Tuesday, June 20, 2023

As usual, Palestinians celebrate. The murderers are treated as victims. "Human rights" groups are silent. Jewish lives don't matter.


It is a depressingly familiar scene:

Four Israelis were killed and another four were wounded in a shooting attack by two terrorists at a gas station outside of the West Bank settlement of Eli on Tuesday afternoon. 

"Two terrorists entered a restaurant near the gas station [where they] shot and killed three civilians. They then came out and fatally shot a civilian who was refueling his car. Another citizen who was at the gas station opened fire and managed to neutralize one of the terrorists, the other apparently fled the scene," ZAKA (rescue and recovery organization) spokesman Moti Bookchin said.

I'm not talking about the attack, although that is sadly familiar as well.  I'm talking about the things that happen after these attacks. 

The script is identical, yet the media avoids describing it.

1. One terrorist was killed immediately and Israel tracked down and eliminated the remaining terrorist. Palestinian media and anti-Israel social media report on those deaths as if they are the main story. 

2. Palestinians celebrate dead Jews.

Here is a photo of handing out sweets in Gaza, and video of a mosque in Gaza celebrating the murders.

3. Human rights groups refuse to condemn the targeting of Jewish civilians, and they won't say a word until Israel retaliates = and then when they condemn Israel, they might mention something briefly about the murders.

As a reminder,. Jews living in Judea and Samaria are civilians according to international law. They must be protected like any other civilians are. Their choice of living in their ancient Jewish homeland also claimed by some Arabs does not mitigate their right to life in the least. 

But the human rights community treats them as subhuman, at best as if they are to blame for their deaths, when their murders are even mentioned. They are consistently referred to by "human rights" leaders as "illegal" - a term never used for those who murder them. 

This always happens,. The media ignores it. And it proves that Jewish lives don't matter.

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