Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Article on @MSN accuses Jews of a new "holocaust" against Palestinians

Cartoon with article in The New Arab

MSN, like most media outlets, enters into syndication deals so they can publish articles from other news sources legally. 

Apparently, republishing and amplifying hate doesn't bother them.

Today, MSN published an article by Wael Kandil in The New Arab that calls all Jews in Israel thieves - and worse:
The fact that groups of Zionist settlers attacked the town of Hawara and other Palestinian villages south of the city of Nablus brings the conflict over Palestine back to its roots at the beginning of the last century: gangs of foreign looters coming from abroad attack lands and homes to forcibly seize them from their original inhabitants, expel them from them, and make them their home and residence.

Burning is a creed of the Zionist colonizers, burning people, trees and stones, as they did recently, on the evening of the Aqaba summit, by attacking the towns and villages of Hawara, Burin, Qaryut and Za’tara south of Nablus, under full guard and support from the occupation army.

Pictures of the most recent Holocaust send footage of old Zionist massacres and holocausts from its archives, to find a perfect match between the atrocities of the Stern Gang, the Haganah, and the Irgun against the Palestinian people ...

Every Israeli settlement is a confiscated Palestinian village, and every dwelling of an Israeli is a stolen Palestinian house, and every civilian is a more brutal and ferocious fighter against truth, against justice, and against logic, and then every meter of Palestinian land remains a house of war, imposed by the occupiers, and set its barbaric laws and conditions.
He doesn't say "Jews," but he doesn't have to. With a wink, he says all "Zionists" who returned to their ancestral home are arsonists, looters, and thieves who are inflicting a Holocaust on Palestinians.

Kandil has 1.7 million followers on Twitter. 

Hate for Jews is mainstream in Arabic media, and now Microsoft is adding fuel to the fire.

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