Tuesday, June 06, 2023

An Egyptian human rights worker condemns celebrating killing Jews. This is newsworthy.

I can only find one human rights activist worldwide who made a statement against the murder of three IDF soldiers and against Egyptian celebrations of those murders.

Unless I missed them, there were none from Human Rights Watch. None from Amnesty. 

The only human rights activist to condemn the terror attack and its celebrations is Dalia Ziada, an Egyptian author.

She wrote on Sunday on Twitter and Facebook:

❓Those who have been exaggerating and glorifying the attack carried out by the Egyptian security personnel on Israeli soldiers yesterday, who are you? And what exactly is your interest? Anyone who really loves Egypt is impossible to be happy with what happened, celebrate it, or consider it a heroic act in the first place.
1️⃣First: What is the heroic act of infiltrating the borders of a neighboring country between us and a years-long peace and security cooperation treaty, and endless economic interests? What did you achieve from killing the soldiers standing on its borders in a treacherous movement that has no logical excuse except for the desire of the one who managed it (and used the insurance individual to execute it) to ignite the conflict between Egypt and Israel or at least to cause a crack in the very good relationship between them? Or maybe otherwise the aggressor is driven by extreme religious motives such as those calling for the killing of Jews based on their religious identity, which is also detrimental to Egypt and completely against the principles of the Egyptian state.
2️⃣Secondly: This event could cause serious damage to Egypt's interests if it is not dealt with and contained between Egyptian and Israeli officials as soon as possible. In my view, the best way to contain it is to conduct transparent investigations of the matter under the supervision of both parties, and to take all necessary measures to prevent it from happening again, which is what the Egyptian Defense Minister promised to his Israeli counterpart in a phone call a few hours after the incident.
👈If you don't understand how much Egypt's interests can be affected by an accident like this, look at the map to understand:
⬅️ From the west, the situation is burning in Libya, and our relationship with Libya is getting worse day after day, unfortunately, as a result of its political rift and Egypt's bias against one party there.
⬇️ From the south, the war going on in Sudan has put its weight on the economic situation in Egypt and Egypt has brought troubles that will greatly double its suffering in the coming period.
➡️From the East Gaza and Gaza's never-ending problems
!! ️Not to mention the ongoing threat posed by conflicts in the three locations to Egyptian national security.
👆Between this and that, Egypt cannot tolerate getting into a security or political battle even (there is no need and logic at all) with Israel. The unprecedented cooperation between Egypt and Israel in the past few years is one of the key factors in Egypt's success in passing a very critical phase in its history between fighting terrorism and enormous economic challenges.
👈In the period when Hamas elements infiltrated Sinai and formed terrorist organizations that later sold out ISIS, Israeli forces alongside Egyptian forces were fighting terrorism in Sinai.
👈 At a time when the whole world was standing against Egypt after the fall of the Brotherhood and calls spread in the West to impose sanctions on Egypt and boycott it diplomatically and economically, Israeli officials were talking in the international forums to defend the modern Egyptian state at that time, rather they were saying clearly and I heard it myself, "Egypt's security and stability are at the hands of Sisi" Necessary to Israel's security and stability."
👈This is besides of course the economic cooperation between Egypt and Israel in the detection of gas in the Eastern Mediterranean, its flow and sale to Europe and Asia, in which Israel preferred to cooperate with Egypt over any other country in the Mediterranean basin, and this gave Egypt the ability to fulfill its dream of being an energy hub in this region, despite all the geopolitical complexity and the maritime border conflicts in it.
Israel is not Egypt's enemy.. I say it again: Israel is not Egypt's enemy.
Israel is Egypt's direct neighbor, and one of the countries that have stood by Egypt in its most critical times, and there is absolutely no reason to ignite conflict with it. And whoever does this or encourages it harms Egypt's interests even more.
👈This is a right word that I wanted to convey to the wise, especially that all the positive and loving attitudes of Israel towards Egypt that I mentioned here and more I have witnessed with my own eyes, and I am sure that the stakeholders in Egypt are fully aware of the importance of all the points that I mentioned and act accordingly regardless of the usual media mob status on the subject.
👈 May God have mercy on the victims of the accident, and keep Egypt and Israel their security, stability and cooperation.
This is common sense. It is human rights. It is basic international relations. It is moral.

Naturally, Dalia Ziada has been getting death threats and rape threats.

I condemned the border shooting on Sunday.

Since then, I’ve been receiving death threats & insults (using sexual language) from Egyptians & Palestinians (mostly males).

This guy 👇 is vowing to buy a gun, find me, and slaughter me in the middle of Tahrir Square!

Sadly, males targeting women in the street have been a common practice recently.

I reported the accounts harassing me and I called the police. But, nothing guarantees I would be safe.

👉Meanwhile, many others applauded my condemnation of the #Egypt #Israel border shooting.

I do not regret a single word of what I have said, and here I repeat it:

#Egypt and #Israel are neighbors and friends, not enemies... 
It is profoundly sad that this is so anomalous - for an Egyptian, for an Arab, and for a human rights activist. 

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