Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Palestinians extol murdering Jews as "art" on Twitter

Over the past day, a Twitter trend became popular where people would caption posts "The artist....The art" showing a picture of an artist and their artwork. It is a nice meme that highlights and promotes artists of all kinds and ages, and their art.

Naturally, in yet another manifestation of the sickness of their society, Palestinian antisemites extended the meme - to portray terrorists as "artists" and their murders as "art."

Here's one showing a generic Palestinian terrorist and a (presumed) bus bombing in Israel (although I am not sure that the photo is really from Israel at all.)

This one, gathering hundreds of retweets and thousands of "likes,", shows the terrorist who shot dead 7 Jews last Friday and his supposed "art" of the dead Jews he slaughtered (in reality, that photo is of the Jews who tragically died in the Meron stampede in 2021).

This one shows Uday al-Tamimi, who murdered female Israeli soldier Sgt. Noa Lazar last year, and the blood-soaked scene of his attack at a Jerusalem checkpoint.

Imagine the uproar if Israelis did this with photos of dead kids in Gaza. But for Palestinians, such a trend is not only ignored by the media, but celebrated by the Palestinians and modern antisemites  themselves. 

(h/t @iTiIL972)

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