Monday, June 05, 2023

Fatah reiterates support for terror and destroying Israel on anniversary of "naksa"

Palestinians are marking today the 56th anniversary of the "naksa," or "setback" of the Six Day War.

The official Palestinian Wafa news agency published a statement from Fatah for the occasion that showed, yet again, that dominant political party of the PA government and the one led by Mahmoud Abbas officially supports terrorism and the destruction of all of Israel.

The Palestinian National Liberation Movement Fatah affirmed that it will continue the struggle with greater persistence and determination until we sweep away the abhorrent Israeli occupation from our pure land, and from our great Palestinian people.

In a statement issued by the Commission for Information, Culture and Intellectual Mobilization, on the 56th anniversary of the setback, Fatah confirmed that international law and the United Nations Charter give our people every right to resist the occupation army, settlements, and all policies of expansion and Judaization.

She explained that the response to this aggression paved the way for the launch of the second Palestinian revolution, as a response to the defeat, and an affirmation of the Palestinian people’s insistence that they will not kneel, will not surrender, and will continue their struggle until the end of the occupation.

She pointed out that all forms of Judaization, settlement, and changing the geographical and historical features of Palestine, and the Judaization of Jerusalem and the Islamic and Christian sanctities, are illegal acts, and our people will confront them with all forms of resistance until the occupation and its repercussions leave our land, stressing that everything that resulted from this occupation is void and illegitimate. demise.....

Fatah pledged to the masses of our people, our Arab nation, and all the free people of the world that it will continue to follow the path of the righteous martyrs and heroic prisoners, and its resolve will not soften, no matter the sacrifices, until the great Palestinian people achieve their freedom and independence on their entire national territory.
When Fatah uses the word "occupation" they are referring to all of Israel. That last sentence makes this clear - the goal is not and never was a state in the territories but to destroy Israel. And the means to do that includes "all forms of resistance" which includes terror, which they honor by calling terrorists "righteous martyrs and heroic prisoners." 

Notably, the 1964 PLO charter - the one that says that they have no territorial designs on the West Bank and Gaza - refers to all of Israel before 1967 as "occupation." 

And I again urge you to read the official current Fatah platform of 2009 - after Oslo - that explicitly supports terror and "liberating the homeland" which it defines as including all of Israel.
Western media, pundits and politicians simply refuse to accept that when the Palestinians say "resistance" they mean terror, when they say "occupation" they mean all of Israel,  and when they say "liberate the homeland" they mean destroy the Jewish state. They continue to cling to the myth of a moderate Palestinian leadership that accepts Israel's right to exist when their doubletalk is obvious in Arabic. 

Their logo includes a map of all of Israel, a hand grenade, a bayonet and a machine gun. They are telling the world their goal and their preferred means to that goal. It is nothing less than willful blindness to pretend that they want peace and that they accept the existence of Israel in any borders.

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