Sunday, October 15, 2023

Academics blaming Israel for being attacked is like blaming women for being raped

It has become trendy for academics to make noises about being shocked by Hamas raping girls and beheading babies and then saying it is really Israel's fault.

One particularly revolting example comes from University of Pennsylvania professor Ian Lustick writing in Foreign Policy:

To prevent the monstrousness that has been unleashed on innocent Israelis from happening again and again, along with the retribution innocent Palestinians suffer as a result, we must not rely on the certainty of our revulsion; we must identify and remove the causes of the attack.

I refer not to the specific calculations, decisions, and deployments inside of Gaza that produced this specific bloodletting, but to the machine of institutionalized oppression, hate, and fear that comprises the real infrastructure of violence. The drive shaft of this machine is the horizonless immiseration, imprisonment, and trauma inflicted on the masses of people living in what Israelis refer to as a “coastal enclave.”

And here is a letter from some 380 academics also getting the obligatory "of course we don't support beheadings" out of the way before blaming Israel for them:

In this time of pain and devastation, we call on Israel to:

Do everything in its power to rescue the hostages. Israel holds vast numbers of Palestinians in prisons, many of them elderly. Israel must seek an exchange of prisoners in order to save its own and other countries' captive citizens from certain death.

Refrain from punishing collectively Gazan civilians for the crimes of Hamas. One massacre does not justify another. This will only lead to more devastation, fueling the cycle of violence. We call for an immediate ceasefire and de-escalation.

End the violent oppression of the Palestinian people. Apartheid, the West Bank's decades-long Occupation, keeping Gaza's two-million Palestinians under siege for 16 years, erasing the memory of the Nakba, now all contribute to the brutalization and violence. They must be urgently brought to an end. There is no other way out. 
The intellectual way to deal with terror is to do whatever the terrorists demand. Then they'll be satisfied!

I am so disgusted with these fake "experts" who claim that the root problem is Israel's treatment of Gaza.

Are you really that dense?

First of all, things have been improving greatly in Gaza - the level of imports, exports and travel permits was HIGHER  in August than before the closure in 2007. 

If you know that and don't mention it, you are liars. If you don't know that, you have no standing to pretend to be experts. 

Secondly, how does that explain Hamas suicide bombings before 2007?  As horrific as the 10/7 attacks were, they are only showing an increase in capabilities, but not an increase in hate, since the second intifada or earlier. Blowing up babies at pizza shops and bar mitzvah celebrations is not exactly moderate. 

And if you want to fall back on the old chestnut of "occupation" being the root cause, then how can you explain the pre-1967 terror attacks? How can you explain the pre-state terror attacks? 

You can't. 

The root cause of the conflict is Jew-hatred. Specifically, the overwhelming sense of shame in the Arab world that Jews, who had been weak and ineffective second class citizens under Arab rule, suddenly stood up for themselves and defeated the Arab world in battle, the one field that they could not imagine losing to Jews.

That's the reason they call it a nakba. You are a professor, you should know that.

Every attack since then has motivated by a desire to erase that deep sense of shame. 

And the celebrations from Palestinians after this massacre reflect their perception that they regained some of this "honor" they lost in 1948.

My theory sure fits the facts better than those of these fake "experts."  But they do not want to admit the deep antisemitic feelings in much of the Arab world - it feels Islamophobic to admit that so many are so bigoted. Even though every single survey confirms that well over 90% of Palestinians, Jordanians, Egyptians and Lebanese are antisemitic.

These "experts" never write about, or they deny, the true root cause. Now, why is that?

 Wake up. Old fashioned Jew-hate is the only consistent factor in all of this, and blaming Jews for being slaughtered is the moral equivalence of blaming women for being raped.

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