Friday, January 27, 2023

Francesca Albanese once again proves how utterly unsuitable she is as UN Special Rapporteur

Earlier this week, Francesca Albanese - the UN Special Rapporteur for the territories - tweeted out a call for issues she should write reports about. 

responded asking her to write about Palestinian terror groups recruiting children.

Of course she didn't answer. But  in a way, she did.

Shortly thereafter, Albanese tweeted "As I took office 8m ago, I committed to making children & youth a priority for my mandate," then calling on Israel to release a Ahmed Mansara who, at 13, had stabbed and critically injured a 13-year old Israeli boy on a bicycle outside a candy shop.

Clearly, she doesn't consider the human rights of Jewish children to be under her mandate.

But she doesn't seem to care about many Palestinian children, either.

Joe Truzman, of Foundation for Defense of Democracies, unearthed a video made last summer from Jenin. It shows masked terrorist going around the city, followed eagerly by children. Sometimes the terrorists give the children guns. 

During a parade, the terrorists - and teenagers -  are firing into the air in the middle of the crowded streets with young children all over.

Between this video and the five child militants who were killed this year after being recruited and brainwashed into wanting to become martyrs, it is pretty clear that there are serious human rights violations happening against Palestinian children - by other Palestinians. 

Truzman tweeted, "The amount of militants in Jenin, guns, and children walking around who are seemingly armed in this video is astounding, yet not surprising. There's a serious problem in the West Bank, especially in Jenin, and this video demonstrates it perfectly. "

In an astounding response, Albanese tweeted, "Yes there is a serious problem and not only in Jenin. It is called colonial occupation."

Yes, when children are exposed to gratuitous violence by Palestinians, Albanese blames...the Jews.

It is quite clear that Albanese's claim that she "committed to making children & youth a priority" for her mandate only applies to a specific subset of children: only Palestinian children whose situation she can blame on Jews. 

All the others can go to hell because they don't advance her anti-Israel, antisemitic agenda.

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