Tuesday, October 17, 2023

All Arab leaders (including Abbas) agree: They'd rather see Palestinians die than do anything to save them. (It is not a new policy.)

Jordanian King Abdullah II says that neither his country nor Egypt will accept Palestinian refugees, declaring it a “red line.”

At a press conference held after meeting German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin, Abdullah says that “some of the usual suspects are trying to create facts on the ground,” according to Sky News Arabia.

“There will be no refugees in Jordan and no refugees in Egypt.”

Why not, exactly?

Jordan took in 1.3 million refugees from Syria.  About half are in camps and the rest live in the cities. It wasn't happy about the situation, but Abdullah certainly didn't draw a "red line" against them.

Egypt, similarly, has taken in - equally reluctantly - hundreds of thousands of refugees from Sudan, Syria, and elsewhere.

But even though both those countries accepted Syrian refugees, they didn't treat them all the same.

Jordan turned away many Syrian refugees - if they were of Palestinian origin.  It didn't allow the ones who came earlier to live in the same refugee camps that they set up  By policy, Palestinian Syrians were treated like garbage. 

Egypt gave rights to Syrian refugees - but not if they were considered Palestinian. Palestinians who arrived via air were immediately sent back to Syria. 

For decades, the Arab world pretended that they cared about Palestinians, but when it came to actual living Palestinians, they not only refused to help - they actively worked to deny them help.

They always wanted Palestinians to be cannon fodder against Israel and nothing more.

Clueless world leaders and diplomats never even commented on this official discrimination against Palestinians. The  Arab leaders would say how central the Palestinian issue was to them while they mistreated the ones under their control. 

Now, it is happening again, in broad daylight: Arab leaders refuse to save Palestinian lives, because they have great propaganda value when they are dead, but they are merely an expense when they are alive. 

If you look at Jordan's reporting of the meeting, Abdullah adds something interesting:

His Majesty reaffirmed rejection of attempts to forcibly displace the Palestinians and cause their internal displacement, stressing that such attempts would plunge the region into another disaster and a new cycle of violence and destruction.

"Internal displacement" includes moving them to the West Bank.

Israel has always resisted moving Gazans to the West Bank, but I haven't seen anyone talk about this option today. Certainly there has been no word from the Palestinian Authority offering to save some Gazans for the duration of the war - even though they wouldn't become refugees, they would still be in "Palestine," and there is a lot more room in Areas A and B than in Gaza.

But here too, the example of Syria is instructive. Because Abbas had the opportunity to save some Palestinian Syrians, and he said he'd rather see them dead because Israel would ask them to renounce "return."

These examples prove as much as possible that the entire purpose of the Palestinian cause is not to help Palestinians but to use them as a weapon against Israel. They have been pawns for 75 years of the Arab leaders, including their own leaders, with no one actually caring about them even as they insisted that they were the most important issue. 

The cynicism is obvious to anyone who bothers to look. But the world media and the Western world simply doesn't want to accept that Palestinians are hated so much by their own Arab brethren and by their own leaders. 

If there is another explanation for why Palestinians have been singled out and treated worse than every other Arab, refugee or otherwise, by Arab leaders,  I sure haven't seen it.

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