Sunday, February 12, 2023

Palestinians don't merely support murdering Jews - some make jokes about it

A third victim of the Friday car ramming attack in Jerusalem has died - Asher Menahem Paley, the 8 year old brother of the other child victim, Yaakov Yisrael Paley.

Arab media continues to report that all the victims are "settlers" without mentioning that two of the three murdered people are children.

This is the same media that trumpets Palestinian militants under 18 - of which at least five have been killed this year while attacking Israelis - as "children."

I cannot find a single Palestinian on social media who condemns killing Jewish children. Not one. 

And, yes, Palestinians celebrated the attack on Friday. They handed out sweets

But the sickest thing I've seen was this cartoon - widely shared in social media but not condemned by anyone I've seen - showing a happy Palestinian family dining on the severed head of the other victim of the attack, 20-year old newlywed Alter Shlomo Lederman.

This image blurs out the face of the victim. I am posting it to prove my point about
a culture that would produce such an image.

This was published on the Facebook page of the Palestine Times news site.

The grandmother in the cartoon is saying, "The best Friday and the best mansaf" - mansaf being the Levantine dish associated, quite literally, with hating Jews.

And, again, there are no dissenting voices. No Facebook responses saying that this is disgusting. Nothing. 

Silence is acceptance, and Palestinians not only seem to accept such vile Jew-hatred - they celebrate it, they revel in it, they have made it a fundamental part of their identity.

Do you disagree? Fine. Prove me wrong. Find me Palestinians, in Arabic, willing to publicly condemn these outrageous displays of celebration and Jew-hatred. Find me one Palestinian - or even BDSer- who is willing to stand up and say, "I don't like Israelis, but this is going too far." 

I've been looking for these Palestinians on Arabic websites who abhor antisemitism and do not support murdering Jewish children for many years, and I haven't found them. But I am more than willing to post about the exceptions.

The challenge is out there. 

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