Friday, February 24, 2023

"Abrahamic religion is meant to destroy Islam"

The Muslim paranoia about something that doesn't exist remains high.

The new "Abrahamic religion"... a threat whose goal is to destroy Islam 
 Ali Demir23/02/2023

Intellectuals, preachers, and academics are raising their voices to warn of the danger of the new so-called “Abrahamic religion,” pointing out that its goal is to destroy the Islamic religion with attempts that will end in failure.

According to observers, the sources of the promotion of this religion are huge and mysterious research centers that have recently spread around the world and called themselves "centers of spiritual diplomacy", funded by the largest and most important international bodies such as the European Union, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the United States of America.

Observers warned that “the apparent vision and message of these research centers depends on the assertion that religions are the main and fundamental reason for igniting the most violent conflicts throughout the ages, and the reason for not accepting the other is because of the lack of understanding of the texts of their religion.”

And the “spiritual diplomacy centers” that work within the framework of spreading love and tolerance have taken upon themselves the task of inviting the senior clerics of the three Abrahamic religions, in order to find general common values ​​between religions such as “love, tolerance, equality, coexistence and acceptance of the other” and other good values, and then proceed to broadcast it, especially among the new generations, in order to instill a hidden hatred for the religions they follow and create a tendency towards embracing the new Abrahamic religion. And the “spiritual diplomacy centers” have already begun to implement their plans on a large scale, according to observers.

Warnings were raised that “what is taking place is a process of brainwashing with the aim of preparing generations to accept the adoption of the new Abrahamic religion when it is presented in the near future as the global public religion, and then the research centers will turn into sacred places and shrines that will replace the temple, church and mosque.

The preacher and researcher, Mustafa Ibrahim, criticized the advocates of the so-called Abrahamic religion, stressing that “Abraham was Muslim according to what was confirmed by the Holy Qur’an."

Ibrahim added that “all the messengers sent by God Almighty were Muslims and called to Islam, and this matter is mentioned and confirmed in many verses in the Holy Qur’an, including the words of God Almighty on the tongue of Jacob, peace be upon him.

And he continued, “The advocates of the Abrahamic religion want to dilute Islam and mix the three heavenly laws of Islam, Judaism and Christianity into one religion in order to open the door to normalization with the Israeli occupation, and to end the cause of Palestine and honorable Jerusalem."

For his part, the doctor in comparative jurisprudence, Muhammad Musa al-Dali, said in a post on his Facebook account, “The people of falsehood claimed that there is a religion that includes Islam, adding to it what they call Judaism and Christianity, and that this religion is the Abrahamic religion in relation to the true Muslim, the Prophet of God Almighty, Abraham, upon him....This is a false claim, and a pure slander, because the Prophet of God, Abraham, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, is a Muslim according to the text of the Qur’an, God Almighty denied that he was a Jew or a Christian."
Sounds like a Jewish plot!

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