Thursday, June 08, 2023

Hamas complains that Palestinian Authority is actively working to dismantle WB terror groups

Hamas mouthpiece Felesteen claims that the Palestinian Authority is using both carrots and sticks to persuade militants to leave the newer terror groups like Lion's Den.

According to the report, the Palestinian Authority's security forces pressure members of the West bank militant groups to turn themselves in.. The pressure reportedly includes threats to their families and the closure of their businesses. But they also try to entice them to leave the groups by promising them money and jobs and claiming that they will get immunity from Israeli raids. 

The article quotes sources as saying that the PA security services have intensified their pressure in the past few days on the terrorists in the West Bank and their families to surrender themselves to the PA.

One activist who was interviewed claimed that the Fatah members who join these groups are the ones who make the offers to the other members of jobs and immunity.

This sounds quite possible, as the PA gains more from security cooperation with Israel than from supporting or condoning the terror groups in Jenin and Nablus. It certainly isn't anything that the PA would publicize. Plus there seem to be fewer raids by the IDF recently, which might indicate that the Palestinian security services are doing what they are supposed to under the Oslo agreements. The raids, often deadly, are highly embarrassing for the PA and it makes sense that they would prefer to try to act against these groups behind the scenes rather than look ineffective in stopping the IDF actions. 

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