Thursday, January 05, 2023

Here are the poor, innocent Palestinian "children" killed so far this year

Defense for Children International - Palestine issued a press release claiming that Israel has killed three innocent Palestinian children already so far this year.

The first one was Fouad Mahmoud Ahmed Abed, who they say was 17. He wasn't: he was 25, killed along with Mohammad Samer Houshieh, 22:

So young and innocent!

Then came the death of Adam Ayyad, 15, on Tuesday. DCI-P and Palestinian English news sources don't mention that he was a member of the PFLP terror group and was throwing firebombs at the time he was shot.

And today, another poor innocent child was killed: Amer Abu Zaytoun, 16.

He just happened to also be an armed member of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. 

In Arabic, terror groups freely admit that he was fighting at the time. Palestine Today says, "A special force belonging to the 'Israeli' occupation stormed the Balata camp, and surrounded several houses, which led to the outbreak of armed confrontations and clashes with the resistance fighters, which resulted in the rise [to Paradise] of the boy Abu Zaytoun."

Here's his "martyr poster" from the Fatah-affiliated terror group:

It says he was a "heroic martyr."

The DCI-P NGO certainly knows all of this, including the fact that one of their "children" was quite a bit older. But they aren't a real human rights organization: they are a PFLP front whose entire purpose is to create anti-Israel propaganda. 

If they were a real human rights organization, they would condemn Palestinian terror groups for recruiting and training child soldiers, which violates international law.

They never have, because that would be admitting that Israel isn't targeting innocent children but armed terrorists. 

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