Monday, February 13, 2023

Traditional antisemitic attitudes getting mainstreamed

The latest AJC report on antisemitism in America has an interesting datapoint.

There were a number of questions asked of both Jews and the general American public about antisemitism, and for most of them, the responses were very similar. For example:

Amazingly, a higher percentage of the American public (90%) feels that the statement "ISrael has no right to exist" is antisemitic than Jews! (87%)

Where they diverge is concerning, though.

34% of the American public is not familiar with classic antisemitic tropes, and therefore they don't see the problem with a statement like "Jews control the media."

The next question is even more concerning - both about the general American response and the Jewish response:

58% of Americans and even 41% of Jews don't see comparing Covid mandates to the Holocaust  as antisemitic - somehow, apparently, conflating mandatory wearing of the yellow star, as bad as that is, with gas chambers. 

A lot of people are very uneducated.And the ignorance that results can help bring about the next wave of antisemitism.

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