Sunday, January 29, 2023

Video of Palestinians celebrating the murder of Jews. Surveys show the more "Jewish" the victims, the more Palestinians support murdering them.

This video from Hamas' Al Resalah shows celebrations interspersed with scenes of the terror attack on Jerusalem on Friday night. 

This video is enough to prove that there is no moral equivalence between the sides. Not even close. 

It is worth reminding people that surveys done after major terror attacks show that Palestinians overwhelmingly support specific terror attacks on Jewish civilians. And the more "Jewish" they are, the more they support their deaths.

In 2008, 83.5% of Palestinians approved of the massacre of eight yeshiva boys at Mercaz Harav. In 2014, 80% said they support recent attacks including the massacre of four rabbis in a Har Nof synagogue.

There is no reason to think that the number supporting this latest attack on Jews outside a synagogue have any less support than those other attacks. 

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