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10/22 Links Pt1: The only choice Israel has; Hamas WB fugitive lives in North London council property; Chappelle's antisemitic rant

From Ian:

The only choice Israel has
After the horrors we have seen, nothing should surprise us regarding their ruthlessness. We must assume that they have boobytrapped everything they could. In this reality, the challenges of warfare are numerous and complex.

Under these circumstances, it is expected that the state's authorities, its institutions, and its citizens will support the military's efforts by lifting various constraints. It is important to emphasize that there is no dilemma when choosing between adhering to international law and minimizing the risks to our forces.

The circumstances under which Israel entered the war in Gaza exempt it from dealing with what will happen in Gaza after the war. The reason for this is simple: Israel has no other choice. It must respond with overwhelming force, and let the chips fall where they may.

Any other response could potentially leave it under existential threat. Every other scenario is less severe than that. The question of what will happen after the war should concern us less than the question of what will not be present: There will be no Hamas rule, no military or terrorist capabilities threatening the State of Israel, and Gaza's humanitarian needs will not be Israel's concern.

The efforts Hamas invested in the documentation, photography, and dissemination of their horrors can shed light on one of the goals of the attack on Israel: breaking Israelis' spirit. Indeed, they sought to murder Jews for the sake of murder, to kidnap in order to use captives as human shields and bargaining chips, to carry out complex attacks to project strength and leave a historical mark, to humiliate, document, distribute – to shock and frighten the Israeli society and instill terror and fear in every Israeli.

Viewing Hamas videos or distributing them may serve their purpose. The resilience of a united Israeli society in the face of this monstrous threat and the strengthening of the people's spirit will thwart their efforts and allow us to eliminate the forces of evil.
Israel war: Why Biden is wrong to delay Israel's ground offensive
Don't misunderstand me. Assuming Abdel Fattah el Sissi doesn't play games (an unfortunately big assumption), the U.S. is right to push Israel to allow a humanitarian corridor from Egypt into Gaza. Biden is also right to assert that a two-state solution remains the eventual (if distant) U.S. goal for Israel and the Palestinians. And yes, Palestinian civilians deserve respect — and Palestinian Americans also. Nevertheless the basic imperative here must be Israel's resumption of strategic authority. That authority was gutted on Oct. 7 and, along with it, Israel's raison d'etre of providing a safe haven for the Jewish people. Hamas knows it. Iran knows it. Israel's enemies know it. And the U.S. should not lose sight of it.

What Washington must now focus on is the reality that it can impose a more favorable strategic calculus if it desires. Multiple Air Force fighter and bomber squadrons, a U.S. carrier strike group (soon two and, according to rumors, three), a Marine expeditionary force, and an undisclosed number of Tomahawk-laden guided missile submarines provide a potent force. Does the U.S. want to use these forces in combat? No. Should it act diplomatically where possible to prevent that outcome? Yes. But Washington must not lose sight of the fact that Iran and Hezbollah don't want these U.S. forces in action either. If they did, Hezbollah would have already launched a full-scale assault on northern Israel, and Iran would have already started firing ballistic missiles at Israel. They would have done so because they sense Israel has rarely been more vulnerable.

That is the exigent point here. In turn, if the U.S. wants its citizens recovered, it should make something plain to Hamas: Those hostages must not be harmed under any scenarios and that, if they are, five-star hotels in Doha nor European fundraising circuits will no longer provide refuge.

While there is a limited utility to keeping Hamas fighters guessing as to when an Israeli attack will come (high-stakes sentry duty for days on end gets tiring), the Israeli government must have the final say when it enters Gaza. They must, because what happened on Oct. 7 was, in ideological intent, desired scale, and brutal tactics, a modern version of the Krakow ghetto liquidation — an atrocity masterfully encapsulated by Steven Spielberg as in the video below.

As Iran's nuclear program spins deep underground, Israel's enemies must know Krakow and Oct. 7 won't ever be repeated.
Richard Goldberg: Biden is being played by Hamas, Iran and Qatar — with American and Israeli lives at stake
If Washington believes Hamas is worse than ISIS in its barbarism, why would US policy enable Qatar to provide a base of operations and direct funding to help Hamas commit more savage massacres?

Right now, Hamas wants to buy time — and it’s using its hostages to prematurely end Israel’s military response.

Qatar, which hosts Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, wants to be the Swiss bankers to the Nazis of the modern era: maintaining ties with America, Iran and Hamas simultaneously.

Last weekend, Iran and Hamas met in Doha to coordinate next steps while Qatar’s Al Jazeera spreads Hamas disinformation, vile antisemitism and anti-American sentiment throughout the Arab world.

With Qatar finally facing calls to designate it a state sponsor of terrorism, Hamas unexpectedly released two American hostages Friday — and thanked Qatar for its efforts to win their release.

The United States is now reportedly pressuring Israel to hold off any ground invasion pending further Qatar-led negotiations.

No, Hamas hasn’t grown a heart.

In its own inhumanity, Hamas is leveraging our humanity — and undermining any military campaign to destroy it.

Rather than allow Hamas to leverage America, America should leverage Qatar: threatening tough economic sanctions if all hostages are not released within 48 hours.

And we should make clear every Hamas official roaming Doha is a legitimate military target. What do you think? Post a comment.

If America doesn’t get tough with Iran and Qatar, Hamas will survive, and Iran will emerge more dangerous and emboldened than ever.

And that will further eviscerate American deterrence — not just in the Middle East but around the globe.

Am Yisrael Chai
On Tuesday October 17, 2023, MPP Goldie Ghamari condemned Hamas terrorists for their gruesome October 7 massacre of innocent people in Israel. Now is the time for moral clarity. Israel has an absolute right to defend itself and its citizens against violence, terrorism and genocide.

Am Yisrael Chai

Two weeks since Israel-Hamas war began
It has been two weeks since Hamas launched its attack against Israel.

Among the worst places hit was the kibbutz of Be’eri where one in ten people were killed.

“The thing about Be’eri – it was supposed to be a little piece of paradise,” said Sky News correspondent Anna Botting.

“A dream come true for people to live here.

“But it’s so close to the border it would have taken minutes, just minutes for those Hamas militants to get here that morning.

Warning – this video contains distressing content.

Why Egypt Leaves Palestinians in Gaza to Die

Does 'genocide' involve Israel giving Gaza two weeks to evacuate its citizens?

No aid for Egypt until it takes Gaza refugees

Ben Shapiro: On The Front Lines: Interviews From The War
A look inside the war in Israel from those on the ground. From soldiers to first responders, these conversations are important to share.

Colonel Richard Kemp Says Hamas "Keeps Innocent Civilians As Human Shields"
Colonel Richard Kemp says Hamas "keeps innocent civilians as human shields" and they will die as a result, despite Israel doing everything it can to avoid it.

Richard says: "You'll have a combination of terrorists that you can't recognise unless they're shooting at you and civilians".

This comes after Rishi Sunak visited Tel Aviv on Thursday – where he said he wanted Israel to win the war – before heading to Saudi Arabia for talks with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

This was done as part of an effort to prevent the Israel-Hamas confrontation spiralling into a wider Middle Eastern conflict.

Hamas fugitive who 'ran terror group's operations in the West Bank' lives in council property in North London borough home to roughly fifth of UK's Jewish community, report reveals
A Hamas fugitive who 'ran the group's terrorist operations in the West Bank' lives in a council property in a North London borough that is home to roughly a fifth of the UK's Jewish community, a report has revealed.

Muhammad Qassem Sawalha, 62, who served on Hamas's ruling body, managed to steer clear of Israel's security services using a relative's passport and left for the UK in the 1990s, before later gaining British citizenship, The Sunday Times reports.

In the UK, Sawalha continued to work for Hamas. He held secret discussions about 'revitalising' terrorist acts in Israel and helping to launder money to fund activities in the West Bank and Gaza, according to a 2004 US Department of Justice indictment.

In 2003, the father of four became a council tenant at a two-storey home with a garage and a garden in Colindale, in the north London borough of Barnet, where he lives with his 56-year-old wife Sawsan.

Some 56,616 Jews live in the borough of Barnet, the highest Jewish population of any in Britain, according to the Office for National Statistics. Muhammad Qassem Sawalha, 62, who served on Hamas's ruling body, managed to steer clear of Israel's security services using a relative's passport and left for the UK in the 1990s, before later gaining British citizenship, according to a report

Muhammad Qassem Sawalha, 62, who served on Hamas's ruling body, managed to steer clear of Israel's security services using a relative's passport and left for the UK in the 1990s, before later gaining British citizenship, according to a report

The address is within a 10-minute drive of two synagogues.

In June 2021, Sawalha and his wife used the Right to Buy scheme to purchase their home for £320,700.

The council granted them a £112,300 discount on the property's market value, £500 less than the maximum discount available for that financial year. They do not have a mortgage on the property.
Female synagogue leader, 40, is found MURDERED outside her Detroit home after being stabbed and left to die in pool of blood: Worked for top Dems and to improve Jewish-Muslim relations

‘Unbelievable’: Pro-Palestinians are ‘enabling’ Hamas
Rabbi Nochum Schapiro says anyone who weakens Israel’s response to a recent attack is “enabling” Hamas.

“We wouldn’t do that after 9/11 – the whole world was with America,” Mr Schapiro.

“This is unbelievable, I can’t believe that everyone is anti-Semitic in this way.”

This comes as up to 15,000 people have marched through Sydney’s CBD for Palestine as the conflict worsens in Gaza.

Rallies will also be held in Melbourne and Adelaide on Sunday.

Voters think the relationship between US and Israel has worsened under Biden

Douglas Murray: Imagine the outcry from these two woman and their allies on the Left if demonstrators celebrated the murder of George Floyd
There are times when you wonder how history happened. And other times when you realise how it did. The past two weeks have been one such time.

The inconsistencies, naturally, have been legion. People who label everything as aggression, including microaggressions, who believe that speech is violence and that misgendering a trans person is 'literal genocide', are the same people who have spent the past fortnight with nothing to say, or have adopted an 'it's complicated' stance, when Jews are slaughtered in their hundreds.

All those people who filled the streets when a Minnesotan cop killed George Floyd seemed to have no solidarity left when Hamas came for the Jews.

Not only did they fail to support the victims, but within hours of the attacks they were actually turning out to support the attackers. And they turned out in their thousands.

After babies had been murdered in front of their parents and scores of young people gunned down, it was anti-Israel demonstrations that have dominated Britain's streets.

Yesterday, 100,000 marched in Central London, some of whom chanted that Israel should be destroyed, some held aloft anti-Semitic placards. Outside the Egyptian and Turkish embassies, an Islamic extremist group, which Tony Blair and David Cameron tried to ban, enjoined 'Muslim armies' to 'liberate the Palestinians'.

The man who could have been our Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn, told a London demonstration last weekend: 'Today, as we wave the Palestinian flag, let's hear it for the people of the West Bank, for the people of Gaza, for the people of the refugee camps.'

There wasn't any 'Let's hear it for the people of Israel, who have suffered such terrible harm.'

Of course not – just 'let's hear it for the people of Gaza': some of whom were the 'friends' of Mr Corbyn who went into Israel to take as many Jewish lives as they could, greedy for death.

Ben Jamal, the director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, accused Rishi Sunak of 'giving the green light to war crimes' and Sir Keir Starmer of 'endorsing a state enacting war crimes against an entire population'. Because for Mr Jamal and co, the Israeli counterattack cannot even be considered before people like him are giving the British and Israeli governments advice on how to surrender.

What do people like Jamal think the Israelis should do to defend themselves? The answer is clearly 'nothing'. Sit back. Take it lying down. In a pool of blood, preferably.
Dave Chappelle Goes on Pro-Palestinian Rant; Cheers of ‘Free Palestine’; Jews Leave
Comedian Dave Chappelle went on a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel rant at a show in Boston on Thursday evening — and was cheered by the crowd, causing Jews present in the audience to walk out.

A source posted on Facebook:
Hello my friends. This is my first FB post in nearly 7 years. With that said, it is also the only social media platform I have, so I hope people still use FB.

I would like to share with you an experience I had last night. [My wife] and I went to the Dave Chappelle-Standup Comedy show at TD Garden with three other couples. What started out as a funny and joyful evening for the 8 of us ending with disgust and fear.

Towards the end of his act, Chappelle mentioned the war in Israel and how he as a Muslim denounces Israel for its treatment of the people in Gaza and started to add in lots of false and unsubstantiated claims. A gentleman towards the front yelled out “You should shut the F up”. Chappelle lost it on the man yelling, “You do not tell me to shut the F up at MY show”. Chappelle then started on a tirade of his beliefs leaving comedy behind and focusing purely on the politics.

While that was awful in itself, what made my heart sink and started to invoke fear was when the crowd of nearly 20,000 people started yelling out “Go Palestine. Go Hamas.” and other related hatful jargon. The audience was cheering Chappelle on during his tirade. I was sick. We were sick. I turned to my friends and wife and said I think it is time to go. We walked out and met up with many other Jews leaving the show. Never in my life have I felt so unsafe and so fearful of what I was witnessing. The words alone were horrific, but we were vulnerable in a public forum. How could we know what would happen? Could violence against the Jewish members in the audience break out?

Here in Boston, how was there so much hate for Jews. How could a comedy show provide such a mechanism for people to verbally shout our their hatred for Jews? The unfortunate icing on the cake was that all cell phones and communication devices had to be locked up so there is no video or audio evidence. With that, I am hoping social media can spread this word.

Anti-Hamas billboard taken down in New Jersey after over 100 complaint calls to police

Democrats and the media once again fail to hold Biden accountable for misinformation

Ted Cruz rips wartime ‘lying’ from MSNBC, CNN, Rashida Tlaib

Israel war: What 'cancel culture' really means

Israel war: Senate Democrats bash Omar and Tlaib over Israel comments

Israel war: Rashida Tlaib continues to attack Joe Biden over Gaza evacuation order

Pro-Palestine rallies are ‘morally obtuse and offensive’: James Morrow
Sky News host James Morrow says the pro-Palestine rallies being held in major cities around Australia are “morally obtuse and offensive”.

Up to 15,000 people have marched through Sydney’s CBD for Palestine as the conflict worsens in Gaza.

Rallies will also be held in Melbourne and Adelaide on Sunday.

“If you want the suffering in Palestine to end, you say – Hamas, release the hostages,” Mr Morrow said.

“The way you end the suffering in Palestine, it is all entirely on Hamas, and they are the ones who are responsible, not Israel.”

‘Utterly despicable’: Rowan Dean unleashes on Pro-Palestine rallies
Sky News host Rowan Dean says it is “utterly despicable” to hold rallies in support of Palestine in the wake of Hamas’ attacks on Israel.

“To be protesting a political issue about Gaza is just obscene – in the face of the depravity that we saw,” Mr Dean said.

Up to 15,000 people have marched through Sydney’s CBD for Palestine as the conflict worsens in Gaza.

Rallies will also be held in Melbourne and Adelaide on Sunday.

“To use the tropes of ‘from the river to the sea’ and all the rest of it is disgusting and people should be utterly ashamed of themselves.”

Sydney Lord Mayor to block motion to fly Israeli flag at Town Hall
Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore is set to block a motion from a Liberal councillor to fly the Israeli flag outside the Town Hall and light the building up in blue and white colours.

The Lord Mayor claims it would be divisive and counter to the city’s values of harmony and inclusion.

“Is anyone surprised – this is the Sydney Lord Mayor who criticised the Opera House being lit up just after these horrendous attacks happened,” Sky News Senior Reporter Caroline Marcus said.

“At least don’t pretend that this is what’s about – she’s saying ‘I don’t want to take sides’, but she takes sides on all sorts of issues.

“Including the Voice, she lowered the flag – she’s got all the other rainbow flags all the time so she does take sides on political issues.

“At least just be honest.”

Thousands of anti-Israel protesters clash with cops after shutting down NYC street and refusing to leave: NYPD officers are seen brawling with demonstrators waving Palestinian flags

Rebel News: GROSS: Queen's Park cenotaph defaced with 'Palestine' graffiti
Shockingly, some 24 hours after this dirty deed, the Palestine graffiti remained on the war memorial. No one working for the city or the province could be bothered to clean up this filth.

NYC public school teacher who labelled Israel a 'terrorist state' and shared pro-Hamas paraglider photo online defends views and says 'I stand by everything I said'

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