Thursday, May 04, 2023

Jews acting like adults while Arabs act like babies - in 1948

The time between May 1 and May 15, 1948, was a strange time in British Mandate Palestine. 

Many British bureaucrats had already packed up and left ahead of their official departure on May 15. But the Jewish state couldn't be declared yet.

Normal governmental functions still needed to be done. And who did them?

The Jews, of course.

Palestine Post, May 3, 1948:

May 4:

Someone has to keep the lights on, collect the garbage, deliver the mail, approve permits. It takes mature people to step in and do the work needed for the good of all.

This is leadership.

And what about in the Arab sector? They were busy doing a run on their banks (May 2):

The wealthy Arabs ran away in December, but their political leaders in Jaffa and Haifa were the first to leave, not the last, when those cities were taken over by the Haganah. (May 4)

This is the difference between leadership and the abdication of leadership.

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