Monday, August 07, 2023

The shopping malls of Jenin show the "despair" of the youth

News articles like to talk about how the youth of Jenin and other places are so desperate, so hopeless, how they have nothing to look forward to in their miserable lives except death as martyrs

These news stories never show photos of the malls of Jenin.

The Jenin City Center Mall has an array of high-end shops.

A cosmetics store features a brand new Barbie photo booth for the hopeless girls of Jenin to pose in.

It has seven stories of gleaming architecture.

It opened a year ago, providing jobs for hundreds of the same youths that we are told have no choice but to die.

And that isn't the only high end mall in Jenin. There is also the Taj Mall.

Look at these desperate youth celebrating a birthday party.

Clearly, these kids have no choice but to grow up and become terrorists.

The media has a narrative, and they don't want you to see anything that contradicts that. 

(h/t Imshin)

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