Monday, June 05, 2023

North African Arabs celebrate their antisemitism from 1948

Lebanese Al-Ahed News, which is a Hezbollah mouthpiece, writes about a conference in Tunisia to honor those who fought and supported the effort to crush the Jewish state.

The photo at the headline shows Jewish, not Arab, fighters so we know right off the bat not to expect any truth here.

The researcher, Saniya Muhammad, from Libya, presented a speech on the participation of Libyans in the 1948 war, and referred to the rich lessons that we learn from this experience by presenting its results. 

In a statement to Al-Ahed News, she said, "I spoke in my speech about how the Libyan people volunteered to send their sons to the land of Palestine and fight many fierce battles, which every time the Libyans were victorious over the brutal enemy." 
Libyans won battles against the Haganah? Who knew?
As for the Tunisian researcher, Khamisa Al-Obeidi, she presented the experience of Tunisian activists in this war and talked about the popular participation of all groups to support Palestine, saluting the steadfast people of Palestine. 

She told Al-Ahed: "The war attracted fighters from all parts of the world, and the contribution of the people of the Maghreb was distinctive, especially the popular participation from Tunisia." 

She explained: "All Tunisian popular segments have been involved in defending Palestine, youth and students, women and peasants, merchants and workers, and have excelled in support methods, including boycotting Jewish merchants, demonstrating, and monitoring the movements of Jews in addition to collecting money, volunteering, and distributing leaflets in support of Palestine, in addition to intensive attendance at gatherings, writing poetry that glorifies the resistance in Palestine, and sticking pictures of fighters on the walls.  "

She said, "The volunteer movement topped all forms of support and exceeded all expectations, as the number of fighters reached 2,676 volunteers..."
They are bragging about boycotting and harassing Tunisian Jews as "support" for the fighting.

Yeah, that's not anti-Zionism.

By the way, there were anti-Jewish riots in Tripoli, Libya within a month after Israel declared independence, killing about 14 Jews. This was on the heels of a 1945 pogrom that killed 140 Jews. 

Was that anti-Zionism, too? 

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