Friday, September 15, 2023

Another poll shows that Palestinians prefer terror to anything else - and media ignore it, again

The latest PCPSR poll  shows, once again, that most Palestinians are pro-terror.

Which is the least-reported story of every year.

When asked about the best way to establish an independent Palestinian  state, a majority of 53% said "armed struggle" (terror), 20% said negotiations; and 24% said  non-violent resistance. 

The percentage that support terror increased since last year from 41% to 53%.

And how about all those pundits who insist that Palestinians overwhelmingly prefer a two state solution? They're still wrong. The number of Palestinians who oppose the idea of a two-state solution is more than double the number who support it. 

Where is the media? The poll was released on Wednesday, and no one reported on it - because it is not the story the media wants its consumers to know.

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