Monday, March 20, 2023

German tourists who were almost lynched in Nablus pleaded with attackers, "Don't hurt us! We aren't Jews!"

This interview of one of the German victims of a near-lynching in Nablus when they drove a rideshare car with an Israeli flag  has an interesting implication:

I did not know if I would go out alive, because they had so much hate against us....Suddenly they came our of taxis and kind of surrounded us, and we tried to explain in English that we are tourists, we are from Germany, we are both not Jewish so we are not a target for them."
I can't really blame them for saying whatever they needed to in order to save their lives, but I cannot help but think that there is an implication that it is somehow more tragic to kill an innocent German non-Jew than to kill a Jew.

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