Friday, April 28, 2023

Arab op-ed interprets Isaac Herzog's speech on Memorial Day as heralding the end of Zionism

Writing in pan-Arab Elaph newspaper, columnist Saleh Al Qallab - a former Jordanian Minister of Culture and Information - spins a bizarre interpretation of Israeli President Isaac Herzog's Memorial Day Speech.

After the minutes of silence accompanying the sirens, Herzog said,

I ask myself, I ask us: what other country in the world has such a special sound? It is the sound of pain and of hope, of grief, and of pride. It is the sound of the State of Israel.”

A sound that calls on us to pause for a moment, to lock in the sanctity, to remember and to connect — together. This year, in the grips of these days of discord, this sound is more powerful, more searing, more pained and more painful than ever.”

This year, more than ever before, this sound calls on us, in the heart of the stillness that cries out: all of us, together! Their sacrifice has not been in vain; it shall not have been in vain.
Qallab latched onto Herzog's mentioning that the sound was painful, and built a crazed theory that this means that Herzog and all Israelis are abandoning Zionism.

When Herzog says at an official ceremony in Al-Quds Al-Sharif that the sirens in this year are more painful than any other time, which means, and this is certainly understood by the majority of Israelis, that the moment of departure has approached, and that they must start packing their bags, because this country is not their country, and they certainly came as colonizers. It is known that any colonizer must be keen to keep his luggage packed in preparation for the moment of departure at any moment.

The fact that Herzog had to say that the moment of departure had come and that nothing connected Israelis in this country except their cemeteries, which it is not unlikely that they would have to carry with them.. It is clear that he wanted to say that this country is not theirs.

That is why it is most likely, or even certain, that ... the Israelis have become ready to leave...
This is as delusional as anything I've read in Arabic media. It seems that Al Qallab could not imagine an Arab ever admitting that losing loved ones is painful - that is a sign of weakness - and he assumed that if anyone does admit to feelings of loss, it means that they have given up.

Which explains the Palestinian insistence on militancy and eventual victory. Anything less than that would be considered surrender. 

Israel's strength is the ability to be honest. Much of the Arab world is based on dishonesty, pretending to be people that they are not, in order to keep their pretense of honor and avoiding the shame of appearing weak. 

But if you are not honest with yourself, no one else will believe anything you say. 

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