Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Islamic Jihad celebrating its victory on Friday. (What victory, you ask?)

From Islamic Jihad:

You are invited to the great national festival: 
Revenge of the Free  .
This will be on Friday, May 19, 2023, immediately after the Asr prayer, 
on the battalion land in Gaza City. 
Your participation is a message of strength and support for the resisters and loyalty to the martyrs 

The Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, and its military arm, the Al-Quds Brigades

Yes, they lost their leaders, but they managed to murder an 80-year old Jewish woman, so it is time to party!

What exactly is the definition of victory, you may ask? 

Based on the ecstatic news articles during the fighting, anytime an Israeli is affected by anything the terrorists do, it is a victory. 

Walking to a bomb shelter, mostly. But any damages from rockets are huge victories as well. Causing Israelis to cancel school is a big one. 

Their bar for "victory" is very low.

It is as if mosquitoes avidly follow when they make humans wave them away in irritation, and publish huge headlines when a person scratches their bites. Once in a great while a mosquito with a virus manages to kill a person, which is the best news they can receive. Even if lots of mosquitoes get killed by sprays and swats, they proudly announce that there are plenty more mosquitoes coming. And then they throw a party to celebrate all the bites they managed to land. 

(And, no, I'm not comparing Palestinians to mosquitoes. I am comparing terrorists to mosquitoes.)

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