Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Palestine is a climate justice issue!

Israel haters have been trying to say that Israel is guilty of every social justice crime there is. +972 describes the logic behind this, without any sense of irony:

Across the world, climate movements are firmly rooted on the political, social, and economic left. Their campaigning and advocacy make connections with struggles for democracy, social justice, and human rights, and speak out against racism, discrimination, nationalism, and neoliberalism. Not merely content with demanding a change in environmental policies, the global climate justice movement seeks to change economic power structures and liberate all living beings from all forms of oppression, violence, and dispossession.  
In other words, the environment is not really as important as they say, and it is an excuse to attack The Wrong Side no matter how far afield from the environment the charges are. 

A webinar last November was even more absurd:

For Palestinians, climate change is not just a natural phenomenon, but a political one.
Israel‘s regime of occupation and apartheid, which denies Palestinians the right to manage their land and resources, greatly heightens the impact of the climate crisis for Palestinians, making them more vulnerable to all climate-related conditions

Today, after a century of unbridled colonialism, the historically green and fertile land of Palestine has lost much of what it once offered the world, and environmental conditions continue to deteriorate rapidly.
Really?  Palestine was a green land a hundred years ago and is now an ecological disaster? Somehow the many pilgrims that visited missed this.

But the biggest hypocrisy is that these people make no demands on Palestinians themselves to be environmentalists - no initiatives I've seen to teach them to not waste water or not burn tires in protests.

Or not shoot incendiary devices towards fields.

A fire is spreading near the southern Israeli town of Ibim, apparently as a result of rockets launched from the Gaza Strip earlier.
This is the sort of thing faux environmentalists would be in the forefront of blaming Israel for if Israel had started the fires, even inadvertently. 

If you don't care about the environment when it is being ruined by "Palestinian resistance," you don't care about the environment. 

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