Monday, February 13, 2023

Dashcam footage of car ramming attack on Friday

Muhammad Shehada is one of the most vocal defenders of Palestinian terror under the pretense of "human rights."  He is the Chief of Communication for the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor and is a columnist for the Forward, also having written for Haaretz, Vice and Newsweek.

He angrily denounced anyone who claimed that the car ramming attack on Friday that killed three, including two children, and critically injured others (including their father), saying that there was no evidence that the attack was deliberate. 

Somehow, it is a sheer coincidence that Palestinians happen to lose control of cars near crowds of Jews. And equally strange that they celebrate those accidents and canonize the poor people who all have faulty brakes due to the "occupation."

Dashcam footage has been released showing the attack. The blue car speeding to the left of the dashcam veers over two lanes to hit the bus stop. 

There will always be apologists for terror. But why does the mainstream media keep giving them a platform for their vile hate?

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