Friday, March 10, 2023

2 year old Israeli girl dies from injuries - was she the victim of a car ramming attack?

Today, 2-year old Hadar Noga Lavi was laid to rest less than a week after being critically wounded in a head-on collision as her mother was returning her from a medical appointment.

Her mother, Idit Lavi of Shiloh, is convinced that her daughter was the victim of a suicide terror attack.

The mother said that Hadar had hurt her back and she took her to Shaarei Tzedek hospital in Jerusalem on Saturday night. She was returning, driving on Route 60 in Samaria, when she saw a car approaching her in the wrong lane. She swerved to the opposite lane, he followed her, and she zig-zagged back to the right lane and he again followed her and crashed into her car head-on.

While  Idit Lavi is certain that it was an intentional attack, Israeli police and the Binyamin council are treating this as a simple car accident, complaining about the road conditions that contributed to the crash and about wild Arab drivers on that road. 

Arabic media reports from the time do seem to indicate that it was a multi-vehicle accident. Three Arabs were killed and others injured in other cars. 

Perhaps the Palestinian driver, with two other young men in the car, was playing "chicken."

But since Hadar's death today,  Arab media prefer the narrative that this was a terror operation, calling Hadar a "female settler."  Palestinians would rather than their own heroically die by trying to kill a young mother and small daughter than think that they died in an accident.

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