, in the name of religion and in the name of non-religion, to dominate the world within their ill-fated plan!

But while some articles ue the Quran to justify hating Jews, others claim that Jews are not really the Jews in the Quran to begin with.  Dr. Ahmed Rabie , former dean of the Faculty of Islamic Dawa at Al-Azhar University, said that "today’s Jews are not descendants of our Prophet Jacob" and only arabs are the remaining descendants of Abraham. 

But why seek consistency in the details? The main point remains: Jews are evil and must be destroyed. 

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