Sunday, June 04, 2023

Pointing out the hypocrisy of Muslims celebrating the murder of three IDF soldiers

Edy Cohen is an Israeli that Arabs love to hate.

An expert on Arab affairs, he tweets acerbic Arabic points to his large (half-million strong) Arab audience, who are offended but can't resist reading what he has to say next. He makes Israel's case in the Arab world in a straightforward, non-apologetic manner.

This weekend he tweeted about the murder of three Israeli soldiers by an Egyptian policeman, and the gleeful Arab reaction. And he pointed out the hypocrisy of the celebrants:

Let's just imagine: 
An Israeli soldier crossed the Egyptian border and killed 3 Egyptian soldiers
Your comments would be: "Where is the respect for the agreements by Jews? Allah suffices me about the Jews, the breakers of the covenants."

But as long as the perpetrator is an Egyptian Muslim, everyone applauds him, because it is normal for you to kill a Jew even if there is an agreement between you and him. 

Is this Islam? Let's be honest, Muslims

He added:

To those moles:

You brag that Islam commanded you to respect covenants and agreements...[yet] you applaud a person who betrayed the covenant and killed Israeli soldiers out of treachery. By God, people will not respect Islam, nor will they respect you if there is no strong condemnation of the terrorist act. Your respect for covenants is zero.

Cohen is right - this is exactly how Muslims would react if an Israeli went berserk and started shooting Muslims. Accusing Jews of being habitual breakers of agreements is a standard antisemitic trope in the Muslim world, based on a Quranic story of how a Jewish community broke a covenant with Mohammed.

The angry responses to Cohen's tweets prove that he is right. 

The interesting part is how popular Cohen is. When he tweets, Arabic media takes notice. These tweets were published by CNN Arabic.

Former IDF Arabic spokesperson Avichai Adraee is similarly popular on Arabic social media, but he is not as aggressive - his posts tend to be more celebrations of Israeli achievements and diversity than attacks on Arabs. But his posts also get headlines in Arabic media. 

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